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113 Superb Short Layered Haircuts For Ladies

It all seems like a perspective trick, but do you feel like it has already been a long time since you had that same style? We know the feeling and certainly understand how you might want a different hairstyle than the one you have right now. Or maybe, it’s for a new resolution that you have. Whatever the reason is, we have you backed up here. In this post, we talk about a very stylish little hairstyle that’s beautiful to look at, and most of them are relatively easy and manageable. The hairstyle that we’re talking about is Short Layered Haircuts, and they’re fantastic.

Layers are probably the most amazing thing that your hair can have because they are pretty to look at and fancy. Most people do not have layers on their hair because they don’t know what is in the first place. Secondly, they’re not sure how layered style might look on their head. Here, let’s give you a look at this fantastic style.

Here’s a massive collection of short layered haircuts that you’ll love.


Short layered haircuts

For Dry Texture Hair

Dry texture hair can sometimes seem like a very irritating thing, but believe us, it can become your plus point. Modestly dry texture gives you more layers.

Shaggy Cut with Layers

A great way to give your amazing hair a new breath with this stylish looking shaggy cut. You don’t have to worry about layers because they come naturally here. 

With Silver Hair

Silver hair is another great way of getting yourself entrance to a unique looking short style. Try a dual-tone like this for layers.

Haywire Style

We call this the haywire style because of how everything is just scattered everywhere. But in terms of layers, that’s the beauty of it.

Layered Hairstyles Short Front Long Back

The beauty of layers on hair is that you can easily manage or manipulate them. Like, the layers are mostly on the front here.

The Round Ball Look

Giving your layers a little volume does a big-time favor. You saw that amazingly round style in the street. This is how you get it.

Short Layered Haircuts with Bangs

Front bangs are a style trend that’s always been around. A simple yet elegant style like this, paired with layers on short hair, is pure magic.

Light Shade Blonde

Light shades are usually the optimal choice if you want layers. They reflect much of the light and give you those beautiful layered look.

Inverted Bob Style

An inverted bob style is all about cutting your hair a little more on the backside. If you have color on top, this gives you an unconventional ombre effect.

The Men’s Style

Not only ladies want all the layers for themselves. Some men also crave that layered look. For them, try out this style regardless of haircolor.

Clean Multi-Colors

The style you see here right now is a very clean looking style that’s pretty much a statement. The highlight is the clean aspect itself.

The 90s Rock Style

The 90s rock style is all about a volume filled style that’s always on the go for a personality changer. Meaning, it gave ladies a whole new look.

Slightly Curly Style

Hair texture for everyone isn’t always exceedingly perfect and straight. There are curls, waves, and those are fine. These look great as well.

Dark with Highlights

By now, you already know that dark hair is not that great when it comes to showing highlights. Because of that, there are few highlights on this hairstyle as well.

Inverted Bob Style

Another inverted Bob style that’s a chic option to anyone who has that fun personality. This also works best for the work environment as well.

Short Layered Haircuts Long Back

A little off track here, but that’s always ok for a great hairstyle. It was modified to certain people’s needs who want a longer back hair.

Multi-Layered Haircut for Short Hair

Maybe the regular layered hairstyle just did not cut the chase for you. In that case, you’ll probably do great with this unique hairstyle.

Blonde Highlight Bangs

Bangs are a great way of adding some fun style to your existing hair. If you don’t have that kind of style already, try it today.

For Asian Ladies

All the Asian ladies out there, here’s the perfect kind of style for you ladies. Subtle just as you like it with a hint of sassy look.

Short Layered Haircuts for Thick Hair

The density of hair also plays a crucial role when it comes to getting the most out of a particular hairstyle. Thick hair is fine with layers here.

Older Women Style

Older women who already have grey hair on them can get back their young days’ vibe. This is how you do it.

Thick Hair with Volume

Do you know how you can quickly get more out of thick textured hair? Add a little more volume to it, and you have this stylish celebrity look.

For Young College Teens

All young teens feel hair is a sensitive part where they would like the best style. In that case, there’s no other perfect style than this.

Multi-Highlight and Layers

The essential aspect of this hairstyle just comes off right away. The way it’s layered and how the multi-highlighting helps to do so.

Bright Sunlight Style

The sunlight style is a style that has a very bright blonde color to it. It helps reflect much of the light and allows layers to come out quickly.

Straight and Spiky

It’s no surprise that straight hair can showcase beautiful looking layers. On top of that, a refined spiky look like this is an absolute winner.

Short layered haircuts

Skinny Women Look

Even the body type of women makes a difference when they want to rock a style. For skinny women, we have this stunning style here.

Flyaway Style

If you want to take your layers a little up a notch, then try out this classic flyaway style. Here, you give volume to the hair ends and make them seem like they’re flying away.

Young Punk Style

The young punk style remains mostly for young teens who want that old and vintage style. It was a classic and remained a classic.

