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67 Most Amazing Sock Bun Styles And Looks Ever!

Tips and tricks for a fantastic hairstyle is something that each and every one of us out there needs. However, sometimes, things seem overwhelming when we’re all showered with endless choices. Yes, even when we’re showered with unlimited options, we are not able to choose for ourselves the perfect kind of style and end up getting the one that’s less suited. However, that comes to an end when we’re here to guide you through it and everything. Among all choices, we are much more inclined towards talking about one in particular. It’s Sock Bun ladies.

The same sock bun that gives your hair that incredible and undeniable round looks for any kind of day no matter what. That said, how well do you know about this fantastic hairstyle is one thing. Well, if you look at it this way, just talking about the hair is relatively easy and exciting as well. But doing it practically is what scares most people. But in this case, worrying about doing your hair in a bun with the help of sock isn’t that tedious work at all.

To make each and everything more simple for you, we’ve managed to compile a massive collection of hairstyles in this particular category. They all range from different kinds of styles for different people, and also for different occasions. In short, this collection gives you clear and fantastic insight into this type of hair. Therefore, just get ready for a fabulous makeover by the time you finish with this collection.

sock bun

Chestnut Hair Color

This hairstyle is a brown colored hair bun that also makes a base and a solid foundation out of it as well. Building a foundation out of a brown colored hair gives a lot of flexibility along with a fantastic style as well.

Like 90’s Actresses

When it comes to looking like the 90’s actresses, this particular stylish yet straightforward look does the trick for you. Looking flawlessly classic never became so more comfortable. But then again, you did not know this specific style existed before.

Using Bandanas/Scarfs

The beauty of this particular hairstyle is that you get to use so many things to make it all go well together and make it attractive. Have an unused bandana or your lucky scarf? Get it rolling on your head and rock this look.

For Wedding Brides

Since you are getting married or thinking about getting married because you’re fiance is proposing you, get ideas for wedding hairstyle pretty early. This is because you can simply avoid getting entangled with this issue later on.

Messy Sock Bun

Okay, so you’re not that much of a big fan when it comes to neat looking hairstyles. We get it. For that problem, here’s a solution where we have this amazing looking messy bun for you. Intentionally done mess always looks beautiful.

Blonde Top Sock Bun

You can always make things interesting by making the most out of your hairstyle. Some people have naturally blonde hair, and that’s a perfect way of enhancing your look overall. Blonde top makes a very nice style enhancer.

Mixed And Messy Socky Bun

This mixed and messy looking sock bun is another version of messy sock bun that we have here to offer you—coming straight out for anyone who loves themselves a little mess and a lot of style in a perfect bundle.

Sock Bun Short Hair

When looking at the sock bun for the first time, you would have thought about how long of a hair that you need for this. Usually, long hair makes a better candidate, but if you have a medium or short hair, this shows you how to do it exactly.

Tie With Upside Down Braid

An upside-down braid makes a very nice creative solution for you when it comes to tucking your hair in place. Usually, ladies tuck their hair roughly, but this method makes for a neater look and helps you keep your hair stay longer.

Dutch Braid Lock

Here’s another example where you can simply get your braids to do all the hard work. You see, many women tend to tuck their hair inside by pushing it inwards. Braids like these make the whole process a lot simpler and help you get rid of messy methods.

Puffy Sock Bun

We’ve already seen the messy side of buns in this segment, but what about a stylish little one in that same vicinity? Here’s a nice example of a puffy looking bun that many women have never seen before. Be among the first to try this.

Inside Out Color

The one thing in this hairstyle that’s unique in that the hair color here. On the outside, the hair is blonde, but on the inside, there’s a darker shade lurking. How amazing does the dual shade look when revealed with such creativity?

Creative Style

A creatively styled sock bun like the one here’s pretty rare to see because people think that this is a little more of a hassle than other styles. However, what ladies do not know is that this is actually pretty easier than what people really think.

Split Braid Base

There’s something that we refer to as a base which starts the origin of a hair. Well, usually, the base is what starts a hairstyle. Here, the base, as we speak, is the split braid, which forms a very sophisticated look. Do you like this?

Step-by-Step Guide Pretty Hair

Almost everyone who sees this hairstyle in real life while walking in a crown ponders what the method might be. Well, here’s a step-by-step guide for you so that you can simply get this hairstyle for yourself. Looks amazing and outstanding in any outfit.

Other Way Messy Bun

This other way, messy bun look serves most of the ladies right because of how chic and carefree this looks at the same time. If you’re in a lookout for a similar hairstyle that gives you the same feels, go for this amazing look.

Classic For Work

Work environments are a little different than any other ones because people require to look their best in all situations. How about a hairstyle that keeps its form all day long? Try this classic for work sock bun and own all day every day.

