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101 Glamorous and Exciting Side Braids to Try

Are you looking for a hairstyle that can look classic as well as trendy at the same time? If so, here you have the best of all time hairstyles, the braided hairstyles. Among the braided hairstyle, side braids are now an emerging hairstyle. As it never goes out of style, it is preferred everywhere from bridal looks to the usual beach or the party look. Also, this hair can work as the best for all types of days. Whether you are going through a bad day or a good day, you can always go on with this hairstyle.

When you get frustrated handling your long hair, you can try a braided hairstyle. The side braid can give you a different look. As it can change your look completely, this will be a completely new hairstyle for your face. If you are looking for ways to style your side braid, here are some of the most fabulous styles of side braiding that you can try on your hair.

To The Side

For long hair, you can try fantastic braiding techniques. The most fabulous of all braiding methods are side braids. The hard work that you put on your braids is quickly paid off if you try easy braids on your long hair. Try these twists with partition, and you will gain a completely different look.



side braids

Romantic Two Side Braid

As beautiful as the braids can be, the two side braid can never fail to make people feel loved. The braids can look romantic. As it is a classic style for the hair, it looks gorgeous and stunning. You can try this braiding technique if you are attending a wedding event soon.


Braids on Short Hair

The short hair you have can be styled in any way. If you try some braids with weave, the short hair looks fantastic. The patterns can make you look extra. Why not try this easy braids on your soft hair? Don’t ever say no to this hairstyle.

Braids on Plated Hair

If you are a fan of plated hair, you can never be enough of these easy braids with the planting. Try this hairstyle along with some earrings and look amazing. You can try the twists on the beach or any casual event with your friends or family.

Rope Braids with Side Plaitings

The rope braid can look amazing if you have thick hair. If you want to try the rope braiding hairstyle with some easy side braids, here you have the most amazing hairstyle.

Mermaid Braids with Long Fringes

Do you want to look like a mermaid? If you want the look of the mermaid, then here you have the best look that you can go for. But, why not get a modern mermaid look? Get this modern mermaid look with the side mermaid braids and add a little fringe to it. You will shine.

Crimped Hair with Side Braid

Are you tired of styling your crimped hair? You do not have to worry anymore. We have fascinating crimped hair techniques that can make your hair look gorgeous. From among all the crimped hair techniques, the best that you can try is with side braids.

Single-stranded Braids for Straight Hair

A single-stranded braid has become one of the most popular hairstyles of all time. With the single strand twists on your hair, you can get an amazing look. You won’t have any trouble styling your hair. If you want to add more style to it, tie a part of your hair in a bun.

Braids with Weave

Weaves are often the most beautiful hair techniques that you can try. With a weave, there is no doubt that you will fail to style your hair. So, try some weaves on your side braids if you want a new hairstyle. This hairstyle can make you go anywhere.

Glamorous Bridal Braids

Are you worried about which hairstyle to try on your wedding day? Since it is a special day for you, you should be trying a unique hairstyle. The loose side braids hairstyles for a wedding has become a new trend. Make sure you try this unique hairstyle on the day of your wedding.

Upside Down French Braid

The french braid can be modified into different hairstyles if you are a crazy fan of side braids hairstyles than you should try the french braid technique. With this, you can get a new look. It looks perfect if you apply the haircut on one side of your hair and leave the rest open.

Read Head with Weaves

If you are a fan of hair color, then you should probably try some shades of red. In your fair skin, the red suits perfectly. To add more texture to your red hair, go out with side braids sometimes. You can turn the eyes of people.


Braids can come in different forms. If you are tired of the look you get from the classic twists; you should try the new stylish braids. For this, all you need to do is try the french braid on the right side of your hair. Leave the rest of the hair open.

Puffed Hairstyles with Braids

If you have voluminous hair, then you should try some puffed hairstyles to flatter it. You can try the puffs with side braids too. It is one of the most preferred hairstyles of the year 2018. If you would like to go back to the trend, then you should surely try this hair technique. There is no doubt that you cannot carry this hairstyle well.



The cornrows can look amazing if you want to style your side braids than you should surely style it with the cornrows. You won’t need much time to style your hair this way. The look you will get will be new and can look classic too; you will love this hairstyle. Try it.

Hair Accessories on Braids

Accessories can make your hair look beautiful. But, you should be careful about choosing the right accessory for your hair. The new long hairband that can go through all the sections of your hair is what you should decide if you want to try side braids with accessories.


Braids on Thin Hair

Because of the thin hair you have, you might be wondering if you can try braids or not. You should remember that the hair type you have never matters the twists. If you have thin hair, you can still try side braids and look fantastic. Try it.

