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98 Rihanna Hairstyles That You Need to Copy Today!

Rihanna hairstyles are the epitome of grace and elegance at times. But they are also classy and flirty when you need them to be! They are the perfect styles to try out if you need a change in your looks. She has this fantastic way of pulling off any look that she takes on. That way, she has not only looked great all the years but has also inspired us to do more with our locks in life! If you are in the mood to try out a look that everyone will praise, this will be the collection to look out for.

We made sure your hair has all the options that the artist has worn over the years. Ever since she debuted, her hair and style have been commended over and over again. We love how she has tried on so many of these bold colors and continues to impress us till today. We have looks she had on in music videos, in real life, and also in her public appearances. Some of her most talked-about hairstyles are also showcased here.

Dive into the collection with about a hundred ideas to choose from these Rihanna hairstyles!

rihanna hairstyles

The red Rihanna hairstyles to try out

Red hair is the best Rihanna hairstyles out there. You can see how they are not only stunning but are also of different shades. Her curly, natural hair is so stunning. She needs no styling, and there are a lot of ways she manages to keep them tamed as well. Here you can see some of her most fantastic looks, and we are in awe of the beauty!

. Get to your hairdresser, and you can ask them to match a shade to your skin. When you get the shade that flatters you the most, it looks good from all angles.

Long Rihanna hairstyles to love!

Long hair is something we all strive to have. They are stunning and are always looking good on everyone. If you have short hair and want them to be longer, then add on some lovely hair extensions. They are cheaper than ever and are getting increasingly popular with celebs. You can find the needed length, material, and color as well.

There are some looks here that are still going around on Instagram. We can see them being sported by a lot of models out there. If you want the same flawless look, you want this one! You can never have anything wrong that Riri has tried on. If you look closer, you will see how there are a lot of waves in them too.

Short bob to try

Bob hairstyles will surely prevail for a long time to come. You can find these bob always to make a strong comeback. If there is a style of bob out there, we are sure Riri has tried them on. We love how her middle-parted bob with the wet hair look is suiting her. You can try this out if you are heading out to a party.

Here we are showing you how there are some side swept bangs in here as well. This one is showing a lot of promise for us. They are perfect for girls of all ages. Her makeup is also adding on to the charm of this short hairdo. Present yourself with whole new confidence.

Side shaved Rihanna hairstyles

Shaving your sides can be a daring thing to do. You can see how she has the hair on her sides completely thinly shaved off. They were the ones she wore when she was a bit rebellious for sure. When you look for Rihanna hairstyles, you are sure to see these. There are not a lot of textures here. You can see how there is short hair on the side as well.

If you are into looking bold and sexy, you need to go for these styles. You can try out any of these styles when you have the chance. In case you are feeling a bit rebellious, you can try it out for sure.

Perfect for special events

You are sure to look stunning with these Rihanna hairstyles. She has her hair up in a bun. They were messy, and you can see how still it manages to make her look sleek and functional. You can see how fantastic it is looking at. If you want, you can make sure it is perfect by going on to a salon. Here we are looking to grasp some of her elegance too.

You can see how there are some stunning shades on her. There are hues of blonde and brunette where it makes sense. Make sure you are getting them done to match you and do not try to copy it exactly! Check out the pictures here to know which look is best for you.

Bangs on Rihanna hairstyles

Rihanna hairstyles are simple and still are classy. She is a risk-taker for sure. She has had her hair on a lot of different cuts and shades. You can see how the textures are changing as she moves on to new hairstyles. Her transformations over the years have given us a lot of joy to look at for sure.

We are used to seeing how Rihanna tried on her hairstyles. She is bold and fierce, and it shows in the choices she makes. So try to be as bright as she is and follow in the steps of your favorite singer!

The many colors of the hair

If you want to see how to add color to the hair, you can take cues from Rihanna. You can see how there is a lot of layering in the hair here. If you want, you can take the time to make your hair look as sleek as Riris. The darker shades are looking great on her. That is how she debuted.

