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72 Amazing V Cut U Cut Hair For New Transformation

Getting the right kind of hairstyle for you may seem like a daunting task, but all it takes is a little bit of work and patience while you wait. That said, we see so many kinds of hairstyles that it really overwhelms us in every fleeting sense. There are styles like different kinds of braids, bob cut, lob, cuts, and god know the other kinds of hair that come in the way. That said, you don’t have to worry about it all that much because we’ve got you covered from top to bottom. We present you V cut, and U cut hair.

Yes, these hairstyles are as simple as they sound and perform great in your everyday life as well. Don’t you worry about all that stuff because we’re really not lying here? The V-cut & U-cut hairstyles are some of the easiest and also fall under a quick fix category when it comes to hairstyles. Remember what we just said. These styles of hair fall under the quick fix section of hair and can help you immensely in many cases.

Let’s say that you got highlights on your hair ends, but you don’t like it, or they did not come off as you thought it would. That said, this haircut remains perfect for getting rid of those ends but while also enhancing your style. We’ll talk about these two haircuts separately, but first, let’s be discussing this matter.


v cut u cut hair

V-Shape on Brown Hair

This amazing hairstyle has a very chic look to it. It is getting your brown hair the way it’s supposed to might have looked like an impossible feat for you but not anymore. Get it done today, and at this moment.

V Haircut with Layers

Getting a layered hairstyle is a very amazing thing on its own, and it gets even more interesting when you get a stylish one. This particular v-cut hairstyle gives you hair that amazing layered look and makes everything look perfect.

Steep V haircut

Here’s a very bold hairstyle that you can rock no matter what day or what month it. The steep look of the V shape creates a different dimension to the whole hairstyle and makes your appearance look bolder and makes you seem more confident as well.

Deep U Cut

V Cut And U Cut hair usually have a very similar look to it, and the only thing that makes a difference here is the way they’re cut. For example, if the back of the hair points towards the bottom in a sharp and straight manner, it’s V cut. But if it looks somewhat like this, then it’s a U cut.

U Shaped Haircut with Layers

We just say a V haircut with layers, and now, it’s time for the U haircut with layers and the appearance it gives. Right off the bat, you see this hairstyle gives a lot more volume to your hair even from the backside. Things look pretty amazing as well.

V Cut U Cut Hair with Bun

Now, this is a pretty amazing look even at first glance. You might think that the bun is the highlight here, but actually, it’s not. The star of the show in this style is the shape of the cut on the bottom part of the hair. Does it not look pretty amazing?


V Cut U Cut Hair for Short Hair

We’ve heard many people say that it’s not exactly good looking when a short hair tries to achieve a v-cut or a u-cut hairstyle. However, this example here shows that it’s not as much of a bad look. On the contrary, this looks pretty amazing.

On Curly Hair

When it comes to curly hair, getting the v-cut hairstyle for its real hair. The curs usually don’t end up in perfect symmetry that it look a sharp v-cut. Now you know which one kind of style among the v cut and u cut hair actually goes with curls. It’s U cut hair.

U Shape Haircut Step By Step

This amazing looking u cut hair has a very distinct look to it. Look closely, and you’ll see the step by step method that’s pretty famous among creative stylists in action. The step by step look here gives the hair a little more sophisticated look despite being an overwhelming factor.

On Classic Bob Cut

When it comes to short hair, usually, the only choice that ladies have is going with u cut that’s famous among many. U cut hair contours with the natural style of your head and the back of your head as well, which merges well with every kind of style.

On Half Up Half Down Hair

V cut u cut hair becomes very prominent in certain kinds of hairstyles, and it makes a new one when merged with other hairstyles as well. Like this example where u cut, and v cut hairstyle merges with the classic half up half down hairdo. Looks amazing.

V Cut Hair on Wavy

Wavy hair looks very amazing when compared to other kinds of hair textures around. Going with a sharp-edged V shape hair makes everything more amazing for you as things work out better together with this kind of hair. Do you like this hairstyle?

On Long Colored Hair

Long colored hair is some women’s staple style, and people often love this kind of hairstyle as well. However, a feature enhancing technique in many hairstyles is that you add something else. Like here, this woman has done a V-shaped haircut for long hair.

Curly U cut Hair with Layers.

Women who like to keep very short hair tend to also struggle with hairstyle choices. They want something that looks good and also doesn’t occupy much time as well. Simply, women are looking for u cut hair, but they don’t realize it until now.

Blone Thin Hair

Among hair colors that are naturally available on people’s heads, there are some that have more of a punch to it, just like this blonde color, which is one of the rarest and also which packs a little more punch. Add a stylish look to it with this amazing V-line haircut.

