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96 Side Swept Bangs You Need to Try for A Cute Look!

Are you looking to frame your face or get it that chiseled look? Then you need to try out these side swept bangs 2020 that we have compiled here. These are the best styles that you can try out for a casual look for sure. But they can be styled to look festive and formal as well. Here we are showing you some ways to style hair on a bun as well. So you are going to get the full deal! These hairstyles are perfect for women of all ages. And that is another benefit of having a look like this!

When you want a dramatic look, you can get these bangs to be strictly sleek. And if you are going for a romantic look, then you can add a bit of wave on them. For a softer appeal, we suggest you go with the waves. And for all the young ones out there, we are sure you guys will love the straightened side bangs that are sharp on the ends. Make sure you get the cut correctly before you style them. That will get you a sleek look that needs less maintenance and styling.

Here are our beautifully compiled 96 sides swept bangs that you are sure to get you a lift in the face!


side swept bangsThe style of bangs to try

There are many questions from the readers who want to know how to style side swept bangs. When you get the hair in these short sections, this is an original query. We want you to take the time and get the comb and hairdryer do the most work for you. The first thing you want is to add on some texture on your bangs. We urge you to get take the time to keep them maintained. Yes, bangs are not going to last you a lifetime. But you surely need to that the time to style them to match the hairdo you have.

Colors on the redder side!

Hair colors can amplify any look, and here we have the burgundy shades on the redder side! These are best for anyone who has pale skin. It can add that charming appeal on the hair and make your locks look alluring! Check out the idea in this image, and you can get inspired to try them. Bangs will frame the face, and the hair color will get you an edge! Here we love the way the short sections have an inward pulled look. They are working well to add shape to the face.

The throwback image we all adore!

We were all searching how to cut side swept bangs back in the day when these celebs had these hairstyles. All of these were teenage sensations, and their hairstyle was loved and tried on by many. You can see that the hair gets on this charming look with bangs that flow on the forehead. As you sweep them to the side, you can get a transitional look to sport for a long time. You can see Demi Lovato, Hillary Duff, and some other popular women here. They had their hair layered up and styled with bangs here. They are still looking gracious!

Short platinum blonde hair

When you have side swept bangs short hairstyle, you can be free from all hairstyling troubles. You can see the platinum blonde hues on the hair and get the same for yourself if you want that polished look. These are colors that show up well on all skin tones. If you ask your stylist, they can look at your face shape and give you the bangs that suit you. These can be the look you try on for a liberating feel on the hot summer days. But they transition well for all seasons.

Medium length hairstyles with side swept bangs

Bangs on medium length hair can look fabulous. And we are now showing you how to get the ones that are going to pair well with the thick, luscious locks! You can get the hair to do all the talking for you when they are styled well. Add on a flexible holding and long-lasting hairspray and you are set! You can create some waves on the hair. They need to be facing both towards your face and away from the face. There is no need for you to be working hard to look good each day as you get this look!

Achieving that adorable look

Looking good has undoubtedly never been this easy. You can look cute for a day out with friends or get the subtle stunning look for yourself. The thing that can make your hair stand out and look extra good is the addition of side bangs. You can see that here we have celebs like Kristen Bell with layered hair. She pairs it with long bangs and a beautiful dark blonde color. They are tilting more to the yellowish tones. The charming look can be yours if you get the hair texture to look the same as hers.

Celebrity styles with side swept bangs

Some stylists suggest the most flattering face shape to be oval. And so you can see that celebs usually get their hair styled to mimic that shape. You can add on bangs to every face and work with them to frame the front into a different form. You can take the ideas from some of these famous personalities and their haircuts if you want to get that chiseled look for yourself too. When you style them, you can get your face to open up, adding light to the features you have.

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Striking a pose with side swept bangs

Side bangs can give your hair the needed lifting and some concealing as well. You can see that the hair in layers can add some illusions of added width and length. We want you to be able to get the same as well. So take on a brush in hand and get to adding shape to the hair. You can get them to bend on the side. Pull the layers towards your face and get this stunning style. You can get them posted to all social media sites as you strike a pose and click some pictures!

