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102 Silver Hair That’s Everyone’s All Time Favorite

Well, hairstyles are for people who like to try many new and different things in general. These are very bold people who like to take charge of their personalities and how they look in general. That is where we come in here. You see, in your relentless search for the perfect hairstyle to try this time, all you found was vague ideas. However, we know that all that you are looking for is a hairstyle that looks good on your colored hair. Do you have, by any chance, silver hair color? Well, if that is the case, then you are in a sweet spot here.

Silver-colored hair is a very fantastic choice if you have gone with it because they project quite the bold statement in general. Because of that, these hair colors are not something that everyone tries, but the ones who do look extremely confident. Also, if you felt somewhat less confident before trying this hair color out, celebrities like Christina Aguilera have tried it and looked pretty awesome in general. Also, there’s just a lot more to than just coloring your hair Silver. There are aspects that make or break your look from top to bottom.

There are other things like your facial structure, the color of your skin, other aspects of your face, the way you normally dress, and so on. However, on top of all these factors are the kind of hairstyle that you wish to go with. The kind of hairstyle that you wish to have determines your overall look. Here, we have a very extensive collection of hairstyles that you can undoubtedly try and get on within no time. Here are 102 hairstyles to choose from.


silver hair

The Classic Twirl Braid

This here is a very nice example of what you can achieve with your silver-colored hair. Just a simple twirl that makes everything look beautiful.

The Majestic Waves

Hairs of this color, in general, have a lot of advantages if you wish to go the extra mile and take time to style it. Just look at these majestic waves.

Black to Silver

Black to silver color looks so natural and elegant at the same time while we know that chemicals are used, but just look at these. So natural looking.

Light Fade Silver

Silver hair color comes in different shades in them as well, and not all silver color are created equal. That said, this shade of Silver is very attractive.

Playful Color

This hairstyle actually suits ladies who have a little more playful side to their personality and like to keep things rolling around. The curls say it all.

Silver with Some Gold

Just a little hint of gold to your silver look makes all the difference here. While Silver in itself looks beautiful, this touch of gold takes it up a notch.

Black, Blonde, & Silver

Here’s another combination of colors that you can try. This is suitable for ladies who do not want to go all out on silver color.

For Curly Hair

Curly hair having people usually find themselves in a lot of tension when it comes to choosing colors and hairstyles. Worry not, this is the one for you here.

Sleek Waves

Want to add a little more dynamic to your hair, just go ahead and try that wave you used to try with you previously natural colored hair and get amazed.

Metallic Silver

Metallic Silver is another one that you can try if just Silver isn’t your thing. We know, everyone does not possess the same taste in fashion. This may be yours, who knows.

With Bangs

If you want to have side bangs, then you can certainly have them. Now, whatever that you do its bound to look absolutely amazing. Just look at this example.

For Bob Cut Hairstyles

Bob cut hairstyles are a very popular type of hairstyle in the fashion industry, and a lot of people like to follow that. Why not add a little touch of Silver to it?

For Your Inner Princess

Well, your desire to become a princess or even a queen isn’t as far fetched as it looks. For starters, you know queen Elsa from Frozen. She also has this hairstyle.

Classic Black and Silver Ombre

This classic black and Silver Ombre is one of the most famous ones. Look how this ombre does not dominate all that there is to the hair color.

Icy Silver

If you are a little more fond of queen Elsa from Frozen and want to look like her, here’s how you achieve that through your hairstyle. This is Icy Silver for you.

A Hint of Purple

A hint of purple is sometimes all that you need to ramp up your personality and your look in general. All that you can achieve is right here.

Black Root, Silver Ends

This is another one that falls in an ombre category of silver hair but not what we call an actual ombre as well. Just keeping the roots black adds dimension to your look.

Add Rainbows to your look.

Silver is the closest thing that gets to white and remains as a very versatile pallet for playfulness. With that, go a little over the board and become colorful.

For Medium Length Hair

Here is a mixture of two of the classiest looking silvers of all time. On top, it silvers in its pure form, and as it goes down, there’s icy Silver.

Silver Hair for Short Hair

So, you have short hair and want to dye your hair. Well, you can certainly do Silver Hair dye, and rock that looks to it’s absolute best.

Little Rock & Roll

When you are a rock and roll chick and want to ride that bandwagon all the way, here’s what you can do. Icy Silver seems your best choice of color here.

The Ariana Grande Style

Ariana Grande, at one time, rocked the sliver hairstyle as no one else did, and we’re all very proud of that. She looked so amazing as well.

