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105 Voguish Side Bun Styles For You

When it comes to hair fashion, a bun has never lost its appeal despite many fashion statements that have come and disappeared over the years. While mostly applicable in women with long hair, with new inventions of hair extensions, a bun is no longer a dream for women with teeny-weeny locks. Perfect fit, particularly for summer, the bunny style can be designed in different forms, and with new experiments, it is sure to keep the eyes of the beholders rolling. Now, since the summer is knocking at our doors, we present you diverse side bun statements you can try with your hair.

The simple side bun

Perfect for parties and formal events, this bun hangs at the back of your head on either side of your preference, while to give the stylish yet ornate look, you can part your front hair in two parts, letting few strands of your fleece hang at the side of your face. The overall hair is loosely tied to give an effortless look.


side bun


The fringy side ball

Who doesn’t like fringes? Trust me, a glamorous side bun with these fringes is sure to give an alluring look. If you have curly waves, you are lucky. If not, you can use artificial curls to make your bunny look voluminous. This style is sure to heat the environs around.



Rugged side bun with a front slide

This innovative style gives you a refreshing and glamorous look. The bun has a fuzzy look, while the front strands slide over the side forehead giving you a jaw-dropping appearance. If you have a round face, this slide is likely to make your face look slimmer by balancing the roundness of your facial anatomy.

The easy peachy

If you got no time to sort out your locks? No worries, try this easy peachy bun. Whether you are home or at work, this is an easy-going hairstyle you can opt without a second thought. This style invariably gives you a happy-go-lucky look in no time.

The fuzzy bunny mien

Planning to make yourself look different for a party? Grab this stylish bun demeanor. Just leave your thick bangs to glide loosely at both sides and taking the volume swiftly, make a slouchy bun at the back.

The immaculate side bun with fringes

This style gives you a neat and polished look. Make sure to comb your fringes to land them structured on your forehead, while the remaining laces go back at the base to end up into a beautiful and well-managed ball.

Swirling low bun with one sided braid

This style demands some time but is worth the effort. Make a simple loose braid on one side and end it up in a bumpy and roughly designed swirling bow. Though the bun looks complicated, it’s not. There is no Rule of Thumb for this. Just tuck your voluminous hair to give it a rugged look and, there you are to rock the stage.

Amorphous bun with double braids

This style should be your choice if you want to perk up your fashionista personality. Perfect for any occasion, you can make this bun by tucking two ends to loosely created double braids into an effortless jaggy bag at the base

Fuzzy and winding

Just grab your wavy tangles and bring them at the back of your crown and give it a loose tie-up and there you are! Easy to go. Grab your denim, summer tees and, you are ready to paint the town red.

Sassy and sizzling

Spark your personality with this effortless hairdo. Comb your curls on either side and tuck your hair at the back to get a roughly rolled side bun. Leave a few strands hanging at either side of your face for a fancy look.

Voguish doughnuts with a highlighted braid

This hairstyle is suited for long and profuse bangs. Make a thick and loose braid and, bringing it to the opposite side, just swirl it around the massive spherical bun to get an astounding look. If you have balayage locks, your creativity is sure to grab extra attention in the crowd.


Classic curly Hair For Long Hair

This style demands you to comb all of your hair to the back creating an irregular braid, leaving few swirls hanging to give you that chicky look.


The low baseball For Short Hair

This simple style is well suited for office and formal events. You just need to comb all your hair neatly and tie it up into a well-shaped bun at the base. Don’t miss out to flavor your personality with any attractive hair clip to highlight your bunny.



To get this simple yet trendy style, divide your hair into two halves from any side and combing all your locks to the back to end it up into a knotty voluminous bun. A dark-colored lipstick and a formal suit with this is more than enough to spark your personality.



The curled

Although this hairstyle looks demanding, it is as easy as pie. You just need to make multiple ropes from your thick locks, swirl them around and accumulate them at the nape of your neck and tie it up firmly to get this ravishing look.


The velvety pouch

If you owe smooth and sleek strands, this style is for you. Easy going and graceful, just tuck your delicately combed hair on either side into a whirling velvety bunny pouch. You can choose a hairpin to prevent strands flowing over your face or just leave a few of them hang at the side of your face- the choice is all yours!


The wavy

If you have a wavy barnet, you just need to make a loose bun leaving some strands to get this sassy look.



The voluminous

This style is best if you have dense and long hair. You need to comb your locks and bringing them all to the nape of your neck, fold it to make a beautiful voluminous flabbergasting bun.



Simple low side bun with a braid

Make a simple braid on either side and bringing it to the back, spin it around with whole hair to get this ultra-modern look.

Sophisticated bun with an inventive bouffant

This stylish low bun created from coiled locks adds fullness and gives you a peerless jaw-dropping look. It is best suited for any party look, especially with a gown and a spectacular pair of earrings.



