Triangle Braids

68 Triangle Braids for Women That Really Stand Out

If you want to add a new twist to your awesome braid hairdo, one that you do not have to think about too much about, then adding geometrical shape like triangle will be the best way to do it. It is great for any season and quite fashionable so you can stop worrying about your hairstyle for a while. The triangle braid hairdo is very easy to create with the right hairstylist. You can also try out some protective styling in order to have a gorgeous and healthy hair whatever season.

The triangle braid is not your standard box braids. Such a style needs to be meticulously sectioned off in order for it to have a triangle shape in your head. And this triangle sections will make your hairdo really unique and frame your face beautifully. And with a triangle box braid, there are unlimited styles you can create in order to make you unique than the other.

Still not sure about triangle braids? We have got some proofs to convince you. Either way, the essential part of this braiding hairstyle is that you can do whatever you want. You can always go for short or long. Stick on your hair’s natural color or select something that looks fantastical as well as fierce.

Without further ado, here are some of the best triangle braid hairstyles that will surely make you stand out from the crowd:

68 Triangle Braids That Really Stand Out

Regular Triangles

The regular triangle style matches perfectly hairs with this length. So, if you have this long hair, then this will make you really stylish. Also, if you want to try a new hairdo which is very different from your current style then this worth considering.

triangle braids

Tiny Triangle Twists

A really unique as well as an eye-catching hairstyle that is only available for girls with short hair. Irregular sectioning created irregularly shaped triangles that are very visible because of the short hair that is transformed into small twisty braids.

Braid with Red Highlights

Try a standard triangle box braid and lit it up with a couple of red braids. This will surely make you steal the show from parties and events. Either way, it is also ideal for girls who love making statements.

Star-Triangle Braid

Notice a star-like figure in the middle? This simple design is perfect to show some simple creativity with triangle braids. In fact, this triangle braid can be worn casually or on any formal events.

Match It With White

This awesome hairstyle incorporates two thickness of braids to highlight the sectioned box braids. Plus the addition of the white highlighted braid into a bun braid, really makes it super cool. Another good thing about this hairstyle is that it actually makes everything pop.

Small Triangular Braiding Design

Small triangle braids might take longer to create, however, it is much unique and beautiful when finished. Perfect for kids and adults alike who want to try a new hairstyle.

TLC Small Triangle Braids

Another example of small triangular braids that you will love. This one is in the middle of finishing that awesome hairdo. Also, this beautiful braided hairstyle will surely protect your hair from future damage.

Braided Curls

If you are tired of the same old drop-down braided hairdo, then try a triangular braid with a simple twist. Just make the ends curl with the help of a curler. Then make a top bun in order to spice up your hairdo. Either way, it is a simple yet cute hairstyle.

A Two-Colored Style

Sometimes all you ever need is a little change in color to boost your hairdo. Braids always look awesome as well as attractive with two different colors and the added irregular triangles. Thus, if you want to spice up your hairstyle, then sporting this style is not a bad idea.

Highlighting Triangles

Beautifully highlight sections of your hair with extra thinner braids running through it. This should create an awesome as well as cool look. Then tie some braid strands together for a more unique look and show off those thinner braids.

Black and Blonde

For a summer hair shade, you can never really go wrong with a blond and black combination. Just look at this amazing triangle box braid style with a mixture of black and blond in a braided strand. Trust us, you can’t go wrong with black and blonde triangle braid hairstyle.

Elegant Updo Style

Do some long triangle braids then get half of the braided strands and make it into a classy, elegant bun for a chic and party-ready look. Finish off and spice your hairdo with some accessories as well as chic dress and you are ready to party!

Styled Buns

Doing triangle braid will make you original, but styling each braided strands to a stylish bun like this one will make it more unique. Just do not shove all braid strand into a bun. Try to style some braided stands and add a bit of accessory in some strands to make you look awesome. Nonetheless, this hairdo is ideal for working ladies who don’t have enough time to style their hair. 

Hair Sectioning

This is the beginning process of doing a triangle box braid. I think this one is going for a thicker braid and with a 2-color hairdo. Even though this hairstyle looks hard to duplicate, it is still worth considering since it will make you the center of attraction.

Different Sizes of a Triangle

You can also do a triangle hairstyle without doing any braids. For straight hairs who do not want to braid every single strand, you can just create five sections and create different sized triangles like this one.  Then tie them all together and add some ribbon for a girly, cute look. Looks amazing right? This one is perfect for kids.

Splashes of White

In this hairstyle, there are only a few braided strands which have a different color. However, when added to make a top bun, the result looks like splashes of white on a black hair. Then add just a single accessory for 4 to 5 braided strands and you are good to go.