In The Mood For Love

The expression here is real, and the perfect blend of purplish hue on the dark Silver couldn’t look anymore better here. All this, you can achieve as well.

For Goth Look

When people think that the Goth look is all about dark color and that a person always has to remain in that vicinity as well, well, think again, ladies, there’s so much more to explore here.

For the Love of Colors

If you are someone who loves colors very much and wish to add it in every part of your life, why not in your hair. Try this today.

Not All The Way

Not all the way is an absolute winner if all you want it to try out silver hair but not too much at the same time. Preserve the black hues and get that look you want today.

From Silver to Blonde

From Silver to Blonde is actually isn’t actually as bad as it sounds because as you see, it makes a good match. How beautiful this blonde end on silver hair looks.

The Original Silver Hair

When we mean silver hair, this is actually what comes in our mind and, presumably, in everyone else’s mind as well. The classiest silver hairstyle ever.

For Sleek and Straight Hair

Silver for sleek and straight hair is something that all people who have the required hair texture should try. This ombre also looks absolutely good as well.

Dutch Braid Bun

Adding braids on your hair is another way to rock that silver look. This way, you show confidence with your choice of color and also your creativity through the braids.

Icy Silver

Icy Silver should be named one of the most famous silvers of all time because everyone seems to be in love with it. Take Disney, for example.

For Long Wavy Hairs

For Long and wavy hairs, this comes as an extra bonus here because of the way you can style it differently. You can make cool looking buns to achieve mesmerizing braids as well.

Silver Havana Twists

Havana twists have gathered a lot of fame over the years, and here’s how you take it up a notch. Why not color it, Silver? Ever thought about that?

Silver makes Hair Beautiful.

The way Silver enhances the parts of your hair is absolutely unbelievable. Adding Silver to the ends of your hair is a very good way of enhancing those curls and waves.

It Looks Graceful

Graceful seems like an understatement here because your hair looks so beautiful with this kind of hairstyle. There’s not much fuss going on, and it’s something to think about.

For Elderly Women

The only thing that makes you old is your own thinking. There are plenty of elderly women out there who defy their age. Be one and try these hairstyles.

The Runway Look

This is one of the classiest looks that all ladies can easily achieve. All that you need is some silver hair dye and the confidence to rock it. Don’t worry; you’ll automatically receive the confidence later.


On Ponytail

When ponytail is your go-to style, so be it. This hairstyle usually attracts a lot of young girls, mostly those who are in their teens. But don’t let that stop you.

Incredible Braids

These are the kind of braids that make people admire all of your hard work and everything that you’ve done with your hairstyle—just a piece of art.

From Dark to Light

From dark to light is another way of going when you want to have a very beautiful looking ombre and don’t want to do more on silver only.

For the Love Of Braids

If you love having braided hairstyles, this should definitely impress you. How the black roots enhance the look of this hairstyle is truly beautiful.

Silver Hair Highlight

Silver hair highlight is another way of matching your personality to your look. Just agree that you find this hairstyle absolutely bewitching and want to get it.

From Blonde To Silver

While we earlier talked about how people dye their different hair shades, this one is one of our favorites. The highlights are at places where it projects both silver and blonde parts equally.

Do Beautiful Braids

Beautiful looking braids are one thing that highlights everything here. Yes, we made an intentional pun right there in case you did not notice.

Streaks of Silver

This particular one is a streaked hair that anyone can easily achieve. All that you need is to communicate with your hairstylist. Show them this picture.

Accessorize It All

Accessorizing is one thing that enhances almost anything. Just add a few shiny rings and beads on a bundle of strands, and voila, you’re all glittering.

Jazz It Up

Don’t start losing your patience when we as you to jazz it up a little. All that we mean by that is you add a little more color to your hair. Like here, a shade of purple hue.

Dark Highlight Works like Charm

Most of the time, we see silver highlight done in streaks to a black hair. However, here’s something new. Maybe, you ought to try this one if you’re not much of a big fan of the other one we mentioned.

The Messy Look

Now, we get it that you’re not a much big fan of that sleek and straight look with your silver hair. You think that that’s not why you colored your hair. Well, try this messy look.

For Afro Texture

So, you have that very distinguished Afro textures hair that is very thick and curly. Well, if anyone told you silvery dye isn’t a choice, tell them they’re wrong.

Short and Wavy Hair

Short and Wavy hair is a very nice combination when you highlight it to silver. It brings out a new look to your existing one. Thank you later.

A Touch of Silver

Here’s how you can achieve your dream of having your hair silver and not having it entirely cover your head at the same time. Dye a few strands together.

