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124 Eye Catching Updos For Long Hair To Look Flawless

Having long hair is such a mess to handle. It makes no sense to wear it down every time. Do you have a big headache while coming to managing your log hair when it comes to any occasion like; wedding or prom? Or, do you want your long hair look good in any formal or casual event? Here we have your all-time favorite updos for long hair that you will love for sure.
This summer, flaunt your long hair showing your face, neck, and eyes trying simple updos.

Circular French Braid Updo

To create this simple and gorgeous look, you don’t need to visit a salon. You can build it by French braiding your hair, in your home itself. This updo can go everywhere from wedding to formal events. So, give it a try.


Curly Updo on Black Hair

Everyone thinks that black hair is just not for updos. Remove this misconception trying this perfect curly black hair updo. Updos for Black hair look adorable as well as elegant. You can shine with it. Give it a try!

Highlighted Wrapped Updo

Updos for long hair prom is a troublesome task. You can never decide which hair to make for your dance with comfort. But, you can highlight your hair and do a simple updo. Wrap your hair beautifully, and you will gain this beautiful look. Try!

Slight Updo With Curls

Curls are always on trend. Updos for long hair give curls more fascinating look. Try this simple, natural going curls on your hair. Take a portion of your hair and clip it. Then, leave the remaining part of your hair with the flow. You can get this fabulous look with just a simple touch.

Blonde Dutch Braided Updo

We love romantic updos, don’t we? Certainly, we do. Romantic updos look flawless and jaw-dropping. You can prepare yourself well for any occasion. This hairstyle can be one of your best updos for long hair wedding. Your wedding will rock in the white gown with this gorgeous hairstyle.

Unicorn Crimped

Elegant and fascinating at the same time, you will be glad to have this unicorn color on your hair. All you do is unicorn color your hair and wrap it into an updo. With no doubt, your beautiful hair will flaunt all occasions. Give your hair some effort and receive praising.

Beautiful Wedding Curly Updo

Wedding hairstyle is a big thing to decide soon. But after seeing this gorgeous curly wedding updo, you will surely want this hairstyle for your big day. Try this ever beautiful updos for long hair on your wedding and add some accessories to it. You will receive the best compliments.

Gorgeous Highlighted Updo

This gorgeous highlighted low bun will work on any hair. Importantly, it looks perfect on highlighted hair. You can do this low bun updo to look beautiful and sexy in any formal occasion as well as official events. Try this to make your highlighted hair flaunt.

Sexy and Bold Updo for Straight Hair

Straight hair looks classy as well as fancy. You will never fail to shine with your updo if you try it on a shiny and soft straight hair. Flaunt this easy going and sassy hairstyle for any occasion. Also, you can feel gorgeous with this updos for long hair easy.


Classy Curls on Updo

Curls are always the most fashionable of all updos. This stunning and ever gorgeous hairdo make you flaunt your wedding. If you want to look beautiful and rock your hairstyle in your big day, try this to flaunt and shine. Catch the eyes of people who see you.

Easy Low Bun Updo

Low Buns make you look classy and flawless. For formal occasions and usual school hairdo, you can try this amazingly beautiful and easy low bun updo. All you need is some clips, and you can flaunt it. It looks sassy and makes you ready for any events like prom and wedding party. Try this!

Messy High Bun Updo

Wedding hairstyle is always a big deal to choose. With long hair, it is still a dilemma to make it look excellent and stunning with no flaws. But, to give your hair a finished and good look, you can try this sexy and elegant hairstyle to flaunt any reception party or your wedding ceremony.


Buns For Sun-Kissed Hair

Your sun-kissed hair can look perfectly blended and ready for your sunny day with this simple bun. Updos for long hair long can be a great deal but not when you tie it into easy and straightforward buns. So, to make your hairstyle look perfectly fine, try this fantastic look.

French Updo For Brown Hair 

French Updo can make your hair look elegantly beautiful and classy. You never have to wonder if your hair looks gorgeous or not. All you need to do is follow updos for long hair step by step. And, as a product, you can get this beautiful and always on fashion hairstyle.

Easy Everyday Bun

Ever felt like your hairstyle has become a total burden to you? If yes, no worries. We have a haircut that can make you go well daily. This easy everyday bun is very simple and only needs little effort. You can try this in school and as well in beaches too. Always flaunt this ever-trendy hairstyle.

French Braided Low Updo

French Braid can make your hair look marvelous. And, low bun adds more to it. You can flaunt this hairstyle at desi wedding parties. Also, you can add some hair accessories and can make it shine more. Try this at least once.

Messy Low Bun with Dutch Braid

How to make your messy hair look well? Try this amazing hairstyle to flaunt your rough and messy hair. Plate your hair into Dutch braid from the frontal side and make a low bun at the end collecting all hairs. You then get a finished look of a fine hairstyle.

