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69 Splendid Shag Haircut For The Ultimate Look

The years before the 2000s were some of the craziest times, and people who lived in that era say the said and even today say it as well. It was an era of people experimenting with new and different things and turning everything around. It was also the year when new fashion trends came soaring into the industry, and people adapted to it all quite well as well. In fact, one particular hairstyle from back in the days still comes around from time to time, and let us tell you, it’s people’s favorite. The hairstyle in regards here is Shag Haircut.

Familiar with this term? Well, even if you weren’t, it wouldn’t have been much of a massive problem because we are en route discussing it anyway. So, in simple words, the shag cut, as the name slightly suggests, is a hairstyle that leans towards the carefree side of the fashion industry. Originally founded by an American barber named Paul McGregor, the Shag hairstyle began famous among both men and women.

You heard it right, both men and women began sporting this hairstyle and loved it anyways. This hairstyle also remained famous amongst rock band members as they had pretty long hairs and everything required for this look. However, today, we’re here to show you that there are no boundaries in fashion. You’re able to pretty much alter this look to your will. Here are a couple of examples.

shag haircut

For Young Girls

Young girls, in particular, favor much from this hairstyle because it just happens to suit them more. But, don’t just steer away. There’s more to this hairstyle. Just wait and watch, please.

Shaggy Bob Haircut

The bob cut in the hairstyle industry is one of the most famous one,s and there’s no denying that as well. However, if all that you seek is to mix and get the best of both worlds, here’s the perfect example for your right here.

Shaggy Cut with Bangs

Bangs are a perfect way of making the most out of your hairstyle as it gives a major volume boost to your overall appearance. That said, do you want your bangs short or longer. Or is the one in the picture also the one you like?

For Black Hair

Plain black hair has an irritating tendency to hide out any layers in your hair even though you want it shown out to the world. If that’s what bothers you most of the time, then don’t worry. You won’t face the problem with Shag Cut.

For Medium Burgundy Hair

A medium burgundy has a very natural-looking effect on your overall appearance as it makes everything look a little more funky than usual. The Shag cut here makes sure that the layers of your hair don’t get buried under.

Work Environment Shag Cut

Work environment gets a little out of control with all the rules and regulations posted. However, that’s not good enough of a reason that you don’t consider getting full-on with your hairstyle. This look remains perfect for any work environment.

For Chubby Face

Do you have a naturally chubby face? Well, you’re in luck today if that’s the case for you because there are millions out there who struggle with a. chubby face as well, and it gets between dream looks. Not here. The shag cut on the chubby face? Yes, please.

Shag Bob Cut

As we already mentioned, a bob cut has many fans all over the world, and the fashion industry, especially the hairstyle industry, swears by this look. However, there’s a chance that Bob cut becomes quite boring. Add some spice to your style by getting a shag cut.

Long Hair Choppy Cut

The long hair choppy cut here stands as a better representation of what a shag cut looks on long hair. As you see, there’s plenty of room for you to try and play around here. Also, the choppy look pretty elegant as well.

Sexy Chopped Parts

The whole idea of this look here is looking absolutely and stunningly sexy. And if you like us, there’s no way that this doesn’t look like one. After all, the blonde streaks, the mid-part in hair, each and everything screams sexy about this hairstyle.

Bubblegum Pink Hair

Bubblegum or also known as light pink means that you are a sweet and fun-loving soul. Also, this means that you aren’t afraid of taking bold steps like coloring your whole shag cut into pink and making it seem like no big deal.

Choppy, Curly, Shaggy

The holy trinity is here people, and we’re here, admiring this beautiful look to the end of extent here. The chops added with curls on the hair, and the shag cut mixes so perfectly that it makes us cry tears of joy.

90s Rock Vibe

As we said earlier, the whole starting point of this hairstyle began back in the 70s, and since then, people have always loved this—especially those who indulged themselves in rock music and were musicians as well.

Shaggy Hairstyle for Round Face

Facial hairstyle matters a lot when it comes to looking good with a particular type of hairstyle. With that said, here’s an example of a very good looking Shag cut for round-faced women.

On The Curls

People who have curly hair, as far as we remember, have always struggled with making their hairstyle choices. Now, did you ever thought of trying shag haircut on curly hairs? If you haven’t taken some inspiration from this look here and get going already.

For Elderly Women

Elderly women have their own signature style that they easily pull off most of the time. If you’ve noticed, Shag haircut remains popular among ladies in their later days because with shag cut, they have one less thing to worry about getting right.

On Platinum Silver Hair

The platinum, silver hair that you have does not need any kind of re-touching. Yes, we’re sure that you won’t need any kind of color modification because, as you clearly see, people with platinum silver rock this look like everyone else does.