Elegant and curly bun

This bun suits best if you want to showcase your wavy tresses. Elegant and facile; if you are running late, this surely should be your choice.


Ravishing side bun with electrifying ends

Have you ever wondered how do divas like Madonna, Britney Spears get their peculiar voguish look? Experiment with their styles is what they do. If you want to be a diva on stage or are planning to walk a ramp in college function or just want to try something different, you should certainly try this single plated bun with fuzzy ends.

Tiny side bun with a braid

Are you looking for an effortless hairstyle yet want a stylish look? An exclusive loose braid brought at the nape of the neck together with remaining locks to make a simple tiny low bun gives you this look in less than five minutes.

Slouchy side bun with multiple braids

This style involves creating multiple loose braids in a scruffy manner and bringing them down with remaining locks to make a sagging bun on either side of your preference. If you are looking for a rampageous look, this is your cup of tea.



Sleekly and twisted

If you are looking for an immaculate image, grab this effortless style. You just need to comb your lustrous locks as would usually and make a folded bun on either side as per your desire. Don’t miss to enhance your grace with a pair of spunky earrings.


Generous bun with bottom-up braid

If you have a generous amount of hair, create a thick braid in a bottom-up pattern and, taking all the volume at the crown, simply fold it in a loose swirling manner. You are sure to stand out from the crowd with this spectacular hairstyle.


The craggy

With the help of your fingers, gently comb your hair, bringing it to the nape of your neck and, swirl the tail loosely in an upward direction securing it there to get a saggy and a slouchy look.


Jellied Cut

This mode gives you a neat and well-groomed look that is apt for any occasion. Comb your hair into two parts from the midway and taking all the locks at the rear end gently fold it tightly to make a compact, dense bun. This hairstyle matches perfectly with party gowns.


Smoothly wrapped

You can get this style by combing smooth and silky strands to the back and making a simple intertwined tiny bun at the side of the nape of your neck

The knotted

Combing some amount of silky bangs on either side at the front, comb back remaining hair and make a knotted bun. Isn’t this easy?


To get this style, split your hair into two halves from any side and comb all the hair back to make a simple bun on any side of your desire.


Tangled voluminous bun

If you have thick and wavy locks, this style is for you. Just make loose braids using only the upper layer of hair and leave it without securing it with any hairpin to give a bouncing look.



To get this alluring look, create a simple plait on one side from the rear. Now, take a tail of this plait to the opposite end and secure it with a hairpin.

With looped braids

This style can give you a diva look if done appropriately. You need to create two braids. First from your front, while the other one from the long and thick locks at the rear end. Now, pull the braid from the forepart and grab it together with the back braid and encircle this combination to create a massive low bun.


With a prominent braid

This style consists of a thick braid with a simple bun created on the same side of the braid. You just need to make a plait and, rest is just as easy as ABC.

The sizzling braided

This style gives you a colorful look. If you got heavy locks, just tuck them roughly here and there with your free hands. There is no specific rule to do it. Just play with your hair and, there you get your carefree and youthful look.

The free-flowing bun

Take some strands from both sides and bringing it back, fold it together with the remaining hair and fix it with a hairpin, and you are ready to go.


Braided Chignon

Are you tired of similar hairstyles and want to try something different? You won’t repent deciding this bottom-up braided chignon with a small flat low bun. Whether office or college, you can flaunt it confidently in any informal occasion.



With a jumbo plait

Profuse locks with a thick braid rolled and knotted at the bottom to create a spacious bun is everyone’s favorite. If you have a highlighted hair, this will further highlight your creative plait and the dough.


Chignon with multiple plaits

Simply create a couple of thick and thin plaits and accumulate them together at the nape of your neck to make a breathable bun. Isn’t this straightforward?


Braided hair

Be it any personal event or professional; this form compliments any occasion. The style itself is sophisticated and gives you a vibrant look. Moreover, those highlighted locks add extra seasoning to the structure. All you need to know is to make a braid.

Bouffant bun with a papery braid

This is a simple bun with a bouffant and a thin single sided braid. If you have thin hair on the crown, this bouffant adds fullness and gives an elegant look.

This style is boon to the ladies with thin crowns. The bouffant adds volume and gives your dome fullness and vigor. I bet bouffant is everyone’s favorite.


Braided side bun with lustrous front tresses

Perfect for any event, you can get this form instantly by combing your glossy locks on either side and driving it back to end up into a rugged side bun. A plait traveling right from your crown adds an extra perk to your artistry.

With uncluttered mien

Are you an organized person and want the same with your hairstyle? You can count on this. If you have profuse locks, this is your cup of tea.