Gorgeously Highlighted Hair

A very gorgeously highlighted hair works like a charm when it comes to enhancing your overall personality. It also works tremendously in boosting your confidence. Want to enhance these amazing qualities further? Try this simple u cut to it.

From The Front

So, you’ve already seen a couple of examples of hair from the backside, and you like them. But now you’re wondering how they’d look when seen from the front. Here’s a quick look at what it looks like from the front. Gorgeously done v cut u cut hair gives your hair a lovely layered look on the front.

V-Shaped Haircut Long Layers

So, you’ve seen a couple of examples so far, and the one that you totally love is the v cut hair. Now, the question is, how would it look on your sleek and straight textured hair, regardless of the color. The texture plays a bigger role here. We suggest you go with this amazing v cut long layers.

V Cut Delicate Layers

A delicately cut v-shaped hair has some of the most amazing characteristics, like boldness and attractiveness. However, how would it suit an overly curled up hair? This contradicts our beliefs, but curly hair actually has the ability of sporting v cut style. Look how pretty it appears.

Spread Out V Cut

Here’s a new look for you. You are thinking about coloring your hair so that your wish of transforming your whole appearance becomes true once and for all? Well, how about trying this amazing muted bright red hair color. While you’re at it, get a v cut to shape in there as well.

On Long Dark Hair

Long and dark hair usually has a very nice texture to it. Naturally, these hair have a very shiny texture, and volume on this hair is absolutely amazing as well. Now, if all the features are not enough for you, drop in a fresh-looking v cut on it and enjoy all the compliments.

U Cut Hair – Oval

When you tell your stylist at the salon that you want, u cut on your hair sometimes might just not do the work for you. You see, even the slightest variations in method and length create a difference. If you’re looking for a hairstyle that looks like this, tell your stylist that you want nearly oval shape with your U cut.

What Is V Cut Hair?

A V cut hair in simple words is a haircut that gives your hair a v shape when looking from the back. It’s usually a pointy end and has even slopes from either side that make it look like the alphabet “V.”

What Is U Cut Hair?

Just like V cut, U cut hair is also a visual representation of the English alphabet “U.” The end of the hair when looking from the back is curved and cut in a way they look like the alphabet U.

Deep U Cut For Long Hair

Ladies who do not cut their hair and opt for a longer hairstyle always have the upper hand than other people in general. Those who cut their hair short have no more length to cut off. But for long hair ladies, if they see a nice u style somewhere and they want to get it, they always can.

Beautifully Layered V Cut

Layered hairstyles have always been in trend and they certainly always will be as well. That said, there are other ways that you can add some more style to your hair. For example, hair-like those can always benefit from a little trimming, like this amazing v cut to shape with layers.

On Sleek Long Hair

Sleek and long hair that women usually have are very nice hair textures, but they sometimes feel like lacking something. Most of the time, these hair lack volume. However, you can always try the next best thing and distract yourself from that aspect. How? Get a lovely hairstyle like this one here.

V Cut U Cut Hair – Messy

Preferences are different, and everyone has their own as well. While some like the sleek look, others prefer more disheveled ones. It’s all about preference. For those who like messy style, we bring you a messy style that’s beautiful. Let’s just say this is an extremely beautiful mess.

Also See:

Wide V Cut Hair

The beauty of this singular looking wide v cut hair is that this makes your hair look larger with more volume. After all, isn’t this one of those features that every woman loves in their hair? Well, get yourself some after affect volume and see the magic on your style.

Highlighted Hair Magic

V cut u cut hair do their magic in their own ways, and there are many aspects that you should consider before getting one as well. Sometimes, what makes or breaks a deal for people is the color of their hair. However, for highlighted ones, there isn’t an issue.

Amazing Sharp V-Point

Getting a very sharp v-point on your hair is a very nice thing that you can do for your overall hairstyle. Usually, a sharp hairstyle like this one makes you look more mature, confident and says a lot about your whole personality as well. Does the thought of all these features excite you?

Layers and Volume Filled

Earlier, we mentioned the advantage of V cut U cut hair that it gives your hair a look that has volume rich appearance. Add layers to that list because, as you see in this example, the whole appearance drastically changes with immense volume.

Crossing Over Layers

Here’s another special thing that the v cut u cut hair gives you. When you go for this particular style of getting your hair done, your hair is uneven in loose term say. That’s how you get the v-shape or u-shape. When slightly curled, they also give you very good looking crossing over layers like these.

