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124 Eye-Catching And Alluring Straight Hairstyles To Rock

Want a perfect hairstyle for every function and all kinds of a face? Here you are. The straight hairstyle is the best you can have for all seasons and all occasions. It never goes out of trend from that crazy beach party to the wedding. They are unbelievably adorable and classy at the same time. Marking to be one of the original styles in the fashion and glamour industry straight hairstyles is the most popular hairstyle. Never looking dull and boring this hairstyle can adjust with people of all age group; from a wrinkled granny to a cute child.

Being the most trendy and most fashionable hairstyle of 2018, it has made a significant comeback in 2019 too. All you can do is straighten your hair and get few fancy and ever gorgeous look.  Only you need are; good shampoo, conditioner, keratin treatment, and sometimes flat iron to straighten your hair. Adding shine using some serum and gel can work as well.

Here are some of the best straight hairstyles looks that you can obtain to flatter your hair and get the ever stunning and beautiful look. Try few occasionally.

Brownish-Platinum Layered Straight

Dying your hair into platinum-straight and then straightening it? It seems like you have found your perfect hairstyle to look as stunning as ever. The combination of brownish-platinum finishing never fails to give you a stunning and sexy look wherever you go.

straight hairstyles

Fading Downward Straight Hairstyles

It is the most attractive hairstyle that you will ever find. Surprisingly, this hairstyle can be turned into puffs and a single middle partition and can still make you look gorgeous. Also, it can  give you the best pulled faded look you can ever achieve with just a simple hairstyles for balayage straight hair you have.


Soft- Layered Blunt Shoulder Cut

Why not try a shoulder cut with soft layers when you can flaunt it? Go for this amazingly superb and fantastic look that makes people around you go crazy with a shoulder cut hair that looks so hot and beautiful. Easy and less effort with a middle partition and manes flowing equally on both the sides. You will rock this short straight hair anywhere.

The blunt cut adds to it by giving it a new texture.


Long Puffed-Ponytail

Try using your comb backward with a small section of your hair. Pin it using hair clips and then tie a scattered pony of it leaving some hair. It is the gorgeous look that you can obtain with a comb, few hairpins, and spray. Classy and antique at the same time. Look the best in the ball gown room with this natural straight hairstyles.

Braids Wrapped Like A Rubber

A perfect hairstyle for high school and college girls? You can get this very stunning look that your straight crochet can get. Your ponytails are not just ponytails now. They get a new look as you wrap your braided hair into the ponytail like an elastic rubber band. A little-raised hair at the front gives you more finished and completed look ready for the day to day college.

Clipped Two Sides Brown Straight Hair

Firstly, do a middle partition. You only require a few bobby pins for his type of consecutive hairstyles. Take one bobby pin, take few strands of hair on the left frontal side and pin it. Then, take another few strands on the right side. After you assimilate both the strands you get a different hairstyle to cover up your original simple type of straight hair. Your hairs will look gorgeous if colored black. This hairstyle favors both brown and white face. It might be a perfect hairstyle for your dinner date.

Ombre-Layered Shoulder Cut

It is the best among all the straight hairstyles that fit perfectly for any face kind. You don’t need to worry if your hair looks too short or too long. Perfectly and slightly layered this hairstyle will make you look gorgeous. Shoulder length to your hair gives you an extra look and can look adorable in strapless and off shoulder dresses.

Bangs On Short Straight hair

This hairstyle looks best on diamond-shaped faces. The can have favorable effects on your face if you choose the right hits for you. The fringe at the front focuses on your eyes giving it a very feminine look. It is the best kind of hairstyle when you have to handle your long forehead. However, they require occasional salon visits to shape them correctly.

 Headband Braids Straight Hair

What when you don’t own a headband but want to get a headband look? You don’t need to worry when you can plate your headband looks with your hair. This hairstyle makes you look lovable and prepares you for school, beach and everywhere.

Shiny Black With Brown Highlight

No wonder, black hair is the best when your hair has to shine. Highlighting the frontal section with brown makes your black hair look polished. You will shine best when you perfectly straight and smooth black hair.

Bob With Round Bangs

It is the best when you have a heart-shaped face. The hits are that highlights your forehead anywhere you go. It makes you look hot instead of cute. Grooming this hairstyle is easy and can work well on prom.

Waterfall On One Side

This hairstyle looks adorable in summer. It requires stepwise braiding from the forehead. It flows downward and makes it possible to do on the sides. It can be applied on all lengths of hair but looks extremely gorgeous on long straight hair. This will give your hair a new romantic touch and are superior to all the braiding techniques.

Selena Gomez Shoulder Length

Selena always rocked shoulder length hairstyle still rocked. This is probably the best straight hairstyle she ever had. She has been flaunting it many times. Girls who love shoulder length hair can try this. Perfect straight makes your hair look managed and gives adequate volume to your hair.

