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81 Striking Stacked Bob For Ladies To Give A Shot

Stacked bob haircuts help each woman to hurl on that striking appearance. You need to style this hairdo by making the front hair longer and the back shorter adjusting with layers. Also, it helps pack an extra bounce for any event if you incline towards trimming it too short.

You must know that by imposing on some creativity, you can change one hair to many stunning styles. And, bob hairdo much preferred by ladies with short length hair has many replacements too. Over here, let’s discuss staggering stacked bob hairstyles that are different from the traditional bob. Traditional bob has one layer of equal length, whereas, a stacked bob has stacked layers in the back.

A super stylish stacked bob hairstyle is something that can rapidly and effectively improve your entire look. Also, it is very chic and in fashion, never running out of style. The length of stacked bob is too short or shoulder-length but not longer than that.  Girls can equally undertake it with both thick and thin hair. For thick hair, you can style this hairdo in such a way that it removes unnecessary bulk; in contrast, it can add all the necessary volume for thin hair.

No matter how you fashion it, go for the right alternative that suits your face structure, hair texture, and, most importantly, your personality.  All in all, this hairstyle does not require to be artless and, for that reason, overhaul it with vivid hair tint, stunning highlights, waves, or twists.

Below are impressive stacked bob hairstyles listed for you. Check it out and think about giving it a shot.

  • Volume Based Bob With Highlights

This bob hairdo looks very impressive, doesn’t it? The stacked layers creating volume in the middle part of the head with a long layer at one side appears worth all the effort. Further, the dark brown shade followed by blonde highlights in the upper part is a bonus to strike excellent.

After you complete creating this stacked bob highlights, keep your hair to become visible as smooth and glossy with frequent proper hair treatments and oiling. Voila! You will be ready to carry it off well all day, every day.

stacked bob

  • Curly Stacked Bob

Curls or perm, whatever you want to call it, has been on craze amid the ladies since forever now. So, how about combining both the trending short hair and curls? Venture this curly stacked bob; you will not regret it at all.

  • Shoulder- Length Bob Hairdo

Shoulder-length bob is the longest you can get. This hairstyle is brilliant for those girls who wish to go for short hairdo yet are skeptical about how they would pop-up. The shoulder-length stacked bob with gentle shade and favorable layers is an epitome of a hairstyle that is simple yet elegant.

  • Shaved Bottom

From the pictures below, you can figure out that these hairstyles toss a vivid glance. An exemplary shaved bottom short haircut if you wish to incline towards a bold personality.

This sassy super short inverted bob with grey hue shaved from within has an aura to turn the heads while walking down the streets.

Most preferred blonde highlights above dark brown shade complemented by fashionable hairstyle is just so amazing. It is a hairstyle that is easygoing but capable enough to make the commendations stream like a waterfall.

This sharp-edged stacked bob with shaved bottom looks incredible. Moreover, it beautifully portrays the contrasting dark and light shade where the layers add volume in the focal area.

  • Soft Brown Tinted Stacked Bob

Are you searching for a haircut that gives you high volume and an unpretentiously lovely look? For that case, what about settling on the hair as in the picture underneath? Accept it as a reference and approach your beautician to reproduce it for you. For additional touch up, apply a soft brown color. You’ll get a fresh new look.

  • Wondrous Waves

Wavy hairstyles are satisfying to the senses. Get this wavy weave haircut by initially cutting your hair short with a long layer on one side. At that point, proceed onward to applying a hair shade of your inclination and complete it off with streaming waves. Also, set your hair-free in a marginally agitated way.

  • Golden Blonde Stacked Bob

Just a couple of women on the planet are lucky with natural golden hair. But, not to stress, there are various choices in the market to change your hair shade and appear eye-popping. The brilliant golden hair in itself hurls an elegant look, and when joined with a bounce style as mentioned here, you will show up stunning.

  • Let the Layers Flow Sideways

Stacked bob is all about short layered hair. Most of you might be pondering that layers probably won’t show up great on short length in any case, that is false. It shows up similarly glorious as on the long hair. Plus, for the haircut as beneath, you have to get layers with a sharp edge where layers at the front will stream sideways through blow dry. You will get an alluring look to display daily.