For Very Short Hair

Very short hair benefits from this hairstyle because as easy it is to maintain a short hairstyle, shag haircut gives you like a kind of superpower. Your hair always remains ready-to-go, no matter the situation you’re in.

The Red Carpet Look

During red carpet events, ladies, in particular, show off their creative side and make sure that the whole world sees their new side. If you’re serious about making a mark at the red carpet, go with this look. The layers will take care of everything else.

Layers on White Hair

White hair look always makes everyone fascinated. Thanks to advancement in hairstyling, you won’t have to wait for old age to get those white hair. Also, layers from the shag haircut seem to bring out the most of this look.

Massive Side Bang

Bangs, as we repeatedly mention, are the way you carry your attitude on your forehead, literally. In a situation where you want to look all badass? Just flick your bang with a whiff of wind from your mouth. That’s all that it takes.

Simple Shag Haircut

Not all hairstyles have to have that mad touch to them that makes you stand out in the crowd. For many people, it’s quite the opposite that matter as they want to blend in. This particular shag cut does that exactly.

Funky Girl Look

The funky girl look has a little bit of everything. This shag haircut comprises of razored textures while it also has different shades of highlight that further enhance the layer projection of the hair. What are you waiting for? Get this look already.

Chestnut Brown & Honey Blonde

If you’re a big fan of showcasing your layers to the whole world, then there’s no better way to do that than this one right here. You simply highlight your color with chestnut brown and honey blonde, and you have perfectly layered hair.

With Some Volume

The modern-day shag haircut doesn’t really have what we refer to as volume or density in the hairstyle industry. However, the older days were all about getting that volume on point and making it look a little puffy, just like here.

Shaggy Razor Cut

The Shaggy Razor cut has all the qualities that a short and sassy hairstyle in this segment but also with the precise thinness of hair. That said, do you like this hairstyle in general? A few razor cuts should do the magic for you here.

For Summer Look

Summer for many people remains as some season when they freely show-off their style and make everything fit in as well. This also stands as a season when you successfully pull off this hairstyle as this goes clearly with the season.

Shag Haircut With Simple Waves

With some simple waves, you can literally change the whole way of how you look in general. As we previously mentioned, curls or waves project layers on your hair and pairing it with shag haircut only enhance the properties.

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Blonde with Light Bangs

A blonde colored hair with some light bangs is the perfect way of getting that new year at college look for young ladies out there. This gives you the splendid option of going back and forth with your bangs as well as your whole look.

Light Fading Ombre

The light fading ombre from dark to light gives more dimension to the overall hairstyle. The shag haircut also makes the most out of this look because the lighter ends make the uneven cuts more visible and hence make it look great.

For Slim Face

A slim face here has the advantage of easily pulling off the shag haircut because of the combination. The combination of the thin face with the layering texture of the hair makes it easy for anyone with this hairstyle to look more stylish as well.

Messy look With Bang

The Messy look with bangs attracts the demography of ladies who do not want the sleek and composed look. While shag haircuts are not of that nature as well, it’s best to leave the wild ones to roam wild. Like this hairstyle does here.

All About Beachy Look

The beachy look remains a necessity for millions of people, especially those who live close to the ocean and visit the beach often. If you are one of those people who visit the sands often, then consider this look seriously. All about how you imagine yourself on the beach comes true here.

The Simple and Elegant Look

This simple and elegant look here is all about who a person feels like at the moment. Say you’re going to a formal party where you want to look beautiful and elegant but also don’t want to draw much attention. Well, this is your wild card entry towards that look.

Funky Shaggy Hairstyle

The funky shaggy hairstyle that’s here is one that possesses the ability to go up and down to your will. What we mean by that is you possess control if you want that funky look or a more serious one that’s even appropriate for formal events.

Different Shades of Red

Another brilliant way how you can simply make your shag haircut look more awesome is by coloring it like the shown example. The different shades of red or any of your favorite colors act as an amplifier for the layers of your shag cut.

For Nerds of All Kind

To all the nerds out there, you don’t always have to worry about your exams and not give second thoughts about how you look. Take care of yourself and become that sexy nerd, as shown in movies. How do you do that? Follow this simple example right here.

Messy But With Volume

There’s nothing really amazing that a hair that has all the best quality and textures that you always see on ads. The hairs are silky looking, shiny, and have immense volume in them. But did you know that shag haircut gives you all those qualities as well?

The 1970s Short Shag Haircut

The 90s were and still remains one of the most iconic times in terms of fashion and everything else in between. That said, this look especially prevailed and had its largest days in the 90s as many famous actors, actresses, and celebrities tried this lookout.


