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120 Toddler Haircuts Perfect For The Upcoming Summer!

Are you in the lookout for the next best toddler haircuts? Then here is the collection that can set you aside. We are sure you will be able to cover this look for the summer. We also want to give you a chance to look perfect. The idea is to get the layers and the cuts to make them look like the next best thing. If you are not experimenting with the hair today, you are surely losing out on a lot. Ask your boys to be the ones to check out the options. And involve them in the process of getting a haircut.

toddler haircutsShort spikey toddler haircuts

When looking for toddler haircuts for your little boy, you can see tones of this look. We are sure you will love the spikes on the hair. The added layers on the top will give it a lovely touch. You can see how the temples are thinned out. Then the portion on the top is left to a thick spike. You can end up with this look in no time.

The braided bunch of hair

This look is great for women who want to get their black hair braided. And also for toddlers who need a beautiful look. Thicker and thinner hair both work with the hairstyle here. We can see how the twists are tight here. And then you can also add some jewels in the form of rhinestones. The added colors make it better.

Some cut thin curls for you

The curly hair on the scalp here is good for any boy. Toddler haircuts for the kids with curly hair need to be selected well. The thicker the hair, the harder it gets to get the cut right. You can feel lighter as you cut the sides and trim them. But keep some thicker look on the top. It creates a trendy look that looks cute too.

Sparse hair

If your kid has sparse hair, you want to leave them with a long hair look. Toddler haircuts need to have that ease to it. Your baby needs to feel good about it, and then you can see how they go through the day. With the trim on the front, the baby can be free from bothersome hair. And the less hair on the back helps to look smarter.

Short toddler boy haircuts

If your natural hair is short, this is the toddler haircut to try out. You can see how the hair has the tied up section in the front. The top of the hair here acts as a headband. And then it keeps the rest of the hair away from the face. We are sure you will be able to see this becoming an everyday look.

The sleek hair with the straight cut

The sleek cut in the hair works if you want to get a clean look. What works is getting the hair in a cut that charms everyone. The added layers in the hair will look too. You can also try it out if you want that perfect haircut. We are looking at an instance here, and we adore it. In case you wanted something cuter, you can try adding a bow!

Multiple hair ties

There are so many sections in the hair here. The layering is done to give the hair that balance. Then you can tie up the hair and give it that cute toddler look. We would love to see more of such adorable cuts. For women who love to get their hair sorted out in nice ways, this will be a good look. Check it out in this collection.

The fun of an added bow

The bow you add to the hair can give you a lovely look. The added cornrows you see here are ideal for anyone. You can also get the hairdresser to do the same for you. With time, you will be able to see the tie and the braids working for you. We want to make this a beautiful look to try for the school days.

Sleek and short

These toddler haircuts are one of the most loved ones. They are sleek and subtle, and the use of cuts makes it better. The added side edge and the sleek cut is perfect. We want to see the fade on the side. It takes the work of a good hairdresser to get to this level. With time, you can also try to get the same cut!

Side fade

Shiny hair

When you think of good quality hair, you want to keep shine and texture in mind as well. He added short layers in the hair are good reflectors of light. We want you to see how this is an adorable style. Make sure you keep the toddler’s hair well oiled and balanced. That way, you can keep seeing the shiny, healthy locks on them!

Cool and easy

We want you to see the lovely cut here. It looks cool and also makes the boy look adorable. The added style with aesthetics is what makes this look perfect. We want you to get an idea of how to style the hair once it is cut. Take your boy to the best hairdresser, you know, and then you can give them a style like this.

The gentleman looks

This long hair has no sharp layers on them. The added soft section on the top gives it that gentleman look. We want you to have that schoolboy look. Toddler haircuts like this are good looking and can also give you a charming appeal. With time, you can be sure that the hair will make the baby boy look and feel cooler. It sure is on the top of the list.