Later she went on to trying on much bolder colors. There are brighter hues here. The reds are undoubtedly one of her favorite ones. She changes the tones and shades to a lot of dark and light undertones! If you want your hair to be the epitome of perfection, look for this collection of Rihanna hairstyles!

Event ready Rihanna hairstyles

Some of the best Rihanna braid hairstyles are presented here. You can see how she has even managed to add it to her event hair. There are a lot of styles that are perfect for any big day and occasion. And we all want to get the same perfection. They can be buns that help to keep the hair away from the face. Or you can take the time to try on a classic curled loose hair as well.

Her looks are always on the front of the fashion magazines for a reason. The colors she has on and the way she paired it up with her dress is still beautiful. If you want to be inspired by her, wear this to a wedding or a special event and be on your way.

Hairstyles with some headbands

Adding some hair accessories is always an excellent way to spice up your hair! There are a lot of additions for sure. But the ones we are looking to try out any time soon is the headband and scarf! Here we are showing you the look that Rihanna has on with her funky choices of headbands. If you are willing, you can try out the same this summer.

It has this romantic yet rustic effect to it that we are all looking to achieve in our hairstyle. Check out how adorable she is gazing in these images here. They are perfect for when you want to go out with your girlfriends and have a fun day. We will always love this style of hers!

The beautiful blonde hues

You can see Rihanna’s long hairstyles with blonde tones all over this article. It is because there are a lot of her hairstyles with the tone of the singer. She did experiment with these shades back in the day, and we love how she played it up. There are a lot of darker hues mixed in as well. If you want that perfect balance, look at her style.

You can stay with this classic color since it never seems to die out. It is beautiful on every skin tone. There are a lot of women who shy away from this shade as well. But you can ask your hairdresser to get you the ones that fit you perfectly. Check them out in short and long hair in this section.

Her short hair look

There are a lot of Rihanna short hairstyles front and back looks out there. If you check out some of the styles she has had on over the years, you will adore this. There are short pixie cuts, and it makes us want to try it out as well. Her hair is pretty quick here, and we love how it all looks so captivating on her.

You do not need to try out some other style if you want short hair. Get on board with this one, and you will surely be happy. This is one of her looks from back in the day that makes an impression till today. It is still refreshing and adorable until today.

Tying them back and keeping it fun!

There are a lot of looks where you can have your hair back as well. They are hassle-free, and once you wear this, you will feel good about yourself for sure. If you want them to stay in place, you need to put in some effort for sure. You can try them when you are feeling too hot as well.

She sometimes likes to make it a top knot, and at times, she makes an effort to curl them out. If you want to feel liberated and good, we suggest you try out this look here. It is easy and has this chic appeal to it that we think is best for every day!

Keeping it simple

Now comes the thing about her looks that we all adore. It is simple! They are not too loud, and they are not a lot of work as well. Her sleek side swept ponytail is stunning. You can look dazzling when you try out such a look. If you want no frizz, use some hairspray and hair gel as well.

There are a lot of bangs here. You can see they are sleek and are looking lovely. There are a lot of ideas here that any one of us can try out. That is what makes this such a fashionable look. Her makeup is also looking extraordinarily good. Look at how she manages to pull together all of these elements together.



Her many many hair colors!

Hair colors are one thing that helps you to change your whole look without making it too messy. You can see how there are a lot of colors that Rihanna has tried on in her life. She has made the red hair a beautiful one for sure. Everyone tried in the same shade as we loved how it looked on her. The blonde hues are also looking great on the singer.

Her ashy grey hair is also stunning. She shows how there are no colors that you cannot try out. You need to make sure you match your hair color to your skin tone, and it will all work out.

The bowl Rihanna hairstyles

The bowl cut has a bad reputation. You can see that they were surely popular back in the day, but now when we look back, it surely isn’t pretty. But if there is someone who can make this look stunning, it has to be Rihanna. Her hairstyles are not only exotic, but they are also out of this world.