Approachable side swept bangs for everyone

Sometimes styles are too bold for the rest of us to try out. We cannot help but see that these hairstyles here are perfect for anyone, though! They do not have any element to scare away people. You can get that ideal soft, approachable look when you add such layers to the hair. Take the time to make them suit you. You can also try on a clip-on faux bang with wigs if you want to see how it look. They are readily available for purchase everywhere. So take cues from the actresses and fashionistas here and try them soon!

The side swept bangs on Angelina Jolie!

Angelina Jolie is one of the most beautiful women in the world. She has the features and bone structure that we would love to have as well. And the actress and social worker have her heart set on these long layers with side swept bangs. We have seen her don this look for years and it still managed to impress! This is the perfect look for her with the right amount of depth and intensity. The colors are also alluring and elusive. They are making the hair look thicker and healthier.

The bob ideas with side swept bangs

You can see this bob idea here, and they are sure to rock your world when you try it! They became a sensation when a majority of celebs wore it for public appearances. The fact that bob hairstyles can make you look professional and also gives that polished look is what makes them so accessible. They can be the perfect choice for anyone who wants to get that boss lady appearance. We want you to add that girly touch to the hair by adding on some soft bangs. You can also go with the asymmetrical bob and give yourself an edgy style.

Stylish looks you need to try in 2020!

When you check these styles, we are sure you will want to know how to cut side swept bangs with layers. We have the stunning Dakota Johnson and Cameron Diaz wearing their hair on two separate styles. The former has her hair left loose, and the colors and cuts are doing all the work for you. Next, we have Cameron, who has her layered hair on the front. And she has paired it with a bun on the back. Since she has thin hair, there is some added volume on top. You can see the range of styles with these two images here.

Curly hair with side swept bangs

If you are a Taylor Swift fan, we are sure you have seen her early day’s hair. She has this romantic curls, and they ran over her sunshine yellow blonde hair. And the bangs have a slight wave on them as well. Since she became a sensational singer overnight, her hairstyle has been copied by a lot of her fans. They made it their own and styled it as she did. This is one look that is perfect for that date night. We love the curls as they add that feminine vibes to any style.

Side swept bangs for events!

Need to make an impression, and head on to an event where all the eyes will be on you? Then these couple of ideas are lovely for you to try out. They are not too edgy, but some elements make it fun. The first image has the ombre hair with the lilac toned blonde hair on top. The longer bangs are swaying freely, and the rest is pinned down as a bun. Next, we have the ever so beautiful Eva Mendes with her side swept hair. This is a look that even brides can try out for their big day.

The bun ideas with side swept bangs

All of the leading ladies in Hollywood know how to put together a bun. When they need to head on to a red carpet event or an award show, they try them on. And so we are showing you how you can get the same by taking ideas from them. When you have bangs that are swept aside, you can get an excellent shape on the front. That is the foundation for a good bun. You can see there are colors, cuts, curls and some other ways to make this look fun. Play around and figure out what you like!

The straight hair idea

We all love the wavy hair that reminds of the fairytale dreams we all had. But there is a charm associated with sleek, straight hair too. And we want you to be able to get that look once. Style the bangs with your straightener, and you can get that glossy, shiny locks. You can see Emma Stone with the same in these images. She looks lovely, and so can you. This look is just an appointment away from being on you. So make sure you pick up that phone soon and get this cut and texture.

The pop of color

This is the section where we talk about the pop of colors. They can be hues on the top of the hair or the makeup you pair with the hair. When you create attire, you want it to be exquisite. What’s the point of spending all the money and time on these hairstyles if you don’t get complimented for it? You can see them in this section here, and the electric blue is our favorite.

Lighter or darker?