Double Knots For A Straight Hair

Knotting your hair would be an excellent idea. But, how would a double knot look? Ever thought of it? Well, here’s your answer. Double knot looks extraordinary and makes your hair look more fashionable at the back of your head. Anyone who would see you from the end will stare at your gorgeous hair if you try a simple double knot. Extremely easy to knot your hair, this gives you a very fancy and finished look. This will be the best type of hairstyle you can use when you have to attend a party and lack time.

Middle Partition Simple Straight Hairstyle

This is the purest and most beautiful look that your straight hair can get. It looks clean and stirring with no effort at all. Just straighten your hair using your iron rod or a dryer, and you get done with the perfect hairstyle for any wardrobe. Isn’t it surprising that the simplest of the straight hairstyles can make you look so appealing and make everyone look at you turning their head back? Can’t say no. This is the best of all the stylings that you give your balayage straight  hair.

Perfect Middle and Side Buns

Straight hairs when combined to form buns give a fancy look. Wrap your hair round in the side or the middle of your head and part it in the middle in the front. This can give you a never fading warm and cozy look that can make you look beautiful in any function. Never fading, you can try this at your wedding on your wedding gown too. You’ll be a gorgeous classic bride.

Middle  Puffed Hairstyle

Puffs are the best kind of hairstyles that never fails to make you look amazing. But what is the best about it is that it gives any face a different look. Middle puffs with the sides left as the original can make you look beautiful in all ways. All you need to be is comb the middle portion of your hair backward and raise it. Pin it with a few bobby pins to fix it. A polished and new finished look appears, and your all-time best bayalage straight hairstyle will make you look the best.

Straight With Steps

Straight hair looks impressive in steps. Only a few steps at the ends of the frontal hair and middle hair pushed upward will make you look stunning.  The straight at the end makes your hair look stylish even when you add nothing to it. It is just about a simple step haircut to your perfectly straight hair.

Super-Short And Colored Bob

Bobs are the best when you give them shiny soft and faded look. Your short hair will make you look unique when you add slightly faded color to it.

Fine Brown Straight Hair

Simplest of all, the brown hair looks the best when parted from the side. Straight texture adds more to this hairstyle and gives it a clean look. This can make you look fabulous as well as give you a unique look to the old fashioned straight-black hair. Brown adds shine to the hair. This is one type of straight hairstyles that never make you look dull in sunlight. You will shine more than any other person in a group. Try it; it will look appealing and shiny in your bayalage straight hair.

A long Straight With Natural Color

Straight hairstyles look amazing with long hairs. You can get an entirely new and natural look with straight hair. This hairstyle can make your hair look more attractive and appealing. It will look like your hairs have new colors that are very natural. Ask your hair designer to get you this look, and you will turn every head.

Micro Fringes On Straight Hair

Micro fringe is the hairstyle that all cool girls try. When edges are super short, your hair flows in style. They sometimes look weird, but it is the perfect haircut if you want to open up your face.

Perfectly Straight Golden Blonde Hair

Golden blondes are the best for white face. This hairstyle has been one of the classiest. Your straight hair looks dazzling when you dye it into golden-blonde.


Sexy Short Bangs On Short Hair

Hits are always fascinating. But, your hair looks more alluring than how it used to see if you trim your straight hair into short bangs that are crazy and sexy. You will get a hot look that will be admired by everyone. Try this hairstyle to make yourself look the best on any occasion.

 Rolled From The Front

This is the most natural hairstyle that you can perform. Take the frontal section of your hair from one side. Roll only the part you have selected. Add the endpin it in the back. Your straight hair will get a new texture and new style. This looks hugely adorable when your hair is slightly blonde with brown shades.

Waved At The Bottom

This is the ever rocking and awesome hairstyle that you can ever have. Making you look good in your office to the big red-carpet you walk in; this is the best kind of straight hairstyles that is appropriate for every face. Never looking dull, this can cover up your entire makeup look with just small waves at the end. Finishing your final makeup look with this hairstyle can make you go fresh and ready for head bangs in the party.

Waterfall Braids

This hairstyle can make your straight hair look like they are falling like a waterfall. Simple braids at the begging and down-fall of hair between the twist can prepare you for any occasion. Your straight hairstyle will never seem tedious when you have a creative mind and hands that can create waterfall flowing down with the hair.

Short Peachy Red with bangs

Peachy Red is the hairstyle that is the most trending hairstyle of the season. This gives you a bold look with a unique and flattering coloring style.  Sharp at pointed at the edges, these bands can make you look very stylish. The feminine boldness look this hairstyle gives your face is very is delicate.

The most attractive thing about this hairstyle is the color. It gives the finishing look cheerfulness.

Brown With Layers

The layer is always a good choice for straight hair. Layers can make you shine in prom. It will look like your dull hairstyle has got a very new shape and color. Try this layered brown hairstyle on your medium length hair this summer.

straight hair

Sleek Long And Shiny

Long straight hairstyles look extremely adorable when they are smooth. You can get this gorgeous and ever beautiful straight hair look with a simple middle partition. All you need to do this straighten your hair and apply a little hair serum to it.

 Normal Straight

You can get this very usual straight hairstyle which can look fashionable as well as trendy for all time. This is the best hairstyle that can work on all kind of occasions; from the beach to prom. Do try this to never go out of style.