Twisted Hairdo For Red Hair

Red hair is always the best hair color that you can have. The braided hairstyle can make it look more beautiful as it gives red a very close look. Try this elegant and eye-catching twisted updo for your red colored hair this summer and shine in the lights of the sun.

Side Bun With Fringes

The bun can look adorable and practical too. For proms and parties, buns are unique and widely used hairstyle. To make your hair look practical and to get gorgeous comments, try this beautiful hairdo for dance. Fringes make your face less visible and give your hair a bright look.

Flower-Like Bun

Flower hairstyle is the best for any occasion. It can make your hair look romantic. For your confidence to rise, it plays like good support. From wedding to simple parties, it can make your hairstyle look the best among all. So, try this hairstyle to look fresh and adorable. Add a few items to give it a finished look

Fully Braided Buns

Fully Braided buns are very popular this season. This hairstyle looks okay from the bride to small school children. You can try this from spring to summer. Also, you can try this on dates and look as glamorous as ever. Try this to look perfect.

Puffed Waterfall  Curls

Buns are not only the option for your hairdo. You can try beautiful as well as stunning hairstyle without buns too. Try this waterfall curls that go straight down to make your hair look classy. Add puffs in the frontal side to give it a subtle and sexy look. Don’t say no to this.

Loose Updo

Updos always look better on loose strands. Try this beautiful and hot hairstyle form prom this summer. You can also try this at your office when you want to give your hair an entirely new look. You will never get tired and bored with your long hair if you try this simple updo for long hair easy.
  Rolled Braided Hair 

Braids are always fashionable and trendy. Due to its versatile nature, they still gain popularity. You can rock this hairdo even if you have no time as this is easy and versatile. So, if you want to rock this super easy and simple hairstyle, try it.

Easy Curled Braids

You can try this super easy and fancy hairstyle if you follow this cute updo for straight hair easy. Make your hair into simple curls and then tie it into a low bun. There you can create a very new and fancy look. Also, you can try this anywhere from a wedding to the prom

  Mermaid Braids With Low Bun

Firstly, plait your hair into loose mermaid braids from the frontal side. Then, from the middle section try small mermaid braids. After that, tie your hair into low buns. You will look adorable and gorgeous.

High Puffed Updo With Dutch Braid

You can have this adorable and magnificent hairstyle to rock any casual occasions as well as parties. This high puffed bun can make you shine like you never did.

Cute Messy Low Bun

Unlike high buns, low buns are very popular this season. If you love the combinations of both buns and braids, this is the style for you. It looks not only romantic but also super feminine. You can wear it on a date, meetings with friends and even the wedding. Whatever be the occasion, make sure you give it a try.

Bun With Lose Waves

Wavy hair is the new trend of the hairstyles. Wavy hair looks extraordinarily adorable and fashionable on buns. Try this simply amazing and stunning hairstyle to rock any wedding and prom parties. You will catch all eyes staring at you.

Low Side Bun

Side buns never fail to make you give a finished and alluring look. Try this low side bun with a side partition. It makes your hair look classy and your face clean and visible. So, why not try a new look this wedding season?

Simple Bridal Updo

Bridal updos are always known for its massive makeover. This bridal season, try this easy and elegant updo for your wedding. With no doubt, you will merely rock updos for long hair wedding and leave a good mark in everyone’s heart as a beautiful bride. To make it look appealing, you can add a flower on the side.

Flawless Braided Bun with Flower

Buns never fail to give your hair a polished look if you add braids to it. Adding more to your gorgeous and eye attracting updo, you can place some flowers on the top to give your updo a finished look. Try it!

Shiny Simple Updo With Fringe

Do you want a little updo for your shiny hair that will work casually as well as on parties? Here you have, the finest updos of all time. This hairstyle is the simplest updo. Casual Updos for long hair never fails to make you look amazing. Try it with a fringe.

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Fancy Braided Hair

Tired of simple hairstyles? If yes, try this super easy a gorgeous hairstyle that can make eyes turn to you with its appealing look. All you need is to braid your hair from sides and collect it into one. You will get the hairstyle that you always dreamt.

Simple Braided Headband Updo

Headband Updo is the trend of the season. Your gorgeous hair looks dashing if you add headband updos to it. Try this alluring headband updo to look beautiful.

Curled Hair Into Updo

If you are thinking that you made a mistake curling your hair because you can’t get a good updo, you are wrong. You can get this messy but cute updo with your previously curled hair. All you need is some good tactics to turn it into an updo. This hairstyle is one of the best updos for long hair prom.

