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61 Trendy Selena Gomez Hair To Try On 2021

For the modern ladies trying to catch up with the contemporary trends, Selena Gomez has always been a great inspiration. Not only in Hollywood, but she has also become a great source of motivation everywhere. Along with new styles, she is also a queen when it comes to hairstyling. Her techniques are never out of fashion, and most girls take her as an inspiration. Keep up with her hairstyles to get a bolder, sexier, hot, and sweet look according to your demand and fashion. Also, you can make sure to style your hair according to your clothing if you try the Selena Gomez hairstyle.

Throughout the years after her appearance in the music and modeling industry, we have seen her appearing with new hairstyles that were continually changing. Here we have some of the latest and most beautiful hairstyles that the famous singer, Selena Gomez, tried to stay in fashion. You can try some of these hairstyles as they are easy to style and can keep you up with the trend.

The long Hair with Simple Waves

The beautiful lady of Hollywood, Selena Gomez, is usually not seen with long hair. However, whenever she styles her pretty long hair, she looks alluring. Her style is fabulous, and she carries her long hair very well. The tiny and straightforward waves that she applies to her hair make her look hot and sexy, too—style like this famous Hollywood celebrity.

selena gomez hair

Simple Braids

At times, Selena is also seen with simple braids. While she does not like to put much effort into her long hair, she often appears with simple braids. Although it looks simple, her braids are often eye-catching and suit her perfectly. You can try a similar braiding technique if you have the face structure identical to her.

Sexy Ponytail

Ponytail looks gorgeous on every girl. But, it seems the best on girls with round faces. Among the most popular Selena Gomez hair, the sexy and high ponytail is quite famous. It can give you a bold look and can take you anywhere. As this renowned star often tries this hairstyle in the red carpet too, you don’t need to worry about not flaunting this hairstyle anywhere. All you need to do is tie your hair into a pony and shine with it.

Long and Shiny Selena Gomez Hair

Long hair never fails to impress anyone. Likewise, the famous star, celebrity Selena Gomez also flaunts her long hair every time. She looks hot and set every time she leaves her long hair open and puts on a bright shade of red lipstick. Get on the trend by following the simple hairstyle. You can try smoothing on your natural hair to get straight hair.

Short Hair with Messy Fringes

In the year 2019, short hair was one of the most beautiful trends. As the trend has no signs of disappearing in 2020 too, you will be able to rock it. The cute fringes look messy but adorable. For women with oval and round faces, it is one of the best hairstyles. Although the hairstyle of this popular celebrity keeps changing, this is one of the finest looks that she often appears in.

Simple Puffs with Waves at the end

There’s no day like a bad hair day for this famous celebrity. She often flaunts her hair every time no matter if she has styled or hair or is leaving it unstyled and straightforward. Usually, she manages to help her hair on the shape by managing it well. Every time she walls on the red carpet with her simple puffs with waves at the end, she is able to steal millions of hearts.

Wet Selena Gomez Hair

As you spend most of your time by applying shampoo and treatment to your hair, you will sometimes fail to manage time for styling your hair. In such cases, you don’t need to worry at all. You can still shine like a Hollywood star with your wet hair too. Style your wet hair in the way given below and never worry about not having time to manage your perfect hair. Shine with a beautiful style.

Simple and Straight

Selena Gomez’s stylist is a pro at styling her hair and making her look like she is stealing the hearts of many. All thanks to her stylist, Marissa Marino, who makes her shine even when she leaves her open with a simple style. The styling is perfect, and her hair is well set every time.  With no bangs and no fringes, she is still flaunting the gorgeous look. Try this simple and easy hairstyle. You can try it at home too.

Bun with Middle Partition

Buns are often the most beautiful hairstyle of the Hollywood industry. As this hairstyle trend never goes out of style, Selena Gomez appears with a simple bun with a middle partition in most of her red carpet walks and popular shows. She always keeps herself alive with the hairstyle that she puts on. If you are planning to attend a big event, you can try this hairstyle as well.

Beautiful Brunette Curls with Bangs

The most popular and fanciest of the Selena Gomez Hair long is the bangs with beautiful curls. As she often appears on her shows with sexy and hot bangs and styles it with curls at the end, she is ruling the heart of everyone with the look. The hairstyle of this beauty icon is winning the hearts of many in recent days.

Middle Length Black Hair

As black is the most popular hair color, Selena Gomez often appears with the black hair color. Although black was the fashion of the past, it is still trending in the modern day’s hairstyle. In the present day, she is keeping her hair black without applying any hair color. However, she often changes her haircut and plays with the length of hair. The best hair length that suits her is shoulder-length hair.