Layering in the hair

The key to having a good hairdo is in charge of the layers. Without the use of these short sections, you will not be able to see any dimension. You can also add colors to the hair. And then get it in a new direction. But for toddlers, it is the hair that needs to get the textures from the cut. So here are some ideas for you.

Simple and cute

This is a simple look for sure. You can see how the hair has this same level tone. The cut is straight, and there are not many layers in the hair. With time, you can also learn to style the hair. You can take the bow and use the colors to get the hair that lovely style. Check out the collection here if you feel the need to look for ideas.

Use of hair gel

Hair gel is a hot accessory for sure. You can see how the hair gets a new set dimension when you add the product. The added sections and the thickness on the front look great. We want to see how the same look can be played with different touches. The ideal look here is to get the hair in a look that suits you the best.

Long hair

With long hair, you can get the liberty of putting them in a lot of hairstyles. The addition of the long layers can help to get many hairdos. You can get the ponytail look down. And then also braid the sections. You can see how adding some curls on the hair works as well. Check out the collection here if you want to know more.


You want to make sure your toddler haircuts are chosen well. The idea here is to get the hair in short sections. With the addition of layers, you will feel like a new person. The ease in the hair here comes from the top layer being too long. And the rest is in some short sections.

Kids who are smaller

There are some toddler haircuts that work for kids at an early age. The boys who are small get the hair on some short layers. They do not need to be bothered by the hair falling on the face. You can also get the faded side on your boys. So here are some images for you.

Tying them is an option.

When you have long hair, the top can be tied up. It makes for the thick sections. You can cut the hair on the sides. They can be short and thinned out. If you want to get the curls sorted out, this is the way to go. The addition of the section here is also lovely. Check out this image to use it as a guideline for the haircut to get.

A good braid

This is a quick hairdo to try with the long hair. You can also do them as your kid heads to the school. It is a lovely look, for sure. We want you to be the mother who takes care of these twisted sections! The lovely twists will make for a look that lasts longer and also makes an impression. You can also go for a crown braid in case you need something new!

Beautiful wedding look

Weddings give you a chance to look your best. With time, you can see how the simplest of tugs and ties can give an adorable look. You can add the flower band on the top to get this look. We want you to see yourself in the flower girl’s dress. The soft look with the braided bun works well. Subtle makeup will also work with the hair like this.

The popular one to try

There are some hairstyles that are loved by all. And then they become the looks for all of us to try. They are the toddler haircuts that hairdressers get as well. They are well adjusted to trying out these looks. The cuts are easy, and the layers are what works. Check it out in this collection here.

Some waves in the hair

Adding some waves on the hair can give it character. You can see how your baby girl looks with the curls. We can see more of the hair ties and ribbons on the hair. With time, we can see the hair to be the perfect look. This idea works for special occasions. And they are also good for birthday parties and weddings. Such occasions are perfect with these looks!

Toddler haircuts to try soon

The use of haircuts like this can give you a nice look. We want you to see how the hair on these images. The boys are looking sharp and smart. You can add to the looks by learning how to style them after the cut. The ideas here will give you something to be happy about. We are sure you will adore the options there are.

Check out the range with the toddler haircuts.

There is so much you can do for the toddler haircuts. The lovely touches of the layers work. The first one here is comic for sure! The baby has the perfect mohawk look. The idea here is to give the hair time to grow and then chop it off. You can also go for the longer sections as the ones we show here.

Fine hair for the cool kids

Looking cool or presenting yourself as that can be a good way to show off your hair. These toddler haircuts are a good way to show off the inner personality. We want to see the boys on such looks. The added looks on this collection are ideal for you. There are spikes on the hair, and the hair is trimmed on the sides. We want the same for you!

Buns are loved here!

We all love the ideas of buns! The love for long hair like this can work in so many ways. We wanted to see the space buns for long. The added buns on the hair here are followed with the top knot. You can also go for the multiple buns. The central part makes for an even better look. Check out how to get this look done.