Her bowl haircut is one of the best for sure. She was very gutsy to be able to try on a look that is as stunning as this one. Her blonde hues are also what makes a lot of our attention. Check out how hard and sharp the bangs are in her face. They are long, and it adds on a bit of character too.

Curly or straight hair?

These are one of the looks Rihanna haircut 2019 had, and we adored it. There are a lot of stunning looks that the singer wore, and we want you to be able to try it out as well. If some textures stand the test of time, the straight and curly hair is it! They are the two hair types that everyone keeps going back to.

If you want to make this decision as well, these images are sure to help you. Rihanna looks stunning in every angle in these images. So you can surely take the time to admire the beauty in her different looks. You are sure to be able to love this style. Wear both of them and let people decide which looks better for you!

Her asymmetrical bob idea

When you talk about hairstyles, we cannot forget Rihanna’s hairstyles bob look for sure. When she stepped into the industry, she had her asymmetrical bob on, and it took everyone by surprise. She looked so stunning it was hard not to look at her. Her hair was the one thing everyone wanted to try on. There were a lot of teens who tried on this style as well.

If you are looking to revive this style, you can do so. It is 2020, and we think it is about time you choose and do what you want to do. You can try out any style that pleases you and your heart. Here are other options for you to try too.

 Neon shades of pink

If we ever loved any Rihanna hair 2019 more, this has to be the one. The neon pink shade in this hair is beautiful. The way it shines in here is undoubtedly making her look like a princess. There has to be a lot of confidence in the way one looks to try on a color like this.

Make sure you try on a wig of a similar color before you get them on, though. You will need a lot of time before you can get this tone of color for sure. But we want to assure you; it will all be worth the effort and time you put in.

Look at the diversity!

Curls, buns, and a massively big spikey hair; Rihanna hairstyles undoubtedly contain all of them. There is no look that she has never tried out. You can see the colors, the cuts, and the ways she wore them. The way she has carried the look in itself is making us feel good. They are achievable looks amongst these as well.

So you do not need to be appalled by the idea of trying on a hairstyle from this diva. We love how she has managed to keep everything so neat. The sharpness in each of the hairstyles is making us want to try them out as well. Check out the styles we have in store for you.

Sparks in simple look

There is a beautiful way in which Riri carries herself that makes every look stunning. You can see how there are some minor elements of charm in these hairstyles, and still, they are making a big move! You can see we have Rihanna short hairstyles 2015 in here making the cut. These are not hard to get on as well. They are as easy as a look can be.

There is no denying that there are some complicated and gutsy looks that she has tried on, but these are pretty simple. You can try it out if you have short hair and want some glam element to it. The wet-looking curled hair is beautiful. Even her messy high ponytail will go well for any event.

Braids and afro look

The braids and the big afro had to make an appearance here. You can see how her red hair is acting like the thing that holds it all together. You can try to make this the best look you have ever had. The hair color in itself is making us feel so good. There is a particularly powerful vibe that these red hues give off. We adore this look.

They are both hairstyles that make one feel liberated for sure. If you were thinking about the ways to take care of your locks without making much of an effort, this is the way to go. They are also perfect for when you want to head out in a hurry and need to look presentable.

You need to feel confident!

Rihanna not only has beautiful music but is a true artist in every way. We love how she keeps finding ways to make her work all about her passion. Her songs and lyrics have conquered the hearts of an immense number of people all around the globe. And then she dived into clothing and also the world of makeup! There is nothing that she does badly; it seems! She has aced all that she has taken up, and thus we can look up to her as the face of a diva!

If you want the same idea and confidence in you, start by feeling good about yourself! There is nothing better than a woman who feels comfortable in her skin. There is no need for you to feel insecure about the label that society attaches to you! You need to find what you want and then stick to that for the sake of your sanity. There are so many of these Rihanna hairstyles that encourages us to do our best too. She makes sure she expresses her inner self well. And it shows off in her hairstyles also.

So check them out and also try some out if you desire. Stay with us if you want more on such celebrity hairstyles and fashion!


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