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108 Marvelous Twist Braids Techniques That Will Make You Shine

Braided hairstyles are the classiest hairstyles of all. With the full range of braided hair techniques, the classic braids could win the heart of everyone. Ranging from the thin tree braids to the thick twist braids, it has its beauty. The less time-consuming twist braid is the first choice of everyone these days. As it works for the different colors and textures of the hair, it is one of the best hairstyles that anyone could afford.

So, why not try some twists and give your hair a completely different look? If you have thin and less volumed hair, you do not need to worry about making it look perfect. Here is the best hairstyle that you can ever try for your hair. Try these awesome twist braiding tricks to look fabulous. The African skin and face you look perfect with this braiding style.

Simple and Thick Twist Braid on Black Hair

Thick dreadlocks could look beautiful on hair. And, so could the other braids look. If you want something like the dreadlocks, here you have the most amazing braids of all the braiding techniques. Twist braids can make you look sexy as well as glamorous. At the time, it can also give you a cute look which you desire to have. So, why not try the twist braiding styles to shine?

twist braid


High Volume Brunette Highlighted Hair

Brunette highlights and brown shades look amazing on any hair color and any braiding techniques. It is a perfect match for twists too. The essence of this hairstyle cannot be compared to any other hairstyles. As it is one of the most prevalent hairstyles and is famous worldwide, its popularity is increasing. So, go for it.



Perfect Black Twist Braid

As the twists come in different shapes, sizes, and colors, it is the ideal hairstyle for anyone. Black twists can make your hair look beautiful. Also, if you have an African face and a dark skin type, this is probably the best hairstyle that you can have. Never say no to the twists. Always stay on the trend with the simple twists you apply to your hair.

Long and Beautiful Twist Braid

Long hair is the dream of everyone. Everyone wishes to have a varying hair length, but the long hair is what everyone wants. The long and sharp twist braid looks like rope on a strand. If you like small twist braids, you can also try it on your long hair. Don’t say no, this hairstyle ever.

Designs on the Twist Braid

Who says the twists look boring and dull? Here is what you can do to modify your twist braid to get a completely new look. You don’t need to worry of managing your hair. Also, there will be no troubles to style your hair again and again. Hence, apply some designs on your twist braid hairstyles to look amazing.

Small Twist Braids

The twist comes in shapes and sizes. So, you never need to worry if your hair will look bulky while you apply twists to your hair. If you are not a fan of high volume hair, then you can quickly go with the small twist braids to give less volume to your hair. Also, you can add highlights and colors if you like. So, don’t you worry and get different colors on your hair. You will shine!


Sexy Black

Instead of trying your regular braids, sometimes you can switch to the sexy black twists. As the hair gets twisted around the other, you will have a high volume. The high volume will automatically make you stand sexy and gorgeous among all. Also, the color black can add shine to your hair. With this, you will get the feminine look.

The Simplest of all

Twist braid hairstyles could differ. But, it will always make you shine like a diamond. Your hair won’t lose the charm while you try this hairstyle. Apply a light makeup or do not apply to powder at all. You won’t look bad with either of them. So, if you are worried that twists look good only on makeup, you are wrong and need to change the way your thinking. Be sure your twists will make you look good everywhere you go, with or without makeup.

Baby Hairs on Show

Are you afraid of showing off your baby hair? Do you want to hide the baby’s hair as much as possible? Or would you like to show your baby hair and get a new look? If so, here you have the best way to show off the baby hair that you have. With no worries of hiding it, you can flaunt the sexy braids that you have.

Medium Twist Braids

Medium length hair is the best hair length that you can have for these kind of braids. You can flaunt your hairstyle by applying no effort to it. It is the perfect hairstyle for any lady. If you like it long, then you have to try to add some braids or making the twists a little lose. In this way, you can escape the volume too.

Long and Shiny Black Braids

How to twist braid black hair? If you want an answer to how to manage or make a twist braid, all you need to do is take two sections of your hair. After diving your hair into the two parts, you should overlap one part to the other. As you overlap, you will get some rope-like hair design on your beautiful hair. This is the way to do these kinds of braids. Your black hair will shine with light.

Full Volume Twist Braid

Do you like a full volume hairstyle? Are you planning to get a hairstyle that will look good on everything? If yes, here you have the colored and the sexy full volume twists. Unlike the normal twists, these twists give volume to your hair. Although it might look a little heavy on your hair, you will surely have a good time styling your hair and going out to a party. So, try this for sure.