Universally Classic Shag Haircut

As the name itself suggests, this one right here is the universally classic shag cut that most people love and adore. The reason is that it has that old 90s vibe to it while also keeping some modern aspects like a short bang and straight texture.

The Ombre Look

Ombre is and will always remain a woman’s absolutely amazing wildcard that has the ability to transform the look in an instant. That said, this one is a bit on the sexier side while also projecting immense confidence.

Brown with Curly Bangs

This one lies somewhere between curly and wavy, but for the sake of simplicity, we’ll just call this curly here. Hailing straight from the 90s, this hairstyle packs a lot of the old Hollywood actress hairstyle and that unparalleled charisma.

Rocking that Wet Look

The wet look has a different fan base, and many celebrities, actresses, artists fall into that list. Now, pairing the wet look with a shag cut turned out as such a wild-looking hairstyle that nobody thought was possible. Nevertheless, we’re happy it happened.

For Natural Curls

Natural Curls are genuinely one of the most fascinating this that exists as far stuff about hairstyles goes. That said if you want to take it all up a notch, try this lookout. Perfectly safe, and you surely won’t regret it at all as well.

Honey Blonde Layers

These honey blonde layers have the tendency of making a hairstyle stand out in an instant. The shag haircut gives all the layers and texture needed to showcase the colorwork in particular. Also, pair it with light to moderate wave texture, and you’ve got an unmatched hairstyle.

Ultimate Funky Look

Remember the old pop music videos where the likes of Shakira and Britney Spears came in as their own video models? Well, this look right here came from those days, and we’re fortunate that this hairstyle successfully made it this far. Try it today.

Black Hair with Bangs

This one is for all the attractive ladies who have naturally black hair and want to keep it short. That’s the beauty of the Shag hairstyle. It’s the fact that you have total authority over which kind of hair length you want to have—just a pro tip. Don’t forget the bang.

Long Blonde With Layers

These long blonde with layered hairstyles never get out of fashion, and we don’t wish for that to happen as well. On the contrary, these hairstyles have evolved so far and made their prominence even more over the years as well.

White Hair Magic

There’s not just to say here apart from the fact that this hair looks so stunning. Are you feeling bold? Try this out.

For Round Face

Hairstyles are based on different factors, such as the color of hair and, most importantly, face structures as well. This is also the reason for us showing this many examples for a single segment. This right here is one for ladies who have round faces.

For Beautiful Asians

Asians usually have natural dark-colored hair, and those are most of the time black as well. Now, this lady right here has his hair colored in brown and streaks of blonde with a minimalist shag haircut. Doesn’t this look absolutely beautiful?

Classic Shag HaircutBangs

These Shag bangs are a way of letting a person’s inspirations out and about. Bangs are pretty versatile in the manner and also help the express mood. The shag cut bangs help you manage the bangs more effectively and make sure they don’t get in the way.

Dark and Light Ombre

Ombre, as always mentioned, is a very famous form of coloring your hair as it mixed two colors into a hair and makes sure the transition is flawless. This one right here as a black color on the roots and blonde on the locks. Also, the thinness is pretty precise.

Short Shaggy Haircut for Fine Hair

The short looking shag haircut on fine hair deals with the aspects of giving your hair a little volume here and there while mild razor cuts do their work. In other words, the locks are kept quite thin so that the layers are prominent than they are in other forms of hairstyles.

Elegant Shag Haircut

This one received the name elegant shag cut because of how well the uneven cuts make layers prominent. Paired with slight waves in the hair and textured quality, this may just well become the hairstyle of the year. Also, the fact that you’re on a safe side trying this one is genius as well.

Shakira Loves It

Remember when we said that even artists and famous celebrities like Shakira rocked this hairstyle. We knew some wouldn’t believe this, so we came up with proof here. The subtle shag haircut here makes all the difference, as Shakira carries it out perfectly.

Shakira Loves It

Remember when we said that even artists and famous celebrities like Shakira rocked this hairstyle. We knew some wouldn’t believe this, so we came up with proof here. The subtle shag haircut here makes all the difference, as Shakira carries it out perfectly.

Ultimate Summer Look

The ultimate summer look has all the essentials of summer covered. A light hairstyle? Check. Layers that go with it? Check. Uneven chop Shag haircut? Check.


The conclusion about this whole thing is that it’s always you who makes the difference to your look. These are some of the most famous hairstyles in the shag haircut segment that you can follow and get on with. However, be careful to choose the one that fits and compliments major aspects like your hair color, facial structure, and so on.

The simplest way of achieving any of these hairstyles is by properly communicating with your stylist. You can do that by showing a picture or describing and modifications you may want while showing the picture as well.


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