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103 Taper Fade Perfect For Everyone & Occasions

Men usually stick with one kind of hairstyle for a very long time and make sure that it sticks to their everyday regimen. But this just can’t go forever and ever because change is necessary. Now, anyone who knows what we focus on also knows how much we emphasize getting that good look right with the help of a hairstyle. That said, the current generation remains very much attached with a fade look. Now, we don’t have anything against fade look, but there are other things in the market that you should probably see. The hairstyle, that’s a little different than the conventional fade is Taper Fade.

Have you heard about the tapered side of the fade section before? Well, we assure you that this look is, as many people like to call it, straight up fire. Now, since both the hairstyles have the word fade in them, doesn’t that mean that both are similar as well?

No. Not necessarily. There are many aspects that are different about the fade style and the taper part of the fade style. The confusion that makes people think both are the same also remains as the reason for people not getting it.

But, we’ll talk about the difference between these two hairstyles later. For now, let’s look at some of the most amazing looks.


taper fade

For Short Straight Hair

This hairstyle remains perfect for anyone who likes to keep short hair and also has a straight texture to it. The combination of both makes it incredibly easy for a good look.

Long And Jagged Look

The beauty of Taper fades is that it makes every kind of hair look pretty amazing on their own. If you like this kind of hairstyle, then you’re in for a treat. Look how amazing everything looks.

Tapering It Real Good

The taper fade in this picture is really on point. You see how the locks aren’t visible at all, but that hasn’t harmed the beard near the lock area. That’s what’s called precision cutting and tapering.

Jared Leto Loved This

Did you know that famous celebrities love doing the taper fade hairstyle very much as well? Yes, and among those men is Jared Leto, who famously portrayed the character of Joker in Suicide Squad.

For Brown Male

When it comes to style about brown males, they often don’t do justice to their potential looks and settle down for less. But not this time because this amazing look can’t leave out anyone.

Some Twisty Front

Even the slightest of tweaks make a massive difference when it comes to making a hairstyle unique and your own. Do this by giving your front locks a bit of a twirl.

For Dry Looking Hair

All the men who have pretty dry looking hair agree that it’s quite hard to stick with a single type of hairstyle because of the texture. But that’s changed when you do the tapered look.

Go For Sidelines

The sidelines are a very important and good looking fashion staple that everyone is familiar with. However, not many try this look because of certain reasons like an office environment, and so on.

For That Afro Hair

Afro hairstyles for certain males remain a very messy job when it comes to taming them. But you don’t have to do much taming if you do the tapering first. Yes, that’s an option.

Clean Cut All the Way

Since you’re deciding to get the taper fade, why not look around for some great options to try on. Like this clean-cut look all the way around from hairlines to beard lines.

Tame Curly Hair

Curly hairs also struggle a lot when finding the perfect kind of hairstyle, and believe us, it’s a difficult task as well. However, that might stand as a problem because you’ve never seen this look.

For Brown/Black Afro Hair

We earlier talked about the conventional afro hair texture. However, if you’ve colored your hair brown or black, there’s still the choice of Taper fading your hair. Don’t worry about that.

For Very Short Hair

Very short hair like these has remained men’s favorite kind of hair for a very long time. They love this hairstyle because of how manageable it suddenly becomes and for the clean look as well.

For Bushy and Curly Hair

Just like people with Afro hair and with similar texture, the people who have a pretty curly and bushy hair struggle as well. This look instantly becomes your salvation.

Getting 90s Hollywood style

In the world of fashion, there are really a plethora of things that are coming back from the old days, and people love it. This one remains one of those kinds. The 90s Hollywood look that everyone loves.

Mild Taper Fade

When it comes to fade, there are different kinds of available like low, mid, high, and so on. This one remains on the mild side of fades and also very popular as well.

Taper Fade Long Hair

Long hair usually takes a lot of advantage out of fades and especially taper fade. It’s because of how everything blends in together and lets you experiment with your look more.

For Dark Black Hair

Color of hair matters a lot as well when it comes to rocking a particular hairstyle. This one has a jet black colored hair, and the fade looks quite awesome on this as well.

Taper Fade Afro

This one remains as a very classic afro look that has some accents of uniqueness to it. That said, the fade remains on point, and so does the carefully done streak line across.

Taper Fade Low

Earlier, we mentioned about a medium taper style fade, and also mentioned that there are other kinds of fades available. This one is the low taper styled fade. Do you like it?

Short Hair with Stubble

There are a majority of people who like to grow stubble instead of a full beard. That said, the look on this guy just looks spectacular as the fade and stubble both complement one another.