  • Stunning Stacked Bob

How stunning is this angled, inverted bob? If you are contemplating going for a change, it’s the best thought for you. It is an exquisite stacked style that looks dazzling with blonde shade.

  • Auburn Tinted Bob

Layered bounce hairdo causes you to seem chic. In any case, consider delectably luxurious auburn hair conceal to make your hairstyle shine this season. It is excessively complimenting and presumably the most simple haircut to pull off.

Include a couple of thick shorter layers as above and go for balayage on to your fundamental auburn tinted bob; hence, invigorating your glimpse.

This short auburn hairstyle hurls a sassy vibe when styled as loose waves.

It is a beautiful short style that has some streaming layers. Moreover, it will make you seem so intriguing.

  • Bob Supplemented by Curls and Layers

Doesn’t this hairstyle seem to be staggering? It certainly does. A little different from the bouncy bob, this hairdo flings different level of poise.  As this hairdo incorporates curls, ladies with thin hair can try this alternative. The twists provide all the required volume. Further, women above age 35 can undertake this haircut and look completely brassy.

  • The Classic Stacked Bob

Bob haircuts are a chic choice for any individual, paying little mind to their age or face shape. These smooth, round layered bobs, as in the pictures below, demonstrate that a haircut can be basic yet striking and not in any manner exhausting. To cause it to show up increasingly impressive, go for some astonishing hair conceals that work out in the right way for your skin tone and personality.

Lastly, to get a smooth finish consistently, frequently look for hair treatments or spa, and use a hair straightener to straighten each strand equally.

  • Get that Purple Hue On

This angled stacked bounce hairstyle adds enthusiasm to the straightforward style. It looks equally extraordinary when worn scrunched or straight; be that as it may, the straight edge reflects the asymmetry more in-depth. Not much discussion required on how stunning does the bounce hairstyle look, so, the first spotlight on two hairdos appeared here is the splendid purple shade. Get that purple hue on your stacked bob; it looks outstanding.

This hairstyle is so voguish, given the pleasant trace of purple over the dark hair shade and light layers for included volume.

Here is another short haircut that is shorter on one side and longer on the other, which comes into sight as attractive with a dash of purple on blonde hair.

  • Pearl Blonde with Bright Hair Tint

The application of bright hair tints causes you to go fabulous. By the pictures below, you can become aware of how marvelous the hair can appear. You can get any of these delightful hairdos precisely in the manner as performed below, causing you to turn the heads. Besides, the accuracy and cheerfulness of this bob put together a flawless glance.

Allow a blend of pearl blonde and pink color to be the primary fascination of this haircut complemented by bob layers long at one side.

It is another vivid bob haircut that makes certain to hit the rundown. Get your hands on this extraordinary hairdo and catch everyone’s eye.

  • Slightly Wavy Stacked Bob

Are you scanning for a short hairdo that can be paraded beautifully for a casual day out? Thereupon, this stacked bob hairstyle is the best to handle all your concerns. The bounce in itself makes some measure of volume, yet, if you wish for additional bulk, grab a hairdryer and blow dry your hair making light waves.

  • Dark Hair with Pearl-Blonde Highlights

These are the most sought-after bob hairstyles to upgrade your appearance. Here, we have introduced to you bobs of two distinct lengths yet both in a similar pattern. Trim your hair in either of your ideal ranges and improve it with highlights. Besides, there isn’t a lot going on in these hairdos. It is just a dark concealed hair supplemented by blonde features making the padded layers stream in reverse, making everything settle on a place.

  • Stacked Inverted Bob

We would like to call these as another stacked bob hairstyles capable enough to throw on that classic and classy vibes. You can just accept the pictures as your reference to replicate any of them on yourself. In contrast to different bob hairdos, you can see the bob length touching the scruff of the neck with long layers, all streaming back downwards. Like this, when you desire to slant towards progressively portrayed appearance, consider choosing these inverted bobs with layers making a volume towards the bottom. Therefore, think about endeavoring any of it and gear yourself up to become the talk in the crowd.