Doing A Sock Bun

Wondering how you can easily do this amazing looking twirl over your head and look like a goddess all the time. Here’s an example following which you get the classic bulging look over your head. How about that?

How To Do a Sock Bun Without a Sock?

We get this particular question a lot of times as well. Maybe, you’re in a hurry and can’t find your module or a sock for your hair. In that case, follow this informative step-by-step guide and make the bulge happen anyway like a true DIY artist.

Massive Sized

If you’re are looking for volume from this hairstyle, then it’s something that you can scale according to your need and requirement. Yes, just use a thicker sock, which makes for a massive bulge, and you get your volume.

Neatly Tied

Since messy ones are not among your favorite look, here’s what you get from a meticulous approach. What you have to do here is get your hair tied nice and tight all the way from the bottom. Tuck them nicely and firmly for a clean look.


How To Make Sock Bun? (Sock Bun Tutorial)

Getting Hunny Bun

Since you’re all about looking cute and adorable, here’s a perfect example of a hairstyle for you. Classic and easily doable, this simple style makes you look like a Disney princess without any of the hardships that they go through.

For Slim Face Ladies

Facial structure for hairdos matters a lot and plays a vital role in making things work. Given that, here’s what this particular hairstyle looks for slim faced ladies. Give ladies with slim face model like the look, which really is hard to come by easily.

On Ombre Hair

In the world of hairs and hairstyle, one of the most famous kinds of style that ladies go for is ombre. And on top of all these features, you get your hairstyle very unique when paired with other styles. Like this one here. Chic, multi-shade show-off, and more.

Two Braid Lines

This two braid lined hairstyle makes sure that your hair preserves it’s the simple and subtle look when seen from a proper distance. However, things begin looking a little creative when others finally see it from the top.

College Students Style

College life can be quite a world to live in. Assignments, deadlines, and, most importantly, a very busy life. In this kind of lifestyle, a person cannot always go for a neat style as they take time. Opt for this stylish messy look instead.

Sock Bun Curls

Plenty of style for this hairstyle when it comes to straight hair, but the challenge begins with other forms. How about bunned look for curly hair? It looks like it’s achievable, and curls add more dimension to the whole look as well.

Unkempt Appearance

Do you want to give people an illusion? Since you just got excited about just the mere thought of it, let’s teach you how. Going for this unkempt appearance makes sure that people see it as an illusion. First glance shows them messy, but when kept looking at, this style appears as an intentional work of art.

How To Do Sock Bun with Thin Hair

Think hair texture create a lot of problem for many people around, and it turns out as a bummer for most as well. Given that instance, a bun made out of thin hair can look good like this thinly braided hair bunned into a gorgeous look.

Using Accessories

When it boils down to using accessories, it has never let anyone down till this date. The only people who say otherwise did not probably have guidance. Using a subtle accessory as a bow time makes things look nice and keeps them interesting.

On Jet Black Hair

Color combination matters a lot because it sometimes makes or breaks hairstyles. Given that, black hair colors play well when bunned, but they do not show as many layers as their counterpart lighter shade hairs. Decide for yourself.

Multi-Layered Bun

A multi-layered bunned style makes all the difference when you go somewhere it matters. People notice at first glance the effort that went into this style and admired the beauty as well. Going to prom night with this style will surely make you the prom queen.

Also See:

For Older Women

When it comes to styles for older women, they tend to go for subtle styles that do not take much time and effort. It’s like they spoke magic words because a similar hairstyle like this just popped up in front. Coincidence? We don’t think so.

Playful Look

Since you don’t want anything else rather than look good while also making it look playful, this style remains your choice. Going to the park or even for a run but keeping it stylish as you like it. Do it now.

Beautiful Style

Did you think that you cannot get the proper style of hair without the use of socks in this case? Well, here’s an example of a creative and beautiful style that looks so pretty and does not require you to fumble around for any doughnut-shaped object.

Add Some Colors

Adding some colors is never a bad idea in your hair as long as it’s temporary. For permanent ones, make sure you do your research first. Adding colors through bands and rubbers goes a long way in making your hairstyle look more fun.

Natural Brown Hair

Do you have a natural brown shade hair? Well, if you do have a natural shade like that, then you are in luck here. Most of the ladies crave for a chill look like this one that we’ve shown you here. Give you a little bit of that messy feel as well.

Jumbo Bunned Hair

There’s always a time when your hairstyle has to look a world apart from other ones in the crowd. Maybe, you’re going to someplace extremely fancy. If that’s the case, then opt for this jumbo bunned hairdo—classic in every single way.

Easiest Braid To Bun Guide

You’ve already seen a bunch of hairstyles that incorporate one of the most famous and beautiful looking hairstyle, braids. Since you’re interested but do not know how to start, here’s a comprehensive guide for you. This should help with your styling problem.