For Black Male

Just like different aspects like facial structure affect how a hairstyle looks, there’s also the talk about ethnicity. Sometimes, a look just doesn’t go with a particular ethnicity. But fades work solidly for black males as you see.

Clean cut Low Taper

The highlight of this hairstyle, in particular, remains the clean-cut look that has so many advantages when it comes to style. The low fade also accentuates the clean lines.

Medium Length Hair and Beard

The Taper here isn’t as strong and prominent as the other ones. But this look certainly packs a punch. Looking like a Hollywood actor, the mild Taper with medium length hair and beard looks sexy.

Swept Back Look

The swept-back looks have a lot more punch these days thanks to Taper fade. Fade makes everything blend in hairstyle pretty great and has the whole outfit looking on point.

Black Curly Hair

While many might tell us that this looks messy, we say that this is the right kind of mess that makes a look pop out. Yes, the messy texture is what makes this look unique.

Perfect Look For Work

Naturally, you’re looking for a hairstyle that isn’t aggressive, and most importantly, fits with your office work. Well, in that case, we’ve got good news for you gents.

Aggressive Faded Look

This look has a lot of aggressiveness to it right of the bat. If you’re going for that bad boy look, then this is your bet. Also, this works well if fewer trips to the salon are what you want.

Perfectly Rounded Look

The perfectly rounded look has many women swooning over it. The volume and unique texture are what everyone wants from their hair. This gives you all of that.

Taper Style for Faded Hair

Right of the bat, this haircolor is among the ones that so many women will give anything to get done right. Pair this look with the tapered style, and you’ve got yourself a winner.

Taper Fade vs. Fade

So finally, we’ve rounded off to this question that seems to bother a majority of people. There’s a lot of question surrounding the difference between Taper and a fade. Well, as similar as they may seem to general people, there’s a pretty significant difference. So, how do you spot which one is which?

In a concise form, Taper fade is a form of fade, but the fade isn’t a form of Taper. Let’s explain that. A taper is when the hair changes. It’s the length in a steady and gradual manner and leaves a gradient look, and the ends are not as shorter.

On the other hand, a fade is all about starting short on the hair and going up and above a particular length when it finally starts to merge with the top hair. That’s kind of the most significant but often underlooked difference between a taper styled and a fade.

With a Clean Line Across

You’ve got yourself a new hairstyle with one of our suggestions. Now, you want something new to your whole look. Well, if that’s the case, then this one stands as the perfect look for you.

Perfect for Teen Guys

As a teenager, there’s really not much of a choice when it comes to hairstyle. You want one that your parents and school approve. Well, this checks all the boxes.

A Little Pompadour Look

The best thing about tapered fades is the fact that it makes a person’s ability to try on new and different kinds of hairstyles a lot. That said, there’s one look that stands above all when it comes to fades and that the pompadour look. Even Nick Jonas loves this combination.

The Long And Wavy Hair

There’s a subtle difference between curly and wavy hair. You see, curly hair is all about looking bushy, and there seems no point of origin, and end to it. Flipside, waves like these are just a gentle twist to the hair.

Twisted and Messy Look

The main highlight here is all about the twisted and messy look that’s given. You notice how the hairs from the top just fall on the sides and begin disturbing the fade. That’s the whole idea.

Slightly Blonde Short Hair

With that faded brown hair that almost closely looks like a blonde, you want to keep everything simple and subtle. That is where fade comes in because it specifically allows you to keep a short top.

Only the Curly top

Keeping just the top part when your hair is curly requires an immense amount of confidence. But the scenario changes when everything falls right into place as this hairstyle does.

Twirled Back Slightly

Do you remember when we told how taper fade helps your hair look more stylish when done a classic pompadour? Well, this isn’t a pompadour but a twirled spike, and it gets the job done.

Low-Mid Taper look

The whole idea of this haircut is to mix two Taper fades. The low and the mid ones because the combination of both gives you more room to experiment with your look.

The Young Boy Look

When it comes to young boys, they get away with many kinds of hairstyles, and this one is no exception. Growing your hair to a mid-length and getting styled taper fade seems like a very nice idea.

A Straight Bang Style

Whoever told you that bangs are only for women, they aren’t right. Men go for bangs but not the kind that women do. The bangs for men are shorter and cleaner looking like this one.

A Twisted Front

The Twisted front has a unique character as it makes the person look more sophisticated and a little more stylish than usual. Like this look? Get it today.

For Wavy Hair

Wavy hair has such an advantage over other hairstyles that it’s pretty much unfair. That said, if you have wavy hair, then lucky you. This hairstyle looks like its specifically tailored for you.