Perfectly Black And Shiny

Straight is the best option for black hair. Your hairstyle will look gorgeous but straightforward. As black hair looks shiny, you won’t regret this hairstyle. Be sure to turn heads with these most natural straight hairstyles.

Bangs in Long And Straight

Bangs look incredibly adorable in long and straight hairstyles. You can create these cute bangs on your hair and get an incredibly new and fresh look. Your face will look very bold and sexy in this bayalage straight hair. This thick fringe at the forehead can make you shine wherever you go. Don’t deny this hairstyle in a party or outing with friends.

Shiny Black With Glow

Are you looking for a right hairstyle for your brown face? If you have a black hair that shines, this is the perfect type of hairstyle that will suit you the best. So, try this super shiny and amazing hairstyle to flaunt this summer.

Shoulder Length Highlighted Straight Hairstyles

Ever thought of a shoulder length hair with a slight highlight? Here you go, you can try thus amazingly stylish shoulder length for consecutive hairstyles. You will look classy as well as fancy at the same time. This will give your face a completely different look, and you will shine.

Gold Blonde Shoulder Length

Straight hairstyles are amazing. But, what adds to it is color. The medium range makes it nature precise, and you will surely flaunt this hairstyle. This was the most trending hairstyle of 2018 and with no doubt can rock 2019 too.

Orange-Brown Layered With Fringes

Orange-brown is the best hair dye that you can acquire for your hair. Never dull and embarrassing it can perfectly suit you. Also, its magnificent color attracts the eye of everyone.

Sexy and bold look

Wanna look sexy? Here you go. Try this straight hairstyle for black straight hair. This can give you a very bold and sexy look. Don’t ever say “NO” to this.

Crazy Alternate Highlights

You can get this perfectly highlighted as one of the best hairstyles for straight hair.  It will look like your hair is dyed with different alternate colors on the same format. You will have the best haircut among your friends if you try this.

Round Fringes

Why not try round fringes? If you try this simple round fringes on your straight hairstyle, you will get an entirely new look. Be ready for flattering and praising trying this short straight hair. 

African Straight

Straight hairstyles are not only for white people. After your micro braids or twists, you can transform your hairstyle into a straight one. This hairstyle is called African straight and can look very good for African faces. If you have an African face, you will not regret straight crochet hair.

Dutch Braids On Straight Hair

Dutch twists on straight hair can be the best type of hairstyle for prom.  Braiding your hair from the frontal section and making a pony at the back can give you a classic look. You will have a very appealing and gorgeous hairstyle. It looks pretty well on long hair.

Super Cute Short With Slight Fringes

Fringes are not only for a long hairstyle. You can apply edges on your short haircut and can flaunt it with no doubt. Don’t deny this super cute hairstyle for your short straight hair. 

Prom Hairstyle

Hairstyling always seems to be a massive headache for prom. You can mold your straight hairstyle into a new form for your prom party.

Roll a frontal section and apply slight curls at the end. Then, you will be the girl shining with a gorgeous hairstyle in that party.

Celebrity Straight For Black Hair

You can try this simple but easy straight hairstyle. It will make you look like a celebrity as this was the most trending hairstyle of 2018. Get this simple and amazing look on your long straight hair.

Also See:

Long Bangs On Brown

Medium length hair can look very stunning if you add hits on it. Longs bangs can make your hairstyle very fancy. Your eye will get an entirely new texture, and you can flaunt this straight corchet hair anywhere. Try this to flaunt 2019.

Selina Gomez Long And Sleek

Forever growing fashion, you need this fashionable hairstyle that Selina Gomez does to look like her. This is the best hairstyle of 2018 indeed. Smooth and long black looks extremely adorable with your round face.

Brown On Black

Brown is always the best you can try for your black face. Black on black looks pretty dull and can make your hair look boring. So, go for this brown on black. This will be worth it.


Very Short Colored Straight Hairstyles

Why not girls try a new hairstyle that will make them look very attractive? This new very shot hairstyle for girls was the most fashionable hairstyle of 2018. Your hair will look very clean, and you will look more stunning than ever. You can try this hairstyle at a conference or a meeting. Everyone will love your hair.

Thai Cut Short Hairstyle

It is pretty satisfactory that Thai cut was one of the most trending  hairstyles for straight hairs of 2018. This hairstyle can give your head a completely different look. Also, it adds a new texture to your straight hair.

Platinum Side- Partition Shoulder Cut

Platinum looks beautiful on a straight hairstyle. You can get this simple and stunning look by dying your hair platinum and straighten it. It can work as the best hairstyle from the beach to prom. Don’t deny this hairstyle to get the best look of 2018.

Short Ombre Round Bangs

Short straight hair is a fashion for every girl. You can make your face look gorgeous and young after you apply this short Ombre with round hits. Round bangs look incredibly adorable when you have short hair with brown color that favors this look.


This summer goes for these amazingly straight hairstyles that will look classy and fancy on you. Your straight hairstyle will be admired and loved by everyone. Try these simple hairstyles to make eyes turn on you.


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