Cuter than the rest

This is one of the loveliest toddler haircuts we have seen in a while. The added look of the hairband here looks good. The adorable look here with the cute frock also works here. You do not want to be the ones to cut the hair. When it is this short, you want the hair to be styled and accessorized! You can find these jewels and stuff anywhere.


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Clean cut and neat look

Here are some clean sections for you to see. The dark and light color schemes can give you an idea as to what looks good with the haircut. In case you wanted the locks to stand out, you can try these options.

the use of braids

Braids are a lovely choice for most of us. We love to do them, and we also adore how they are kept perfected each day. The addition of the braids and the beads on the hair here is lovely. So check out the collection here to see how it looks.

back in the day look

This is surely a look you would care to see back in the day. We love the idea of a good hairstyle, and they are the best ones for boys. We encourage you to try it out!

Easy everyday hair

When the hair is cut short, you can see the look to be easier to handle. The haircut on these toddlers can be the inspiration you need this year. It will surely give you a chance to involve your kids in the process of choosing a look.

Great look for the summer

These toddler haircuts are ideal for the kids. The hairstyles are looking good for the summer. We want to see more of the short cuts and side fades on boys. You will be able to chop off the side sections and also keep thickness on the top. Here are the best looks for you to adore.

Trendy and photogenic look

Nowadays there are some hairstyles that you can see. The idea here is to get the hairstyles done before you get them photographed. These hairstyles are looking great in the event of an everyday look. Do it with your kids, and you will be looking perfect!

Low maintenance toddler haircuts

There are some hairstyles that need less time and attention. You do not need to cut the layers time and again. So you have less time to keep heading to the salon. It saves you both time and money. We are sure you will adore the ideas. You can see it all in this collection here.

Textured hair

When you have a natural texture on the hair, you need to get this look. This is a good way to get the hair sorted out. The thickness with the curls can be trimmed out. With that, you can have more manageable hair. The curls can lie in the middle, and the rest can have thinner ends!

All about the cut

The cut here has an angle to it. You can see how the sharp side section has a straight line on it. You can see how the use of a good hair trimmer can get you to this look. The hairdressers who are good at the work can only give you this look. You cannot make the hair look good if you do not get the cut corrected!

 Modeled toddler haircuts

There are kids who model now. The lovely ideas here are from them. They are showing off toddler haircuts in this collection. You will want to look for more ideas as you go along. The idea here is to try any type of cuts and textures. We are happy to see the diverse looks.

Quick snaps around the house

When you take the time to snap some pictures during the day, you will be able to see how the hair looks! The addition of the lovely homely environment will make these images look even better. They can also make you feel like a good parent.

Picture perfect look

There are some toddler haircuts that you can try out for that perfect Instagram post. We know how the love for long hair is gaining a lot of media attention. Many advertisements are using such images. And we want to see this look becoming the next thing you try with your kid. The addition of the props is on you for sure!

Some more ideas of toddler haircuts

Here are the ideas with the best looking toddler haircuts. The options with the lovely touches of the short hair can be the best thing you do. With the use of these styles, you can be the best version of yourself. And you can try them with your kids as well. We also suggest the use of some props and cute things like specs to get this look down.

Here we have the whole collection set up with the best toddler haircuts out there. You may not have had the time to see these back in the day. But now as we are all having some free time, you can look at these ideas and choose to get something for your kid. The ones to love are the ones with the best cuts and layers. Learning how to get the hair colored and cut in ways that suit the kids is an easy way. Check out more than a hundred ways to get the hair done in this article.

With the change in time, you can see the addition of new looks in this article. The added love for the curls and long hair is ideal. We want to see most of the collection being used in everyday life. The work with the sharp layers is looking lovely. We want to see most of these 120 styles on the front page of the social media pages. The kids are the ones to love these ideas the most. So make sure you add them to the decision making process. You would not want to keep them off from the cut!


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