Short Layered Haircuts 2021

Even though there are numbers here, hairstyles are hardly kept at one time. Even a thousand years old, Caesar’s hairstyle remains famous. I was just saying.

Two Style Comparison

Here’s a comparison between two kinds of hairstyles that you might want to consider strong candidates. One is fuller while the other has undercut fade.

Beautiful Celebrity Look

Here’s a stunning looking celebrity look that anyone can easily have. Usually, it’s about the attitude, but with a style like this, it comes automatically.

Pink Shaded Style

A pink shaded style is a perfect kind for you if you love that bubblegum pink style on you. You have the option of the color intensity as well.

Longer Backside

Short layered haircuts have their variations, and what you want entirely depends on you only. Want a longer back? Get it.

Frisky Hair

Although this might look like a very well put hairstyle, it’s an energetic one. If you’ve noticed, the front hair is what you can play with. Move it to any side you want.

Hairstyles for Short Hair – Black

Although black hair is not that much of a strong contender for layers, it’s a great option if you don’t feel comfortable coloring your hair.

Multi-layered Haircut for Short Hair

It is a little longer for the short layered haircuts segment, but it fits the description and how elegant and stunning the layers look.

Spiky Bob Cut

Contrary to conventional bob cuts, which are very sleek and well-put-together, this is a little frisky, a lot spikier.

Extreme Shag Cut

As we’ve already seen, a shag cut is one that gives you the ability to have layers to your hair automatically. Like you see how layers naturally occur here.


A comparison between two extremely different styles. The one of the left is a little messy, while the right one is sleeker and has a classy look. Which one will you choose?

Taylor Swift Style

Taylor swift style is all about that ever-changing style. However, here, she has short and very delicately layered hair. You might want to copy this style.

The Happy Layers

Happy layers are a style that gives you a hairstyle, which makes you happy. It’s a simple style, but its effect on your mood is immense.

Dark Shag Cut

Cleverly done, shag cut on dark hair eliminates the case of dark hair not showing off layers. I stands as the sole remedy for that problem.

Shine and Layers

Shine and Layers is an excellent way with which you can showcase the beauty of your appearance. Short hair means that you have more manageability throughout the day. A colored hair means it shines well under the sun and makes layers look more prominent.

Short Layered Haircuts For Round Face

Ladies who have a round face often find it challenging to get a proper hairstyle for themselves. But those days are over with this style in your arsenal. Make the most out of it.

Crashing Layers

Crashing layers are a look where the layers are styled so that they crash into one another. That is the kind of look which we all want for you ladies.

Short Layered Haircuts with Bangs

Here’s another look at short layered haircuts with bangs, which are amazing looking and have a very nice touch to them. Moreover, these spikes make it all worth the while.

Curly Style Short Layers

Short layered haircuts sometimes also depend on factors other than just the haircut itself. It’s also about how it’s styled. Curls make layers more prominent in your hair.

Multi-Colored Style

You already know by now that colors play a massive role in making your layers look more prominent. Want to take things up a notch? Try out this multi-color style.

With Some Bangs

Compared to other hairstyles with bangs on them, this one is a little more subtle in style. The haircut itself does not stand out that much and has a very subdued color to it as well.

Undercut Dual-tone

At first glance, there are two sides that shine and stand out immediately. First is the undercut style that creates an inverted bob style. The other one is the dual-tone look that the undercut style showcased.

Short Layered Haircuts for Older Ladies

Just because ladies have gained age does not mean that they should leave it all and go about their day with a bed style hair. We’ve brought this classic looking for older ladies, and we’re sure they’ll look pretty good in it as well.

Short layered haircuts

Short Layered Haircuts 2020

For 2020, you want a very refreshing style but not with the same haircut. You don’t also want to color your hair because you love the natural black style as well. In that case, try out this uneven cut style.

Straight Inverted Style

Most of the inverted style that we see around are the ones that have a short backside and longer front. However, this comes as a change as it’s almost straight without much unevenness.

Short Layered Hairstyle for Thin Hair

It’s just a matter of perspective, but what you should understand is that the density of hair matters a lot in hairstyles. In this case of layers, thin hair shows off more layers than its counterpart. Think about it

Long Side Locks

Long side locks look one that requires a little more of a longer hair than the usual short style because this style uses the length. Without a long hairstyle, how would you even make long locks?

Kristen Stewart Style

If you’ve watched Twilight and followed this gorgeous actress after that as well, you already know she’s an avid follower of short-styled hair. Most of the time, Kristen has that awesome looking short layered hairstyle.

The 90s Hint

When we saw this style for the first time, we immediately knew that this style has some inspiration from the 90s. The way the top hair remains raised with some volume to it, that the 90s cliche style of styling hair.