Bad Boy Swept Hair

If you’ve seen in movies, a look like this remains affiliated with the bad boy look that many people love. All you need next are leather jackets and boots.

Attending A Wedding?

Is there a function that you have to attend this weekend? Well, in that case, you should probably think for a revamped haircut. Our choice? Try this one.

Side Part For Long Hair

Taper fade allows you the superpower of manipulating your hair according to your will. That’s right like this hair, where a majority of long hair falls down on the side.

Another one for Black Male

Heer’s another example of Taper faded look for all the black males out there who want this look s bad. Get it today and change your whole look for good.

Zayn Malik Loves This

Do you know another famous person like Jared Leto who loves this hairstyle? It’s the famous British singer and songwriter, Zayn Malik. He loves Taper style fades.

Lightly Done Taper

Since you don’t like trimming your hair very short on the majority of your sides and back, here’s the solution for you. Go for the light tapered look that isn’t as aggressive.

Massive Tapered Pompador

Pompadours are cool, and everything but have you considered going the extreme? Well, this look will surely satisfy your ideas. We present you with the massive tapered pompadour.

A Clean Gentleman Look

Since you’re into the corporate business field and have to do a lot of dealing with general clients, here’s what you should go for. A properly done taper fade that fits your corporate needs.

Perfectly Tapered for Curly Hair

When it comes to styling curly hair, there’s a lot of things that you should consider, like getting the right kind of taper choice. As a reference, try this one.


Use of Side Lines

This remains more feasible for all the young men out there who want their hairstyle looking on point. Add some spice with a sideline streak to your hair.

Curly But Clean Top

A curly but still a clean top is all about getting your hair the right length of a tapered look. Not going high is the key, as it may make your top hair look non-symmetrical.

For Man Bun

We know for a fact that man bun hairstyles have had their turn and are gone now. However, fashion repeats itself. That’s why you should have this look in your arsenal anyways.

Gone For A Simple Look

A Simple look is all about turning your hairstyle the way you want without any fuss. The trick to this is similar to this style—relatively short hair with a taper fade.

Almost a Mohawk

When it comes to mohawk, not everyone has the liberty of trying that out for obvious reasons. This is as close as one person gets getting a Mohawk.

Massive Man Bun Look

A Massive man bun look is something that still remains around. If you belong to one of those kinds of gentlemen out there who still have very long hair, this will help your revamp your look.

In All Symmetry

The highlight of this hairstyle is the overall symmetrical look that goes from the front to the back. Look closely, and you’ll even see that symmetry in the beard section as well.

For the Love of Buzz Cuts

To all the people who love getting buzz cuts because of the sheer convenience that it provides, ever thought about a different yet similar look like this one?

Almost Short Hair but Wavy

This is a hairstyle for the kind of textured hair that not many people really talk about. That said, we don’t neglect stuff like these. The almost short is a very uncommon length, which some people have. These should help with your needs.

Average Short Hair Style

When it comes to an averagely short hairstyle, there’s literally no beating this one in any possible way. The look and feel both remain solid and unprecedented about this hairstyle.

For Young Kids

Did you think that this hairstyle only remains as a proper haircut for grown-up me? Well, think again because even young kids enjoy this look very much.

Upclose Look On Taper Fades

You’ve seen most of the collection, but still, it does not convince you to go for the taper style fade. Here’s what might change your mind. These closeup looks show exactly what you are getting.

Another Bad Boy Looks

If you’re something like a bad boy look wanting person, this remains perfect. Goes well even more if you have some tattoos, but it’s certainly not a necessary aspect.


Two Line Streak

The two-line streak is all about giving your har a little bit of overhaul look to your tapered style haircut. The highlight still remains the fade and the clean streak lines.

Clean Lines From Sides

When it comes to looking clean, all that you’ve seen are examples from the top. Here’s an example of how it looks from the side.

For Short and Straight Hair

The short and spiky hair remains as one of the most famous looks among all the teenagers out there who love stylish looks—getting ready for another year in school? Try this.

For the Flat Top Look

A flat-top look has a couple of distinct characteristics to it. The taper fade makes the whole look very clean, and the flat top makes things look more interesting.

Do The Braids

Braids aren’t reserved for women only as men have the equal potential of rocking braids as well. Get these three-lined braids that look so amazing that everyone goes crazy over it.


The conclusion of this collection is that taper fade exists in different forms, and each one is different. We talked about braids, almost mohawk looks, for kids, for a black male, and so one. These might have given you some insight into how a taper styled fade looks. Now, go ahead and get that look because we’re pretty sure that you’ll look great in that unique look you choose.


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