If you think, ladies with thin and smooth hairstyle can’t have an attractive bun, its high time you see them try this style. This style offers you simplicity and elegance in no time.


With a braid and fringes

Who wouldn’t want to emphasize their highlighted strands? Get this perfect and easy peachy style to vaunt your beautifully braided bun.


Loosely plaited spacious

Are you looking for an effortless hairstyle yet want an up to the minute look? You should assuredly set out for this. A single loose braid brought at the nape of the neck together with remaining locks gives you a billowing bun that is sure to set the stage on fire.




If you are you lazy to spend too much time managing your locks, get this simple low bun by intertwining your locks.


Thickly plaited

If you have a voluminous scalp, why would you not try out a new style? All you need to do is make a thick plait and bring it towards your back to roll up into an elegant circular bun.

Uniquely plaited

If you are flamboyant and want a messy look, this hairstyle is for you. Simple yet stylish, the loose transverse braid takes your style statement to the next level.

Coiled up low bun

Do you have at least a shoulder-length locks and want to try something new for any occasion? Coiled up buns, though slightly demanding, is worth all the efforts. After all, you don’t get to attend events every day, right? So, why not try this innovative style and woo the people around! Coils add bulk to your hair and bless you with a generous bun.


Easy-peasy low bun

Do you always get late to work or school trying to fix up your locks? Try this plain sailing low bun. Gather your curls and roll up to the base and make a delicate bun. If this is not easy, then what is?


Generously swirled low bun

Becoming a bride is one of the best feelings. Why would anyone compromise in looking best on their big day? The bun is always in fashion in wedding seasons. Try this swirled chignon to touch up class and elegance to your bridal beauty.

With a bouffant

Bouffant has always been in fashion. If you are looking for a royal look, enhance the usual style by adding volume at your crown and tying up all your locks to create a beautiful low bun.


Elegant low side bun updo

Get this exquisite hairstyle to stand out from the crowd. Make sure to leave a few curled tresses at both sides of your face to highlight your graceful personality. The low bun may be a simple one, or you may use some creativity of using braids or coiled up patterns to create one.

With advanced plaits

If you have long and profuse locks, you are fortunate. You can experiment with varied hairstyles according to the occasion. One such innovative style is this. All you need to do is to learn to make five stand bun from either side and finishing it on the opposite rear side, roll it up to create an astounding side bun.

With multiple plaits

This utterly innovative sui generis hairdo highlights your artistry on the crown with rigorously created multiple plaits in a diagonal order ending into a whirling bun. I bet you are going to stand out from the crowd with this style.



Simple and easy to go, coiled low bun is everyone’s favorite. If you are lazy bones, stick to this effortless bun.


Cozy and trendy low bun

Who wants to spend hours managing locks even on a day off? Surely, no one does. We just need an instant hairstyle, which is comfortable and handy. If you want one, go for this. Whether off work or on work, women love this instant and modish bun.


Flowery bun with crossed plaits

Try innovation with your thick and long hair with this one-off hairstyle and watch the world go gaga over it.


Give a unique style to your low bun by giving it a puffed appearance rather than a conventional spherical shape. You will love hearing compliments for this simple modification in your usual style.

Transversely braided petite

Whether thin or thick hair, this style fits anyone. Start making a plain plait and ending it to the other end, coil up on the bottom to get a cute and petite bun.


Profuse florid bun

Try this entirely swirled up free low bun to get an exhilarating look. Be it a wedding or any party; this style is a perfect combination with a bright-colored gown and a bright lip color. Don’t miss out on hanging a few wavy curls on the front sides.


Messed up cylindrical

If you got thick and spiky straight locks and want to go for a loud look, get in touch with this style. Just roll your locks to make an oval bun and leave some tresses flowing in an unorganized manner to get a carefree image.



Enchanting hollow

This hollow cylindrical bun adds volume to your hair and makes you look unique in this world with mostly round buns.

Bun with side bangs

Get this style with a usual bun and side bangs to look stylish within seconds.



Petite and straightforward

This hairstyle is as easy as pie. Make a simple low and top up your grace with a hairband matching with your attire.

Irregular bun with a coiled base

Long and thick hair demands new styles. Enhance your creativity with minor manipulations in the mundane methods like coiling up the base locks to give a bulky look to compliment your irregularly tucked up immense bun.

Loose and wavy

Don’t want to trouble your natural treasure with tight hairpins and bands? Leave your locks loose and let them breathe while they relax in a saggy low bun.

The curled one

Are you worried about your thin hair and petite bun? A curled or coiled tresses finely finished into a bun adds volume and pumps up your self-confidence.


This interwoven style bestows you with a feminine and trendy look. If you want to woo someone you are in love with, grab this bunny form without a second thought.