Ponytail Triangle Styles

A good triangle style does not need a braid, just like this one. See this ponytail triangles? It looks absolutely cute and amazing to kids hairdo. This is done by sectioning to alternate sides in order to create a long side triangle then finishing it by tying them together into a twintail with a beautiful ribbon.

Add Some Braided Bangs

Braids do not necessarily mean you can’t have some bangs. You can still add some bangs, especially with triangular braids. Just take one or two braid strands and put them on the front and you will have bangs like this one. SPice it up with 1 or more accesories in a single braid strand and with a hint of violet hidden somewhere.

Cute Flowergirl Style

If you are looking for a flower girl hairdo for your kid, then look no more. This triangle-sectioned ponytail with a beautiful, perfect bun at the center is perfect for any events. Then decorate the already beautiful bun with colorful hair ties and a flowerlike accessory on the bun.

Small Curly Braid

A standard triangle small box braids in medium hair. This will really look amazing as well as cool for kids.

Thick Braids Hairdo

If you have really thick hair, then do the thick braid that is sectioned like zigzag more than triangles. And with the golden highlight, this hairstyle will surely turn heads.

Intricate Long Triangular Braid

Now, this is a triangle braid hairdo that is completely different than the rest. It looks more like a zigzag look plus the intricate thin to thick sided braid is really amazing. Finish it with some colorful accessories that cover some strands of the hair. If you want a unique look then this one is perfect for you.

A Look Above

This is a standard triangle box braid photographed from above to show you just how amazing the triangular sections of the hair. On the other hand, with really small braids, you get to show the triangle sections more.

Simple Side Braid

This simple triangle braid parted on the side gives it a stylish and soft look. With small box braids, it is quite perfect to flaunt with a really long hair. With this hairstyle, you will surely receive lots of good compliments all day.

Twisty Triangular Braids

The triangular sections of this hairdo are made from twisty braids that should give a whole ‘nother look. Parted on one side with flower-like patterns on the head because of the triangle sectioning, this should give you the party look you always wanted.

Center-Parted Triangular Hairdo

Parted from the center, this triangle box braid will surely turn some heads, especially this braid size and with a visible symmetrical triangle on top. Either way, if you’re looking for a hairstyle that is certain to turn heads, then this one is for you.

Small Purple Braids

A beautiful as well as stunning hairdo because of its eye-catching purple shade with tiny box braids for an intricate look. This one sectioned her hair that looks like a box than a triangle but still looks really awesome.

Golden Hair

Shine like a diamond and turn heads while you walk with a golden color. This golden braided look is perfect for the summer season and will surely draw eyes wherever you go. Complete the look by sprucing it up with some accessories anywhere you would like.

Long Hair Braid Styles

Triangle braids are the best for really long hair like this one which should provide convenience for you. Moreover, these triangle braids are suitable for ladies who prefer longer hair length.

Medium Sized Style

Easy to style and low maintenance, a medium sized triangular braid will surely make you stylish for months. In addition to that, the sectioning looks a bit of a zigzag than a triangle.

Thin Styling

Created with thin braids and small sections of triangles for a summer look you will love. It is also another example of simple triangle braids.

Adding Some Accessory

Now, this is not an ordinary triangle box braid where all your hairs are braided to the scalp. This one only took some strands and braided them while still created some triangular sections. Plus, it adds beautiful accessories in order to make the hairdo more attractive and stylish.

2-size Braids + Bun Styling

Another great example of a triangle braid that uses 2 different thickness of braid strands. This one also boasts a huge bun for a sexy partial updo that every girl out there will surely love.

Add Multiple Color

This one is great braid styles with various shade of colors to make it more stylish and attractive. Created with small box braids, her hair sectioning is a bit odd that makes the triangle look really irregular.

Standard Triangle Braid         

This is another example of a triangular braid that women will surely love. Also, this will give you a whole new different appearance.

Side-Parted Triangle Box Braids

This is your regular triangle-sectioned box braid but as you can see she parted it on the side for a different look. The thing about this hairdo is that you can wear them wherever you go.

Irregular Triangles

I did say it is irregular because the triangle’s sizes and shapes vary making it look stylish rather than messy. Then an adorable bun to finish an awesome look with accessories anywhere. This triangle braids hairstyle is perfect to wear at the beach.

Center-Parted Braid

Another example of a center-parted triangle braid with some accessories to highlight its awesomeness. This hairdo can be styled for an half-up half-down style or just clipping one side of braided strands will do. Nevertheless, most girls will like this hairdo due to its simplicity.

Back + Golden Blonde Braids

See how the color black and golden blonde works together in a braided strand? Then the sectioned triangles were highlighted with a thinner brain for an attractive look this summer. Then, just add some favorable accessories that will spice things up.