Rose Low Updo

Your brown hair looks perfect when turned into a rose updo. You can flaunt this hairstyle anywhere. Try this super gorgeous and alluring hairstyle to look beautiful..

High Donought Updo

If you want a simple but bold look, try this fantastic high do naught Updo. If how to do updos for long hair is your question, here we have this cool updo. Try it.

Sassy  Braided Fairy Updo

Do you dream of looking like a fairy? If so, you can try this braided updo. All you need to do is, follow updos for long hair step by step and then you will get this gorgeous look. Don’t miss this.

Voluptuous Bun

Confused with braids and bun? Why don’t you try both? The styled bun with braid will make you look flawless. No matter you are a bride or a bridesmaid, this voluptuous bun with curls will make you look super sexy and alluring. Try this.

Bold Curled High Updo

Take all your hair and place it at the top to tie it into an updo. Curl your hair and make a bun of it. There you will get a very fancy updo with no effort at all. Don’t say NO to this hairstyle.


Braids on Single Side

This fancy updo is breath-taking. You can gain an excellent and elegant look that you make you look adorable. On casual occasions, your hair will look worth to a million dollars. With this updo, make sure that you put on an earring to flaunt it even more.


Updos For Long Hair With Step

Here we have updos for long hair step by step to make it easy for you to get ready for any occasion yourself. Follow these simple steps and shine this wedding season.

Messy Round Donought Updo

This Messy and round updo makes you look gorgeous no matter what kind of face you have. It matches all type of face structure and makes you look sexy. Try it with a headband.

Ponytail With Braids

Easy ponytail always looks dull and ancient. But, if you add beautiful loose braids to your ponytail, you will get a modern and fancy look. You can take this hairstyle anywhere you go. Try this easy and gorgeous hairstyle to look elegant. A hair scarf can make it look modern.

Easy 2-Step Updo

If you have a formal occasion with no one around and the updo is a must, you can try this easy updo. How to do updos for long hair will never be a big question. Plait your hair and put it into a bun. You will get this look.

High Updo With Fringes

Looking good is never a tough thing to do if you add fringes to your updo. Edges make your hair look adorable and gives your face a new look. If you are tired of your simple updos, try this easy updo with a fringe. With no doubt, you will look classy.

Fancy Curled Updo

This curly, high updo will look good on hair with any color and thickness. The updo offers a gorgeous look which seems ideal for a wedding. It gives you an eye-catching look — thumbs up to it.

Low Bun With White Rose

Buns with roses look great on your wedding day. You will get this fancy look for your new day adding a white rose to your great curled hairstyle. Flaunt your big day with this easy hairstyle.

Perfect Bridal Hairstyle

If you are thinking of an ideal hairstyle for your big day, we are serving you with this new bridal hair technique. This hairstyle is not only classy but makes all heads turn to you in your big day. Try this for your wedding; you will be a gorgeous bride.

Crimped Hair With Rubberbands

Crimped hair looked gorgeous when tied with a rubber band and made into a bun. Try this style to get a new look for your updos for long hair easy. You will slay.

Puffed Updo With Headband

If you want to get back the trends of the 80s, try this headband puffed hairstyle. Make a high puff of your hair and make a low bun. You will then get a new and fashionable look. Help this trend to get back trying it.

Braided Simple Bun

You can get this look by braiding your hair and tying it into a bun at the end. This hairstyle gives your face visibility and makes your eyes and nose prominent. It adds boldness to your face and never fail to make you look good.You can get this look by merely braiding your hair and tying it into a bun at the end. This hairstyle gives your face visibility and makes your eyes and nose prominent. It adds boldness to your face and never fails to make you look good.

Messy Long Bun

Short and round buns are totally out of trend. For the pattern of the 20, ‘s try this gorgeous long bun to give your hair a new look. Try this.

Flower Updo

Flower updo is the most natural type of braid that you can do to your hair. You need patience and help from someone else to give it a finished look. But, after you get done, you will get the finest updos for long hair of all times. Try it at least once.

Running Side Braid

A simple straight braid is out of trend. If you think you need to change your hairstyle, try this new side braid. You don’t need to put much effort. Plait your braids as you did for straight but start from one side of the hair and end it on the other. You will get a completely and admirable look.

Simple Bun With Accessories

Accessories add a lot to hair. It can make your hair look fancy and also can make it look eye-attracting. All you need to do for this hairstyle is to wrap your hair into a simple bun and then add an accessory to it. You will flaunt it with no doubt.

Fancy Braids

Braids sometimes might not look appealing as you think. To make your twist look good and shine your hairstyle, try this simple braided look. You will rock for sure.

Braided Updo

This look is the most uncomplicated updo look that you can get. You require no effort for this hairstyle. All you need to do is plait dutch braids and collect the end of your hair into an updo. Try this.



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