  • Stacked Bob – Pixie Cut

Pixie hairstyles come up as fashionable and are one of the ideal ways to stand apart from the group. Moreover, these stacked pixie bob haircuts will compliment anybody and hotshot your best features. These hairdos helping you to toss a snappy glance, has many alternatives to undertake. Below are some of the eye-catching pixie styles for you to exert on oneself.

This grayish colored short haircut with a billowing surface left free in a side partition way gives you an appearance of a strong, dapper lady. Give it a shot!

If you’re prepared to dive in and go short, keeping your naturally dark hair unblemished, a dazzling haircut like in the picture above fulfills your hair wants without having much to do here and there.

It is another dashing pixie bob for people to gaze and comment on your looks. Likewise, it is quite easy to re-enact. Simply make subtle twists on your one long side, one short side bob, and be all set to flaunt it wonderfully.

Having short hair doesn’t mean you cannot opt for stylish layers. You can fashion it more playfully. The pixie haircut introduced here is the best case of short energetic layers capable enough to give you a fresh finish.

  • Blunt Bob with Side Bangs

Not every bob hairdo needs to have layers and extra volume like talked about until this point. So, ladies with straight hair, this could be the best choice for you to emphasize your hair shade and sleek strands. Additionally, the side-swept bangs give more attention to the face. Thus, flaunt this hairdo, which is not much loaded.

  • Superb Stacked Bob Haircuts

The hairdos are shorter in the back contrasted with the first layers hurling a face-forming surface. Despite the bob type that you consider wandering, it will give a vigorous and radiant aura. For additional touch on it, approach your beautician and go for a sort that fits you well. Have a look at the styles mentioned underneath:

Attempt this vivacious red bob with equal layers which you can style contingent upon the event you are attending and the outfit.

How about trying on this a-line bob with a baggy texture? Go for this style with a feathery touch at the backside that is utterly sensational.

Similar to the previous hairdos, this hair styling has an exceptionally sharp trim at the front, which looks lovely. Further, clip your hair at the front for a very casual finish.

  • Sassy Stacked Blonde Bob

At the point when we consider blonde hairs, they work out in the right way for any haircut, be it short or long that we, in general, tend to pair it up. Along these lines, we can also say that blonde hairs can look great with the stacked bounce with smooth strands. If you at any point feel to give your hair some upgrade, this is the best approach. Further, you can see a volume base made on the top – Fantastic!

  • Stacked Bob Alternatives for Blonde Tinted Hairdo

Blonde hairs are the epitome of ladies’ elegance and excellence. This shade offers numerous varieties to browse, but, in this segment, we will concentrate much on the light blonde concealed bob haircuts which you can consider as the easygoing alternative to get in the spotlight.

Hairdos of any sort should be flawless from all points. This one additionally seems excellent. Besides, it demonstrates that we can achieve volume through straight hair as well. Exploit a style that reflects delicate layers altogether to make volume without much intensification. In conclusion, the blonde color here goes about as an extra reward.

Did you like this fluffy layered white blonde lob? If you need a haircut that gives a proper completion and works out well for a gentle character, you have ended up on the correct spot. It appears charming!

Ladies, if you want a flowing hairstyle then, this could be the right option for you. There is a perfect emphasis on the layers as well as the blonde tint- utterly marvelous.

Refresh a typical short bob with dazzling pearl-blonde hair color like the one shown above. Further, it makes an extraordinary style articulation.

  • Blonde Bob with Bangs

Do you wish to zest up a short blonde bob with side blasts for an alluring girly glimpse? In that case, we have two different options for you. It looks superior, and to finish the entire appearance in an astounding way; wear some adornments, coordinating with your clothing.

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  • Short Cut Styles

These short haircuts – not precisely a pixie nor a typical bob, but it has all the edginess of a shot angled bob with somewhat more soft enhancements. Further, if you have straight hair, scrunch layers to style. Towards the end, make use of a hair straightener for that inverted pattern towards the bottom.