Thick Triangular Braids

This girl chooses large, thick braid strands to make her triangle braids. Then added a huge top bun to finish it off. And her red highlights on 4 braided strands with a yellow-like tie that circles each strand make her hairdo really awesome.

Accessories for Each Braids

A standard-sized box braids sectioned for a triangular shape is spiced up with the addition of accessories on each braided strands, some with two accessories on a single strand.

Sexy Copper Style

Other than gold and red, copper-colored box braids really look amazing and sexy, don’t you think? This is also added some accessories that spice up her whole hairdo.

Protecting the Style

Whenever you try to do a triangle braids, you also need to add some protective product to make it last longer. Overall, it is an awesome hairstyle that you can try this year.

Shining Braids Hairdo

This girl used some protective shiny product in order to protect her gorgeous box braids with a triangle shape. Nevertheless, if you want to keep your hair protected while keeping it attractive, then this one is for you.

Center Triangle Design       

This hairstyle created such amazing sections that looks like a line star and looks really awesome. Plus, it’s a great style that you’re sure to love.

Extra Small Braids

Small braids can be really hard but extra small braids are much difficult. On the other hand, the end result is an amazing hairdo like this one with perfect symmetrical triangles.

A Bold Center-Parted Style

Another example of a symmetrical center-parted braid but this time they created medium sized braids for a bolder look. Furthermore, it is a simple hairstyle that you can wear anywhere.

Thin Irregular Triangle Braids

The sections of this braid are not quite similar to the other, but it creates a messy, yet creative look you will love. IT is made with small box braids in order to create that many triangular shapes in the head. Similar to the previous hairstyle, this one also looks simple and versatile.

Simple Center-Parted Braids

Another center-parted braid that looks really amazing. This one has symmetrical triangles that are really awesome.


Triangular Dreadlocks

Well, this is not a box braid, however, its triangle style on the scalp looks really amazing with the dreadlocks and the amazing blond colors.

Special Braid Style

With different sizes of braids, you can surely rock any parties as well as events. This one goes with thick box braids and has an extra thin braid that highlights the sectioned hairs for a really awesome look.

Standard Braids

Here is another example of a triangle-style box braid on really long hair, midway through the making. Though it takes a lot of time to finish.

Cute Thin Style

This box braid with triangle-style looks really amazing on this cute kid with her short hair and thin hair.

Straight Braid Style

If you want a cool braid design for your kid, then you do not need to create the tight box braids. A regular braid will do. Just have three section then tie them to a knot. The center knot will have two braided strands and each side knots will be created into a single braid just like this one in order to have a triangle-style braid. Then two braid strands will be tied together with a cute little ribbon. And to finish the amazing hairdo, do a regular braid all the way down.

Single Triangle on Circle Style

A single triangle section braid all around your head simply looks amazing and is perfect for your kids to wear. Finishing it with a colorful bow tie, this makes it really perfect for any events or even at weddings.

Center-Parted Style

Another center-parted style with triangles on top for a unique look.

Small Box Braids

This beautiful box braid parted on the side is perfect for any event or season. It is a mediuim sized box braid with irreular sectioning for the triangle shape.

Braided Bun

Created as a triangle box braid then tied together for a top bun, this hairstyle really is unique and one-of-a-kind with a really large bun on top of the head.

A Shade of Red Box Braid Style

The hot red color of this braid really looks amazing! This triangle style braid takes some top braid strands and should be tied together for a half-up half-down look that is super stylish.

Box-Braided Bun

Buns are always a fun and creative way to spice up your braids just like this one. Perfect for long hair like this one, the bun gives some visibility to the awesomeness of the triangle box braid at the back.

Long Triangle Braids

This one is perfect for those with really long hair that they want to show yet needs some a bit of convenience. Parted on one side, this girl spices it up with some accessories halfway through her braided strands to catch some eyes.

Doing a Triangle-Style Box Braid

This is how to create those gorgeous triangle-style box braids for a unique look. Starting from the bottom to top and sectioning in order to create a perfect triangle style shape.

Standard Styles

The thicker braids you have, then the fewer braids you will need to do. It is a simple style that will surely make you look awesome. You can choose whether to part it on one side or center. But in this case, she chooses sideways.

A Pop of Color

I have to admit it the cool grey coloring makes this hairstyle really amazing. It just makes the whole head cool. These are small braids, some hold accessories to spice things up.


There you have it, the 68 triangle braids that will make you stand out whatever you do and wherever you go. Nevertheless, if you really want to try something new and different hairstyle, trust us, you cannot go wrong with triangle braids. So, which of these hairstyles you cannot wait to try out.


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