Long and Curly from the Selena Gomez Hair

Long and Curly? What do you say about this hairstyle? It is the hairstyle that Selena Gomez loved trying with shades of the blonde hairstyle. Unless you try the curls on your long and blonde hair, you will never know how hot it can look. Try this fantastic Selena Gomez Hairstyle. As long hairstyles can make everyone shine, it will be the hairstyle that you won’t regret in life. Do try it.

Straight and Shiny Layers

The best Selena Gomez Hair is the straight hair. While layers are applied with straight hair, it looks fascinating as it gives your simple and straight hair a little messy effect and can add more to it. You won’t regret styling your hair with layers. In case you have a shiny black and smooth hair, it will be best for you. Go to a party with this hairstyle and shine.

Classy Long and Blonde

As the long hairstyle is associated with elegance and grace and brings a feminine look, Selena Gomez tries this hairstyle usually. Also, the delicate looks provided by the hairstyle can look unique and luxurious. This can look beautiful romantically and is not very complicated; this hairstyle can be modeled quite fast too. While you are bored with the hairstyle, you can tie it into a ponytail as well.

French Updo

Here is the french updo that you should try to make your hair out of the messy world and look formal. As the french updo can look beautiful from the back, leaving making it look like an updo, this has become the modern hairstyle. Although the hairstyle was trending from the past, people now try this hairstyle as a modern style as this hairstyle does not seem to go out of fashion easily.

Selena Gomez Hair -Fall Hairstyles

In the fall, people usually try the fall hairstyles. As the natural hairstyle looks fantastic and is also effortless, people typically take this hairstyle to flatter their look easily. For people who love long hair, shiny and black hair, all you need to do is to invest in quality hair products. Use a good shampoo and invest well in timely treatment. Your natural hair will turn into a fall hairstyle. Try it!

Amazing  Curls

People in the limelight usually try the curls. As curls can give a flattering effect and are not rare, celebrities often try this hairstyle while they appear in the spotlight. Try this Selena Gomez look for the year 2020 and gain a significant transformation. This will surely help you look unique and different from your usual and casual look. Hence, if you want something unique and in fashion, you should try this hairstyle.

Taylor Swift Hairstyle with Bangs

Like the famous singer, Taylor Swift Selena Gomez also appeared once in light blonde hairstyle with shades and red lipstick. She looked exactly like her fellow singer, Taylor Swift. As she stole the look of her fashionable Hollywood friend, people admire her for looking fabulous. Also, the fans of Taylor praised Selena for this look. So, why not try this look on you and make people appreciate you? Do try it.

Shoulder Length Hairstyle with light color

Light color like ash grey and soft blonde looks alluring on the beautiful Selena Gomez. This cute lady often tries extensions on her hair. However, sometimes she appears in the short hair as well. If you want Selena Gomez haircut 2020, here is the best thing that you can choose to style your hair. For this hairstyle, you need to check out the list of Selena Gomez Hair colors too. Don’t hesitate and try this hairstyle soon. To flaunt it, add an earning matching with the hair color.


Casual look on long hair

Have you heard about the Selena Gomez Hair extensions? Undoubtedly, the Selena fans know that their idol often tries extensions on her hair. As the extensions, she applies are cool and does not seem like she has been working on styling her hair, she turns her hair into a casual one. The casual look on long hair that this celebrity tie is often what most of the people these days crave. Try an outfit of your color and then style your hair as you wish. The beauty of your hair will get admired everywhere.

Party Updo

The french braid is a formal updo and can go well at parties too. But, if you are looking for something that is particularly made for parties, here is what you should try. This party updo can add extra effect on your hair. You can try it at a wedding party or a penthouse party with your friends.


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Vintage Curls

The makeover of the curls in the past was very different from how they look now. In modern days, curls are getting attention, and people are trying it with different volumes. However, in the past, the only type of pump that was famous among the people was the pumps. Get this vintage Selena Gomez hair look with the classic curls.

Keep it Simple

Simple hairstyles never fail to amaze anyone. When you are getting late for a party and don’t have time to put your makeup and style your hair accordingly, there are some simple short hairstyles that Selena Gomez tried, and you will like. Here is the example of the best hair technique when you have very little time to get yourself ready. This hairstyle can suit well in any type of dress you try. So, don’t panic on hectic days. Pick an eyeliner, a hair comb, an earning, and style yourself. You will shine.


Perfect Golden Hair color

Not everyone likes the shade of golden. However, the people who love golden can never get out of the love of this hairstyle. Similarly, the Hollywood singing star, Selena, is also one of the people who never fell out of love with the golden. She often tried golden hair color on her big shows to mark the event. Also, it was easy for this singer to get noticed with this color. Hence, if you want to get noticed in the crowd, this is the perfect hair color that you should plan on trying on your hair.