  • Reddish Purple Hue

This style has a shade of wine, which makes the hair sparkle out. There are a few tones of purplish tints as a highlight on top too. Additionally, one side of the cut has simple twists on them that’s certain make it as one of the most cherished haircuts. Consequently, attempt it, feel satisfied, and let your hair do all the talk.

  • Dive into Colors

It will probably be the unique hairstyle you will come across in this article. To achieve this style, create any form of stacked bob and adorn it with either curls, waves or leave it straight. Lastly, apply some bright, eye-popping colors. Tada! The colorful hairdo will be all set to pass on that happy, bubbly vibes.

  • Some More Appealing Bob Hairstyles With Features

If you realize that bob is one of the haircuts that will remain around for quite a while, why not slant towards making it as one of your fashion statement? The stacked bob with highlights listed in this segment indicate something very tasteful and chic, all in all, make you toss on that dazzling glimpse. The beautiful utilization of dark brown color and light blonde highlights is merely incredible. Like this, keep it straightforward with straight, feathery strands and that fluffy bounce. Venture it out, and you will for sure get to know the reason behind people applauding it to such an extent.

  • Long-Sharp Angled Bob

Presently, these are one kind of a weave that shows up lustrous and refined. Moreover, these are stacked styles with extended front layers and stacked back isn’t a provoking style to accomplish. Towards the end, progress it as a sharp-angled bob with very straight hair.

  • Contrasting Styles

These different colored hairstyles look exceptionally alluring. There are dim segments on the roots where you can enhance the upper part by something light and brilliant. Moreover, the extraordinary thing about this bounce is that you can flaunt some additional hues.

  • Get that High Volume

Are you looking for a hairstyle with a dramatic touch? If yes, this is the one for you. This bob hairdo with high volume will make you all set to throw on that sass.

  • Glamorous Style

For those women who imagine that looking fabulous is absurd on short hair, here is a model for you. Short hair with light layers shaped into unobtrusive twists hurls on that glitz requiring exceptionally low-support. Only the use of a hair gel would be sufficient to set it up and parade it magnificently.

  • Haircut with Perfect Edge

Here we present to you another astounding hairstyle to try on, in case you desire to change your looks drastically. This hairstyle is very extreme and obtuse with two blunt layers and amazing hair shade.

  • Lovely Tinted Style

Just look how lovely this hairdo appears to be, which doesn’t break the outline of this straight bob style. You can’t get enough of the perfectness that this look emits.

  • Choppy Stacked Bob

This choppy stacked weave demonstrates that short hair can be adaptable more than it’s at any point thought. Make a delicate uneven surface for a more lively look supplemented by brown hair tint. Also, go for a fresh blow to get a gentler completion. It’s, in fact, an incredible style with numerous layers.

  • Love for Rose Gold

Let us present to you a hot style that’s best for an everyday appearance. The rose gold tint on this bob hair with a soft twist looks very pleasant. Try it on without any hesitation; you are sure to adore.

  • Bright Tinted Bobs

You can see these bright orange-colored hairstyles throws a glamorous and beguiling impression. The layers you add to the hair can give an astonishing surface. What’s more, you will also get to see a voluminous texture towards the bottom.

Furthermore, after you make yourself ready to endeavor this bright bob style, it will end up being a haircut for which individuals will pass on their acclamations. Do not delay!

  • Black Bob Styles

Do you like to see your regular black hair shade alert and active? For that case, here are a few thoughts for dark hair that you will adore. These bob hairdos are flawless for anyone who wants the layers and volume on short hair. The exquisite mix of the hair patterns, as in the picture, will give you a revived appearance. Merely, check them out and later, remake the one that got your sight.

Concluding, you must have gotten the idea about how you can style your short hair as a stacked bob. In this way, if you have discovered any of these haircuts sufficiently superb to duplicate on yourself, take the plunge irrefutably.

Likewise, remember to tell us how did the hair mix on you.


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