Cornrows on Brunette Hair

Cornrows can look gorgeous if you have colored hair. Try the basic and thin cornrow hair technique on your hair. This look can make you look different. Make sure you try this hairstyle.

Simple Braids for Indian Face

If you want classic braids, you should try it with the middle partition. For the Indian face, this is the best type of hairstyle that you can try fearlessly on any occasion. You should not worry about looking good with this hair technique. Try this fantastic hairstyle.

Glamorous Braids

As braids can come in different textures, you can style it according to your hair and the design you want. If you want a glamorous look with the braids, you should try the simple braiding technique. Make sure you try this hairstyle at least once.

Small and Easy Braid

Braids should not always look bulky and voluminous. If you want braids with a soft tone, you can try the small and smooth twist. For this braid, you work the platings on a small section of your hair. The rest of your hair should be left untouched and open. This hairstyle suits entirely on a round face. Also, if you are looking for side braids for men, you can try this.


Side Updos with Weaves

The braids hairstyles include updos too. If you are looking for a formal hairstyle to try at an office party or a business meeting, you can come up with this hairstyle. As simple as it seems, you won’t need much time to style your hair too. Try this fantastic hair technique.


Messy Side Braidings with Small Fringes

The messy braiding hairstyle is what Hollywood looks for. Many famous stars of Hollywood often try this hairstyle. Although it seems a little messy and the fringes can look unmanaged, this is one of the most preferred hairstyles for women who like messy hair.

Wavy Hair with Side Braidings

If wavy hair is what you want to try, then you should try the waves with side braidings. You can look gorgeous with the hairstyle. It does not look messy at all. Try it.

With Classic Updo

At the initials, updos were all about braiding your hair. If you are late for an occasion and your hairstylist is missing, you can make an updo yourself. All you need to do is start braiding your hair from either side and then collect the hair in the middle of the skull. This hairstyle is also popularly known as a round updo. Try this hairstyle.

Cornrows on Wavy Hair

Side braids cornrows are the most preferred hairstyles of women. Women of any age prefer this hairstyle because of the beauty of the hairstyle. In case you want to bring back the classic hairstyle of the 70s, you should try it.



Office Braids

Styling your hair every day can be a pretty tough task to do. If you are stressed about styling your hair daily, you can try the braids. The side braids won’t let your hair fall off your forehead too. So, you won’t have a tough time managing your hair in the office.

Fancy Mermaid Braids

Braids are the most preferred hairstyle at weddings. The mermaid braids come with a fancy look that you can try anywhere. You can try this hairstyle at the prom or the marriage. Also, you can try it casually too.  Add fancy mermaid braids on the list of your side braids hairstyles.

Crown Braids with Updos

You always don’t need a crown to look beautiful. Sometimes you can try the crown braids too. The crown braids with the updos can be suitable if you are attending a party. If you have a round face and want to show off your face, this is the best hairstyle that you can ever try.

Triple Crown Braids

Crown braids can be modified in certain forms. The triple crown braid can look exactly like a crown on your hair. This braiding technique gives a unique form to your hair. It will make you look stylish and fancy. Shine with the crown braids on your perfectly wavy hair.

Twisted Braids on One Side

Are you searching for side braids short hair? If yes, here you have the best braids that you can apply on the short hair. Your short hair can look adorable if you try this hairstyle. With this beautiful hairstyle, you can get a glamorous look.

Fancy and Dramatic Braid

The dramatic hair is the need for 2020. If you want to look fancy and become famous, the first thing you should do is start trying from the dramatic hair. All you need to do is make side braids but a little fancy and spectacular. It can enhance the look of your hair.

Easy Braids for Long Hair

If you are having a bad hair day, you should never be sad about if you know how to braid your hair. The bad hair day can go easy if you try the simple braids on your hair. According to your need, these braids can be flexible. So, you can try it on any day.


Side Rope Braids

If you want an appropriate look according to your face type and hair, the side rope braid can go very well. All you need to do is take sections of hair and tie into a rope braid. Instead of trying it on either side, take all of your hair and try it on a single side. You will look fantastic, anyway.

Loose Braids on Fringes

The loose braid on the fringes can take you to any event. This look is an entirely new hairstyle. Some people might call it a crown fringe. No matter whatever name you give to this hairstyle, this hairstyle is impressive, and you should certainly try it. If you are a fan of side braids, this is a unique hairstyle to try.