Long Dark Hair

When you have very long hair, there are plenty of things that you can do with it. One thing that the v-cut and u-cut hairstyle give you as an option when you do it is, you’re still able to opt for other hairstyles like a top knot, buns, braids, and more. There are no restrictions afterward.

Burgundy Hair

Since you’ve colored your hair to burgundy, there’s no reason for worrying over not being able to get some kind of hairstyle. You’re always free for amazing v cuts, that too in their variations.

Curls Front and Back

The curly font and back look has won many hearts, and around the world, they look very amazing as well. Given that, here’s what a classic V cut hairstyle looks on your curly hair when you see it from front and back.

Half Up Half Down Braid

Braids on half up half down hair look absolutely fantastic, and there are one of the most original looks as well. Your hairstyle elevates to another level when you do this stunning hairstyle.

V Cut Hairstyle For Medium Length Hair

For medium length hair, there are many beautiful looking hairstyles available out there, but none of them have simplicity like this. When you’re in a rush, there’s hardly anything that you have to do when you get a v cut hair. The reason is simple. You already have a styled hairstyle always.

Wide U cut Hair

A beautiful hairstyle makes a lady’s whole day better because she always knows that anything may go wrong, but her hair won’t. This particular wide U cut hair has somewhat a similar effect because this looks amazing on its own and hardly gets altered.

Very Pointed V Cut

V cut hair exists in so many types and looks that you can get confused and love in all those numbers of choices. If you’re looking for a haircut that gives you a little unique look, then this very pointed V cut hairstyle should be your best bet always.

Inward Groove Cut Look

Your decision to go with one of the V cut U cut hair is very commendable, and we support you to the fullest. That is also the reason why we’re showing you many variations like this one. The inward groove cut is a subtle factor that adds more style to your appearance.

Highlights and Layers Cut

We’ve mostly emphasized on this particular quality of V cut U cut hair because they’re so prominent. But going over it again shouldn’t harm anyone. Another U cut hair look that has immense layering look to it. Thanks to the cut style and highlights as well.

Long Brown Hair Look

V cut U Cut hair on long hairstyle wins so many people’s hearts that’s also become one of our favorite here as well. The long hair plays nicely with your hair, and it also contours with a woman’s figure like you see in the picture here.

Extra Depth

The aqua color on this hair already stands out among other hairstyles, and on top of that, the haircut it uses. Yes. If you did not notice, the curled aqua colored hair has u cut hair, which adds more depth to the overall appearance.

On Rainbow Style Hair

This amazing rainbow styled hair gives you a very nice look. The colors do a great job of making your hair look amazing while also expressing your personality as well. Add a little u cut hairstyle to it and then everything a wrap up for you but in a good way.

V Cut U Cut Hair – Very Short

Since all ladies do not have a uniform length of hair like long or medium because many also have short hair, there’s a solution for that. Here’s a look that fits women with short hair. If you’re looking for V cut hairstyle boy version, then this works for that as well.

Wavy U Cut Hair

U cut hair on these amazingly wavy hair textures play great together. Yes. Who knew that pairing U cut hair with a wavy texture results with such great looking hairstyle.

Short Colorful Hair

Here comes another singular example of U cut hair on short hair. That said, the colorful nature of this hair plays to its advantage and looks very nice. If you are someone who loves showing off their personality through their hair as well, this is a perfect fit.

On Platinum Blonde Hair

Platinum blonde hair usually has a smaller demographic than that of regular blonde, but this look gains a lot of appreciation. Adding another stylish haircut on top of this only makes things better. Don’t you feel this hairstyle looks fire?

Purple Under Color Look

A purple under color look is unique on its own. Adding some element to it like an inverted bob with U cut influence only makes things look more stylish. How do you feel about this style?

Beautiful V Cut Hair

Looking good isn’t a genetic thing at this age anymore. Choosing the kind of hairstyle that you like also plays a massive role here. Like these hairstyles that have amazing v-line cut to it.

U Cut Hair – Curly

A very curly hair seems like out of an option when it comes to U cut hair because curly hair is a little resilient to shapes. However, here’s the magic of a well-cut and styled hair. It contours to the shape so well that it makes us believe nothing is impossible, especially for you.


All the hairstyles that we’ve shown you so far have their own characteristics, and they have some form of v cut u cut hair look to it. The vast collection gives you an idea of how you can always style your hair and make it look wonderful. These styles are for straight hair, long, short, for colored hair, and many others.

The sole purpose of hairstyle collection with this category is to give you an idea of how versatile v cut and u cut hair look, and they are able to elevate your style more. With such an awesome and extensive collection, we’re pretty sure that you’ve found the hairstyle that you’re looking for.


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