The Ever Gorgeous Black and Shiny Twists

Do you want a hairstyle for a glossy look? Here you have the best hairstyles that you can make for the bright look that you apply on your face. While you can make time for the makeup, you should also spare some time for the twist braid if you want to look smoking hot and sexy. Add some round earrings to your ears to get a finished look.

Designs on the small twists

Small twist braids could come with a lot of models as it does not have much volume. Unlike the massive and voluptuous twists, you can have a naturally soft look with the small twists. After you twist your hair, you can turn it into different designs as you wish. Also, you can try French braid on your already twist braided hair.

Golden Twists on Long Hair

Have you thought about coloring your hair and trying some braids on it? If you have thought of it, you are probably taking your hair in the right direction. Here is an example of the simple look that you can obtain from the long and colored hair that you have. You don’t need to worry about the skin color you have. This hairstyle and color look perfect on all kinds of skin and faces. So, try it!

Slightly Messy Twists

Tired of the simple and easy twist braids? If you are so sick of the normal schedule of the braids that you already have, you should sometimes try these simple twists, which will make you feel crazy and hot. All you need to do is manage your already twisted hair and give it a sexy little look. With the new look you have, you will break millions of hearts.

Unique Colored Braids

Bored of the same black and brown color on your hair? Although black and brown suits all skin types, sometimes the same hair color that you carry on your head can make you look dull. Also, your face will lose charm. With the lost charm, you will have difficulty in gaining confidence. So, why not try the colored braids that look unique and can bring back your confidence, making you look extra? Try this super sexy look.

Rope Like Twist Braid

Do you want to turn your hair to something that looks exactly like the rope? If yes, you can try this rope hairstyle to give your head a different look. Also, you can try the color of your choice. It will look shiny and can make your hair look exactly like a rope. Add some pink lipstick and a little makeup so that the people won’t be confused if it’s you or the actual rope. Have fun, fooling people!


Half Updos on the Twists

The small twist braids could be modified to anything that you like. If you want to try modifications to your twists, you need to seek the small braids rather than striving the voluptuous and thick braids. In this way, you can also turn your hair into a simple updo that you want too.

Side Partition Thick Black Braid

The side partition on the twist braid looks perfect. You can always try the braids with side partition to give a new look to your face. Unlike the middle partition, side partition can make you feel like a different human being and provide a unique look. So, why not try the side partition?

Crazy Updo with Twist Braid

No wonder twists always look fancy. But, the best thing the twist braid can do is give you a completely different look. With the twists that you carry over your head, you get the new experience of a new hairstyle. So, take a chance to transform your hairstyle into a cute and fancy updo to flaunt your braided hair.

Hair Decoratives with the Twists

Twists can be used with certain hair decoratives too. The hair accessories, when applied to the twists, can give you a different look. Your hair will look completely different and decorated. Although you put no effort into styling the twists you have, you will look like you have put a lot into it. So, try the hairstyle.

Falling Updo

As the updos of the twists can look crazy and memorable at the same time, the falling down updo could be a new experience. As a new experience, you can collect twists from either side of your hair and then give it a falling shape. Then, collect the hair in the middle of your hair at the skull. In this way, you will gain a new hairstyle which will make you look different and attractive. Hence, try this new updo. This hairstyle can make you look unique at the parties too.

Half Updos from the middle on Twist Braid

As already said, the updos of the twists can be pleasing. It can look beautiful and attractive at the same time. With the beautiful look that you gain from your twisted updos, you can try a new style too. Take half the hair from the middle of your head. Then, from the other two sides of your hair, leave the hair open, applying some twists. You will get to experience a new hairstyle. Everyone will be shocked to see this new hairstyle on you.

Easy and Simple Middle Length Twist Braid

Medium twist braids will never go out of fashion. Unlike other twists which look either too long or too short, these kind of twists can give your oval head a new look. You can experience the boldness of your hair and your face. So, why not try the adorable hair technique on your perfectly black hair? Do try it!

One-Side Falling Twists

Twists could be modified in any form. While you can apply a twist to all the hair on your head or only half of it on the skull, you can also apply it on half of your hair on the head too. Take half the hair and leave it open. From the other half of your head, take the separate twists, and then take it to the other side. Experience the joy of this new hairstyle.