Tight One-Sided French

The french braid is one of the most preferred hairstyles while it comes to hairstyling with side braids. This is the perfect outdoor look that you can try. As this hairstyle can suit people of any age, this hairstyle is on-trend. You can try this hairstyle in college, school, office, or a party.


Who says the perfect hairstyle does not exist? An ideal hairstyle does survive. If you are looking for a perfect side braids hairstyle, then here is the one. The crown type side braidings which go straight can make your hair look gorgeous. Try it if you have straight hair. It seems very managed on your hair. If a mess if what you do not want on your hair, you should try this hairstyle.

Twists with Fishtail Braid on Long Hair

If you are bored with styling your hair into a simple side braids technique, then you should try a new hairstyle. The first thing you need to do is take a section of your hair and tie it in twists. Later, you should seek the fishtail braid from the lower part of your hair, including the twists. If you want a fancy look, you can leave some fringes open too.

Tight Cornrows on Golden Hair

Braids can go well with the cornrows. So, you can style your cornrows while you design your side braids too. While you try the side braids cornrows, it is better if you try it on the colored hair. If the cornrows show the color, the hairstyle can look different and unusual.

Side Braids For Short Hair

For short hair, the best thing you can do is try a braid on the upper section and leave the rest of the hair open. To shine with the side braids, try styling your hair this way. Even the short length hair you have can look perfect and stylish.


Do you want to look romantic for the valentines of your particular date? If yes, you should try this hairstyle to get a romantic look. The romantic side braid shows off your face hiding none of your facial features. Put a shiny red lipstick on your lips and make your date romantic with the red.

Thin Braids with Crowns

Thin hair can look good if you first try crowns on the side braid. Try crowns from the frontal section of your head and then try easy side braids from the lower part. Your hair won’t look dull and unmanaged.


Perfectly Highlighted Brunette Hair with Braids

If you still think that you cannot flaunt your hair highlights with braids, you need to look at this hairstyle well. You can see how amazing your hair color can look on the side braids. Try this fantastic hairstyle and shine with it.

Cornrows on a Side

The tight cornrows on a side can give you a look of a new braids hairstyles. This is the most effortless hairstyle that you can try if you have to attend an event, but you do not have any time to visit a hairstylist. Try this hairstyle and get a new side braid look.


High Volume Braids for Round Face

Do you want to look gorgeous but cannot try any other hairstyle other than the braids? You can look beautiful with the side braids too. All you need to do is style it. Try this new high volume braids for styling your hair. In the beginning, the twists start in a regular pattern with thin volume. Later, the amount increases. Tie it into an updo after that.

Flowery Hair

For the flowery hair, you don’t have to try flower braids only. Sometimes you can try the side braids and then decorate your hair with the flowers. The elegant look that you will get will beat any flowery hairstyle.


African Style Side Lemonade Braids

If you want the look of lemonade side braids with the cornrows, here is the best hairstyle that you can try. Try the lemonade broad on a single side and leave the rest of your hair as it is. It looks gorgeous on both straight and curly hair.


Thick and Loose Braids

If you have a wedding event coming soon, then you should try the tick and loose side braid as a hairstyle that you want. It is one of the perfect braids hairstyles. No matter wherever you go after the wedding, to a prom party or the beach, this hairstyle can be taken anywhere. People will talk about your braids everywhere you go.



As most of the popular braids are loose, the tight braids can look unique. It is one of the best braids of African hairstyles. Also, if you are looking for a hairstyle for side braids black hair, this is the best hair technique that you can try. You can also try this hairstyle for kids.


Long Fringe on Side French Braid

The fringes can come in different ways. If you want something new for your hair, you should try a long edge. The french braid looks impressive with it. It creates a waterfall-like texture on the rest of your hair. You will look beautiful. So, try this hairstyle.

Loose Braids with Side Updo

The loose braids can look fabulous. If you are trying for a different look of side braids, you should try this stylish and great idea. Try to look fashionable and hot with the loose braids with side updo.

Braids With Side Shaved

For the girls who braids with the undercut hair, the side braid is the perfect hairstyle. You can style the side braid according to your need. Also, you can try accessories along with the undercuts. It is a superb hairstyle that you can try.

side braids


Feed In Braids To The Side

The feed-in side braids have a different texture on your hair. You can try this easy hairstyle even if you have thin hair. The best thing that you can do for your braids is to wrap them into a tight plaiting. Hence, you will look gorgeous with the feed-in braids.

side braids

Side Box Braids

Messy box braid is the dream of every girl. Are you into braids with undercuts? If so, you can try the voluminous and luxurious braids with some pretty hair color on it. This is a perfect way of styling your side braids. Do try it.


side braids


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