Different Shades of “Silver”

We just ripped the movie title of Fifty Shades of Grey, and no, we’re not guilty because this hairstyle fits the definition perfectly. Just look at how different shades work together to create a miracle.

Bob Cut Silver Highlight

If you are a big fan of bob cut and finally want to add some little fun to it, here’s what you can do. Highlight a couple of strands, and you’re good to go.

Little Frisky

When your hair is naturally a little frisky looking, give it all the freedom that it wants. Many people achieve the frisky looking silver hair with so much difficulty.

Highlights on Silver

Getting highlights on your already silver highlighted hair is just another story that is pretty amazing looking. As this one right here, it looks beautiful.

Elegant Dutch Braid

Dutch braids are another version of Braids that people love. If you have silver hair, you ought to try this at least once. If not, you may regret it later.

Two Color Bun

If looked closely enough, you’ll see at least two types of color here. The whole point here is adding more colors and more dimension to your hairstyle.

With Dreadlocks

The way we’ve always seen dreadlocks are either auburn color or blonde because that’s always been the case. However, here’s a little change for you.

Braided Bang

Want to live the 90s punk rock vibe? Well, this hairstyle takes you way back to those days, and you can know what it felt like as well. We all know how famous this hairstyle was back in those days.

Curls and Colors Like Magic

Curls in the hair are like a boon to some styles because they make things look more beautiful and also project confidence like no other thing does. If you have natural curls like these, then congratulation. If not, there’s no need to worry as well. You can get this easily.

The Bad Girl Look

When your hair roots are black in color, you can just sweep a major section to the other side—creating like a side pompadour, which reveals those dark roots. Or just dress that way as well. Also, this gives you a bad girl look if you ask us that it is a win-win situation.

The Fancy Braid

The reason why we call this braid fancy is just because of the background there. Otherwise, there’s no need to feel intimidated by this hairstyle. You remember how Emily Clarke sported this similar look in the famous TV Show Game of Thrones.

For Short and Straight Hair

For short and straight hair, this hairstyle is pretty much a winner. All that it takes is a few adjustments. You can either go lighter or darker for the silver shade here, totally up to you.

The Golden Hue

We understand your dilemma of wanting to dye your hair silver and also not wanting to leave the blonde look. Well, this should solve all your problems once and for all.

Old Look But For Young

So once in a while, you might get the thought of trying that old looking hairstyle, but you’re pretty young as well. To pull that off, here’s the silver hair you can go for.

Mid-Part Ombre

Having an ombre doesn’t necessarily mean that you should go for the classic one. Just part your hair in the middle to show off your dark hair in the roots.

Mix Some Colors

For your love of mixing and matching different hairs, this should suffice. This one right here has different shades and hues to it. Look closer for silver, blonde, golden, ashy silver, and more.

Turning Brown to Silver

Getting the right color is crucial and depends on your existing hair color. This gives you an example of what to expect from a brown color natural hair.

Silver Hair with Blue Highlight

So far, we’ve seen gold, purple, and other colored highlights. If blue remains one of your favorite colors, then here’s good news. It suits you well with your silver dye.

Best Of All Worlds

Here’s one that we’re pretty sure that you’ll live. If just Silver hair isn’t your thing then don’t worry, you can opt for this easily. So much fun looking.

Silver Hair For Wedding

For a wedding, this is an absolute winner, especially if you want to make your man cry when hubby-to-be sees you walking down the aisle.

Add Some Twists

Here’s something else that you can easily do. Add some twists to your hair by highlighting with other colors like the blue of purple. With dark silver highlights, it greatly compliments the overall look.

Plain Silver Hair

For all the plain texture lovers, this is a gift of the fashion industry for you. A simple and plain looking Silver Hair that still stands out in the crowd.


Ashy Silver Hair

The ashy silver color is a little muddy looking as they do not shine as bright as the light shade ones. This one gives you a matte texture to your hair that is phenomenal.

Dark Silver on Blonde

If you want to keep your blonde look to some extent but also want to lighten and change your hairstyle, this is a great example. This hairstyle keeps all the essentials in mind and gives you a properly balanced look as well.

Shiny Silver Hairstyle

For ladies with long and sleek hair, you can try the shiny looking hair dye that will accentuate the overall look and compliment your personality as well. It helps bring out a natural and healthier looking side of your hair as well.


Simple Silver Hair

We call this the simple looking hairstyle because of its simplicity. With this, you hold the decision of taking it up some notches or getting it down as well.


Silver hair is very famous among young women and old women in equal. The way you can achieve this shade is by bleaching your hair and stripping it down to lighter shades in general. Or if you want a temporary option, going with dyes is also a good idea.


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