When you have shorter hair, you want to make them pop. And so you can go for hair colors that are sure to add the needed flair. You can opt for the darker tones or some bright ones. They have their perks and cons as well. When you add the former on the hair, you can add depth and get a captivating style, and the later can give your hair some dimension. You can use both to break the monotony of the look and come up with techniques like these. Or you can copy these hairstyles for yourself.

Layered hairstyles with side swept bangs

Layered hair will always be in fashion. And the simple reason is that they are easy to get done and also are flattering for all! Everyone gets them once in their life, and we are sure you have too. And if you are waiting, then we want to bring you the ideas to work with. Lay your eyes on the styles you can come up with something of your own too. Add on that puff and some curls, and the first look here is yours! Or go for a bit of wavy hair here and there and you are set.

The girl next door look

Want to have hair that looks good on you and is perfectly lovable from all angles? Then check out this mini collection we have going on here. We made sure to add the hairstyles that have us a girl next door vibe. The vibrancy they add to the face makes it work. The colors you see here are inspirational, and it can set your look aside from everything else you have tried before. We have some hair coloring schemes for you here too. So you can see how the play of the darker and lighter tones can make a huge difference.

The ponytail with side swept bangs

Ponytails are a natural look for anyone. And when paired with a classic long layered bang style, it can frame your face thoroughly. They create a combination that you can carry off with ease. The comfort level is critical when it comes to choosing these hairstyles. We are sure you will adore this look as it has this girlish charm to it but can also be made to look convincing. Add on the volume on top, and you can get that long, slim face look. Check out the ones we are recommending here and save them on your phone.

Adorable side swept bangs

The good things about these bangs are that they are perfect for women of all ages. They look good on women of mature taste and also on the youngsters who want a fun style. These were a big trend back in the 2000s, and they are still getting enough attention two decades later. So you can imagine the popularity that this look has. The fact that it looks flattering on women of all skin tones and face shapes is what makes it perfect. Check out the styles with your favorite girls here, and you can copy them for a summer look.

Short hair with side swept bangs

The ideas of short side swept bangs are fantastic for so many reasons. They are perfect for the comfort level. We can also get the hair to look good if we put it in this length. There are a lot of options that you can choose from here. You can also use apps to get an idea of how you will look with these short hairstyles on. Make use of technology, and you will be set on the right path. If you are impressed, you can get a look as Rihanna has here. Or something simpler as you like it!

Picture perfect side swept bangs

Bangs that are rounded up well can give your face some curves. You can keep them fluffy like this by adding some dry shampoo on the hair. If you have a forehead that you can hide, this is a perfect choice. Try it out with the use of these well-framed bangs. Since they fall right on the face, they can get oily with the residue as well. So we suggest you carry dry shampoo with you where you go. You can spray them up and get that volume back in no time. Look at the images we have here to choose one.

Red carpet look with the side swept bangs

Side swept styles are a bit casual, and they are usually used to create casual hairstyles. They can create some soft forms like the ones we are showing off as well. They are used by celebs on the red carpet to create hairstyles that common women can sport as well. We have Emma Stone and Eva Mendes, along with some other stunning women in this collection. The dark colors on some of them are multi-dimensional. And the light tones are perfect for medium to dark skin tones. You can also get the brighter shades for pale skin so that it adds that pop of warmth.

There are so many styles of bangs that you can add on to the hair. But something is exciting about the side swept bangs. You can see that there are a lot of celebs with the same look here. They are perfect for any face shape. You can take the time to give your face that contoured look with them. They can frame the face thoroughly and add on that chiseled effect on your whole face. You can also use it to accentuate the facial features. Ask your hairstylist to give you that needed sharpness on the ends to get that finesse.

We showed you about ninety-six ideas of these bangs. By now, we are sure you have seen the options you have when it comes to these styles. We love the way anyone can try out these bangs and can do it back at home too! The side swept bangs 2019 had seen had a lot of that universally flattering look to it for sure. You can see the same looks in 2020 as well. We would love for you to try them and show it to us. Make sure you remember us when you get complimented on these hairstyles.


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