The Crazy and Hot High Volume Twists

High Volumes can make you look hot and sexy at some times. Although this hairstyle does not suit your face most of the time, it can make you look good at times. While you experience the joy of your new hairstyle, you can get a new look from it. Try this high volume twists!

Brown and Small Twist Braids

Brown color on the twists can make you feel gorgeous. Small twist braids have a natural effect of providing a glow to your face. You can always gain a new look while you cut your long hair and then get the look of the small twists. This hairstyle is the perfect hairstyle that you can have in summer and on different occasions. So, why not try the simple and soft small twist braids?

Purple-toned Twist Braid

While you apply color to your twists, it can give you an unbelievable look. As you apply different colored tones to your hair, your face will gain a unique look. As the uniqueness on your face will increase, you will feel like a fashion diva with the gorgeous purple highlights on your twists, which look the black from the far. Try it!

Red Colored Twists

Twists with volumes could look adorable. To add more to it, color can be applied to it. Bright colors like red and pink can give the twists more hotness. If you are a fan of bright colors in your hair, you should surely try the twists with these colors. Here you have the result of applying red to the twists.

Puffs on the Twists

What about the winds on the braided hair? One of the most satisfying things you could do is try the easy twist braids with winds. This style will give you a completely new styling to your hair. Also, it might add a different look on your hair and face because the hair will go upward. If updos suit you, but you do not want it, you should try the puffs on the twists.

Waves and the Twists

Wavy hair is what everyone wishes. But, the twists and the waves make the perfect combination. When the twists come with the waves, they can have a significant effect on your hair. In the end, it will look like the ropes are untangled. This look seems very sexy. So, why not try it?

Sexy Two Colored Twists

Do you want to try twist braid styles on your smooth hair? The twists look too good on the long and soft hair. You can get a satisfying look for your hair when you apply two-color highlights in your hair. With no worries of struggling to look better, you will feel safe and happy with the new hairstyle you have.

African Style

As already said, twists look a lot better on the African face than the simple Asian look. If you are a fan of twists, you should try it on the African face you have. You can always flaunt the new and sexy hairstyle you have. Nevertheless, you can also try this on a Mongolian face. Black twists make you look the hottest.

Messy Curls

Twists can sometimes look like curls too. The coils could look bulky on your light hair, but it can give you a sexy look. Try this excellent braiding style to stay on trend in the year 2020. Good luck!

Volumed up Twists

The high volume twists can be modified into any styles that you want. It can make you feel pleasant and sexy. At times, you will want to rock your new hairstyle and have a good time. While you head to a party or on the beach, people will flatter you with love for your new haircut. So, be happy with the haircut that you will have. Also, try it as soon as possible.


Updo with a Ribbon

Twisted updos look very good. When you apply some accessories like hair band bans and ribbon to your twists and tie it into an updo, you will look very different. The new hairstyle that you will create will be able to turn millions of heads. Try this awesome hairstyle!

Varying Thickness Twists

Small twist braids and medium twist braids together can be a great combination. You can apply the different thicknesses of twists in your head. At the begging of your forehead where the hair starts, try the small braids. Then, move to the part of the skull and try the thick and heavy twists. You will make a new hairstyle out of your braids.

Snake Updos on Twist Braids

Do you want to animate your twists? If you’re going to, here you go with the perfect animation for your twists. You can make your shiny hair turn into something that looks like a snake. As the updo will have heavy volume, the updo will look like the head of the snake. As it gets thinner with the length, it seems like the body of the snake. Go and try the new animation technique on your hair, which you make you look marvelous.

Twists with a Pony

Ponies are one of the most flattering hairstyles of all. The beauty that a ponytail can give you cannot be compared to something else. While you apply twists to your ponytail, you will look unbelievable. To gain the result, try it!

Noodle on Twist Braids

Are you tired of a regular twist braid and want to try a new hairstyle? Do you not want to leave twists again? Here is the solution for your love for twists and the urge to gain a modern look. You can flatter yourself by applying the noodle twists in your hair. To look different and better, try tying it into an updo.

Short and Spiky Twists Braids

The spikes in the twists would look perfect. If you want to try a new spiky hairstyle, try these simple spikes with the twists to get a good look. Have fun making up a new hairstyle!


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