If you are attending a formal official program that demands you to look well organized, you should invariably try your hand in this style. A tightly groomed thick plait ending with a solid and firm low side bun is sure to add style and poise to your personality.


With highlighted bangs

When you have spent so much amount and time in highlighting your locks, why not flaunt them? Blend this into your style and flaunt your distinct tresses.

Classic Side Bun For Medium Hair

This hairstyle undeniably is one of the most popular and unfading ones. It goes well with any attire and doesn’t demand much time and effort. So, there is a reason why this style is perpetual.

Parted crown with a simple

Effortless and classy, it is an ideal choice for any event and has been there for ages.

Smooth and flowing

The smooth and sleek hairstyle has never gone out of fashion. Get this beautiful hairdo by fixing your locks front-back in layers, ultimately ending into a loose bun.

Sizzling ans sassy wavy bun

Are you fade up of the girl next door image and want to create a unique identity with your sizzling persona? You invariably must try your hand with this sassy hairstyle with a wavy side bun and a delicately combed side bangs with a puffed crown.

Braided bun with a long bang

Upgrade your single plaited copious bun by leaving a long bang on either or both sides of your face.


Messy bun

The messy and rough look has a unique charm. Usually informal, this style makes you feel comfortable in your skin and gives you an ultra-cool and sassy look.

Impeccably braided

Sometimes, we need to think out of the box and try something new with our braids. Who says they should be placed only at the rear end? If you are going for a top-notch party, get this flawlessly braided side bun and save yourself from the contemplating eyes.

Lavishly coiled bun

If you have a moderate length hair, try turning your locks into a lavishly coiled bun. These coils add volume to your hair and also perk up your fashionista style.


Floral bun with multiple braids For Kids

Get this extraordinary and eye-catchy style with profuse thin plaits meeting up at the base of the elegant bun. Prepare yourself to receive an applauding reaction credited to your creativity and skill.

Step By Stem Tiny braided bun

Whether low or high braids, they are always in fashion. Create a plait from one end just above your ear and taking it to the opposite end, create this teeny weeny side bun.


The elegant bridal bun For Indian Wedding

Make yourself look extra special on your big day in this massive bun with meticulously arranged wavy front decor and a beautifully plaited locks on your crown. Don’t miss out on adding heavy ornaments to enhance your charm.



Do you love knitting? Don’t worry; knitting locks aren’t as tricky as knitting a sweater. You just need to learn to make beautiful braids to get this alluring style. Even simple modifications in your hairstyles can give you a new and appealing look. We just need to be experimental and a little skillful.

Ravishing puffed

Set yourself ready for a party in no time by perking up your chignon with a puffed crown. Perfect for any face shape, this style undoubtedly will attract attention


What could be more relieving than getting a fresh look without any effort? Rolling up your locks like you don’t care and still looking stylish; this surely is everyone’s piece of cake, and everyone has tried this whether at home or office or in a simple word- ANYWHERE.

Complexly braided

Create this massive multiple layered plaits and fold it outside in securing with hairpins to get this extraordinary diva look.

With a braided margin

Give your super long locks this staggering style by making a uniform braid and marginalizing it over the already created massive bun to give it a plaited border look.

Crisscrossed super

If you want to impart improved form to your regular bun, you may try this manner to give a crisscross top up on your bump.

Intertwined and highlighted slouchy

It is normal to find a firm hairstyle painful and uncomfortable.This slouchy bun not only ensures comfort but is also super trendy and urges people to focus on your highlighted curls.

Easy cylindrical

If anyone thinks bun can only be spherical, it’s time you correct their misconception. Try this unique cylindrical bun to enhance your grace in no time. Now, don’t ask me how to design one. There are many ways, one being keeping the otherwise rigid bun slouchy and securing it with hairpins.

Floral bun with a side plait

If you are tired of making the same usual bun, try this distinct style with a loose plait and a flowery bunk. Office or beach or a date, perfect for any place.

Profusely braided

If you have plenty of time to set for a new hairstyle, you should try this. Make multiple thin braids full head and collect the tail ends of all these and roll up to make a beautiful plaited low bun. As simple as a pie, isn’t it? Nevertheless, you need to spare enough time and patience.

Avant- garde doughnut bun

Who doesn’t like well-shaped and meticulously made doughnuts? The same is with your hairstyle. Anything that demands time usually turns out to be remarkable. Try this spacious bun hairstyle to make yourself look trendy and leave others spellbound.

Coiled chignon

Need to attend a party and not sure about the hairstyle? You should reach out for this polished hairstyle that is simple from the forepart but shows your real art and creativity from the rear. All you need to do it coil up your tail tresses and fix with hairpins from inside make multiple coils in the same manner, and delicately make sure to secure each coiled cylinder. I am Sure that you will feel queen with your side bun hairstyles.


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