Neat Swirling Affect

This amazing neat swirling effect on your head would look like a work of art if you were to get it. Now, consider this as a subtle hint that we’re telling you to try this amazing swirling effect holding hairstyle. Get it all sassy.

Like a Doughnut

The whole point of this hairstyle is that the hair has to look or imitate the shape of a doughnut. Unlike doughnut, your hair is a little tricky to work with. But still, with proper technique and patience, you should be able to do so.

On Platinum Hair

Platinum hair color definitely stands as one of the bolder ones when it comes to haircolor. Many people find this color intimidating, but we say it’s worth the try. See how the color makes basic sock bun into such an impressive look.

For Black Ethnic Women

Hairstyle also looks differently on ladies who differ in ethnicity. For example, hairstyles, like Bantu knots, look better on African-American women. But that’s not the case here. Buns look great on whoever does it properly. Period.

Multi-Colored Style

You feel like you don’t want to look like everyone else in the crowd. We’ve got just the kind of hairstyle that will satisfy your specific requirement here. This multi-colored style has all the features and more that you’re looking for.

Jumbo Blonde Bun

A jumbo blonde braid like this one has so many features that are worthy of admiration, but keeping it simple, it’s the volume. The volume of this bunned hair will make everyone turn their heads around in surprise and admiration.

Red Carpet Worthy

This hairstyle, as simple as it may look, will give you an appearance that’s red carpet ready. If you were invited to a red carpet even with even a couple of hours of notice, you wouldn’t have to worry about the hairstyle department with this one.

Using a Sock Bun Tool

You already know that this doughnut looking hairstyle uses one tool, in particular, to make everything come in place. Yes, there’s a sock bun tool out there that’s more or less like a doughnut. Don’t have one? Create one from rolling a sock inwards.

Perfect Doughnut Look

Here’s another look at one of the most perfect looking bunned hair that’s closest to looking like an ideal doughnut. The round shape remains perfect, and the shine in hair makes all the difference as well.

Two Shades Reveal

What differentiates this hairstyle in bunned style from the others is the way hair is colored. Yes, the way hair is colored here. There are two shades that this hairstyle reveals. The lighter shade on top and the darker shade beneath. A very dynamic look.

Bangs Up Front

Bangs upfront has everyone swooning over this hairstyle. Absolutely simple, but with great effect, this hairstyle makes your most boring style instantly distinguishable from anything else. Give it a try, and we’re strongly sure that you won’t regret it.


For Oval Facial Structure

As we’ve mentioned before, facial structure plays a massive role in making or breaking hairstyles, and it’s the same here. Since bunned hairstyle suits many structures of faces, oval face falls in that list as well. Look how perfect the appearance is.

How to Do Sock Bun with Long Hair

Have you been wondering that your long hair would create more mess than style when trying bunned hair? Well, you’re pretty wrong in this area because, as you can see, the whole appearance looks pretty amazing.

Beautiful Looking Bun

This beautiful looking hairstyle can be your today. A little frisky from looks, this fits work environment quite perfectly while also accompanies you stylishly in outdoors or even scenarios. Where can you find such a versatile look like this?

Thick Braid Layover

A thick braid layover around your bunned area creates such a creative space and elevates your whole style. Give yourself some love and make your appearance stand out amongst the crowd.

Messy Top

An intentionally done messy top in bunned hair makes your whole appearance carefree but in a very stylish way. When you look at this picture, you can’t ignore the sex-appeal radiating from it. You can radiate that as well. Try It.

Bangs and Dark Shade

Combining different aspects of your hairstyle can also play a magical role in changing your whole appearance. Take this hairstyle as an example because it’s a combination of a dark shade of hair with bangs. Quite simple yet fantastic.

Twist Doughnut Bun

Here’s another very comprehensive step-by-step guide to how you can easily make a Twist Doughnut bun for yourself. Using a Sock Bun tool like one shown here, you also have options of incorporating braids in this style.

For Tan Ladies

Who would have thought that combination of tan skin and dark shade hair would go so well with the sock bun? Looking at this combination, ideas shower, but keeping it simple, try this look with a casual outfit as shown.


Easy Sock Bun

When it comes to doing a particular kind of hairstyle every day, we believe the hairstyle itself should not be so much complicated. That’s exactly what Sock Bun offers to everyone.


When it comes to a conclusion, the only one that we have is that the sock bun remains as one of the most versatile in its category. As we’ve already seen, this style incorporates other styles as well. Some of them are braids, twist buns, bangs, and many others. That only suggests how truly versatile this hairstyle is.

Moreover, we showed you many hairstyles that remain perfect for many occasions as well. You’ll only know when you try these hairstyles by yourself.


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