Puffy Ends Layers

We already know the benefits of a shag cut. When a shag cut is done in an underwhelming way, it gives you more freedom to customize it. That’s what this style is about here. The ends are a little buffy and bent.

Silver Hair Style

Coloring your hair silver requires a lot of courage and boldness and that too, on top of a short hair. Since you’ve made up your mind for that, we suggest you take this style as an inspiration. 

Classic Mid-Part

A classic mid-part style is the one that gives you a very subtle change in your hairstyle. Just a tad bit different than the side-part styles, the mid-part suits the office environment and other formal occasions.

Till Eyebrow Style

Since you’re here looking for that bad girl look that multiplies your awesome attitude, might as well go for this style. Till the eyedrop style makes you look like a boss lady with that personality amplification.

Cliche Hollywood Style

This cliche Hollywood style is a cliche for a reason. The main reason remains that most of the famous actresses we have seen have tried this lookout so far. It’s pretty well-known among celebrities, so you might want to try this out.

Clean Dark Hair look

Short Layered Haircuts require a little more finesse than the other and a lot more consideration. We earlier saw how to shag cut gives you unique layers even with dark hair. If a shag cut isn’t your option, however, go with this one.

Simple Everyday Short Layers

Short layered haircuts are not only for fancy events or while going out only. On the contrary, this hairstyle can be your everyday style as well. There’s a reason why we are showing you this style, ladies.

Short Layers and Bangs

Layered haircuts are usually better looking on their own, but enhancing options are available. For example, a quick enhancement that you can do is by getting bangs on for that bang effect.

Long Bangs

Longer-looking bangs are a great way with which you can easily style your hairstyle up or down. This goes well with any casual outing and, when paired with a great outfit, works with business meetings as well.

Vintage Short Layers

Vintage short layered style is an excellent option for ladies who liked or like styles from the 90s. This look has its unique effect on it and has a great way of attracting attention.

Red Carpet Event Style

Since you have that significant event coming up, this is a great time for you to begin brainstorming your options. But, we’re planning to save you from all the trouble. Get this tried and tested red carpet-worthy style.

Short Layered Haircuts Fine Hair

Fine hair, like thin hair, also has a remarkable ability to showcase its style. It’s a way to easily manage to get layers and sometimes even without knowing it. There’s great potential for this style. Try it out.

With Massive bangs

Massive bangs are a way with which you can easily get yourself a pretty looking appearance. Usually, for cute looks in casual outfits, you can scale bangs’ appeal according to your wish.

With Undercut Fade

Undercut fade is a great way to test a new hairstyle on yourself. These types of short layered haircuts options are high risk but also come with high reward as well. Want to try this?

Blonde and Caramel Mix

Blonde and caramel mix is a style that is solely designed to show off a lot of those beautiful layers. They make up for a pretty appearance and also inspire you to try something different all the time.

Curly Styled Short Hair

A curly styled short hairstyle is a way a woman can easily get a perfect looking haircut for office environments. Layers some time becomes a tricky thing to have. But not anymore. Curls are here to help you.

A Long Hair Style

Still, in the short hair vicinity, this slightly longer hair look is perfect for anyone who isn’t sure about going the short hair route. Start easy, see what looks great on you, and then make the final decision.

Beautiful Layers and Curls

By now, you pretty much know that layers and curls are like best friends and that when there’s one, there’s another. Just like that, when you curl your hair, you naturally get a very beautiful layered look.

On Red Hair

Red hair look is among those styles that are extremely rare to see on people. Even rarer when it’s done on short hair. But the rewarding look is quite amazing here. Might want to curl your hair for that nice layered look, though.

Jet Black Curly Hair

You don’t always have to put your faith in Shag cut because there’s another way around to a proper looking layered look. For anyone with naturally curly hair, you’re in luck, ladies.

Dry Looking Curls

Hair texture differs from people to people, and not everyone has that sleek textured hair. Some ladies are gifted with dry textured hair. We say gifted because, with the right kind of haircut, things look perfect for them.

Lots of Curls and Layers

As we mentioned earlier, the more curls, the better the chances of you having more layers on your hairstyle. It’s just how things work, ladies.

Short layered haircuts

Jennifer Lawrence Style

Jennifer Lawrence is another actress, just like Kristen Stewart, a big fan of short layered haircuts. And it looks excellent on Lawerence as well.

Beautiful Unkempt Look

Another simple and effective way of getting layers on your hair or amplifying existing layers is disheveling it. Try it, and you’ll know.

Boss Lady Look

The boss lady looks like a combination of the perfect kind of attitude and a hairstyle that goes with it. Perfect for a smashing first impression.


This extensive collection with pictures of short layered haircuts gives you an idea of the hairstyle’s versatility and how amazing they look. If you have similar attributes to some of the examples we showed you, try it out by all means.

We hope that you’ve found the perfect short layered style for yourself, ladies.


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