Ponytails with Bangs

Shiny ponytails often steal the eyes of everyone. Although bangs do no usually look good on a ponytail, the style that Selena tries is what that can suit everyone. She looks good on a ponytail and has won the hearts of many by trying simple bangs. You can try this easy Selena Gomez hair as well in the year 2020.

Wedding Updos

Who says Selena comes with only fancy and casual hairstyles? She also tries some basic hairstyles that you can try at a wedding too. With the french braid at the updo section, she has often tried the curls at the frontal part. This wedding updo makes people fall in love with its charm.

Sexy Light Blonde

Light-colored hair can look amazing. On people who apply red lipstick and move out with perfect makeup, light-colored hair looks better than shiny black. Like the other Hollywood celebrities, Selena Gomez often tries the light color hair too. Here is the light blonde hairstyle that she tried which was able to win the heart of everyone.

Pink Colored Selena Gomez Hair

Colors look amazing on the beautiful Selena Gomez. As this fair lady can carry any hair color on her perfect and shiny hair, the charm of her pink hair color was different. Among the favorite Selena Gomez Hair color of her fans, this purple looking pink hair color was the favorite of everyone. As her fans praised the hairstyle, she tried the hair color again and again. Until today, the hair color is still on-trend.

Soft Blonde

Get a chic and elegant look with the soft blonde hairstyles. The famous artist, Selena Gomez, often tries brown highlights on her hair. With this hairstyle, she looks young and looks like she is still in her teenage days. This hairstyle does not require bangs and looks great in the simple version.

Rolls at the frontal section

Hair rolls are amazing. You always don’t need a curler while you want to try this hairstyle. This Selena Gomez hair is rare, and you won’t find her getting styled with this hairstyle time and again. No matter where you go, this rolled hairstyle looks perfect.

Perfect Casual Look

Are you looking for something that can make you go every day perfectly with no worries about styling your hair? We have come with a perfect hairstyle that can make you go free and wild in this season. This hairstyle works for every day like its made for you. As this style is not sophisticated and is great, you should carry the style for the office and other events. Turn every head while you walk on the street with this hairstyle.

Perfectly Long Hairstyle

Silky long hair often flows the waistline giving you a perfect and sexy look. People who crave a sexy style without putting much effort into styling their hair can try this beautiful hairstyle. Try this amazing hairstyle and look like the popular singer, Selena Gomez. This hairstyle will be the perfect hairstyle that you will ever try on yourself. Don’t regret not trying this hairstyle.

Stylish fringe with a soft curl

You can style your fringe in any way you like. People who do not like updos can sometimes try partial updos or leave their hair-free. The style that bangs give on the soft curls can be amazing. This style looks great on Selena Gomez and is the most popular among the Selena Gomez Hair. Do try this style.

Messy Style

At times, you can flaunt the messy look wherever you go. Selena Gomez often tries this hairstyle during her big shows and concerts event. Although the texture of this hair looks a little messy, the mixture of Golden and Blonde can add extra color dimension to your hair. For this, the medium and shoulder-length hair can look appropriate. You can try this hairstyle with any dress.

High Ponytail

The high ponytail on silky hair looks sexy and hot. With the perfectly winged eyeliner, you cannot imagine how great you will look with this alluring look. You style this hairstyle anyway you like. As this breathtaking hairstyle can steal the hearts of everyone, you would want to try this hairstyle in any event you go to. From birthday parties to a red carpet event, this high ponytail can make you look beautiful.

Event Hair Style

Who thinks Selena Gomez will appear on a red carpet or her walks with a messy hairstyle? People who know her well, certainly know that she does not appear in her most significant events with some crazy and messy hairstyles. Most of the time, she has her hair on one side and applies curls on her hair. No matter how big the event is, this Selena Gomez event hairstyle makes her look elegant and beautiful.

Long Bangs on Perfectly Straight Hair

Bangs are awesome. And with the awesomeness that the bangs spread, the highlights that the bangs give are fantastic. Firstly cut your hair into the shoulder length and then straighten it. Right after you straighten your hair, apply these cute bangs. With it, you will attract the eyes of everyone. This Selena Gomez hair look is fantastic.

Smooth Curls on Short Hair

Curls are what you should never get tired of. No matter if you have long hair or short, you won’t ever feel bad about trying curls on it. The Selena Gomez Hair often consists of this hairstyle. She usually appears in this look while she is going for a casual coffee or a casual date.

Natural Hairstyle

As we don’t often see celebrities showing off their natural hairstyle, we sometimes mistake their natural hairstyle as artificial too. The popular, Selena Gomez often tries new hairstyles time and regularly. This is one of her most loved hairstyles. While she is on a rough day and cannot reach to her hairstylist, she often leaves her hair natural by applying middle partition on it. You can try this hairstyle as well.


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