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127 Fashionable and Unique Waterfall Braid Hairstyles

As we all know, a braided hairstyle never goes out of style. Even so, among all those various kinds of braids, a waterfall braid hairstyle is girly, chic, as well as romantic without having cheesy.

Without a doubt, waterfall braids look beautiful on almost every girl, whether they have curly, straight, short, long, brunette, or even blonde hair. As a matter of fact, waterfall braids are perfect for both formal and day to day occasions. In addition, these attractive hairstyles will not only literally but definitely blow your mind.

So, if you’re looking for a hairstyle idea that will you make even more charming as well as appealing then this content is for you. Here are the 127 waterfall braid hairstyles with pictures. Trust us, these hairstyles would surely turn some heads.

Creative Braiding

Every girl loves when two different types of braids combined together to make a completely stunning style. This creative braiding is well pulled together and look gorgeous.



waterfall braid

Braided and Bold

A curly hairdo like this is created unique as well as exceptional using a waterfall braid. Nevertheless, if you want to try a this braid, then you can’t go wrong with this hairstyle.

Unique and Simple 

This simple yet unique waterfall braid hairstyle can be worn anywhere and anytime. Nevertheless, if you are heading out to a formal event but can’t decide what hairstyle, then this one is worth considering.

Waterfall and Dutch Half-Updo

If you’re a kind of girl who loves volume, then a waterfall half-updo hairstyle will definitely help you a lot to achieve the style you want. These braids, on the other hand, bring lots of textures, particularly when you have two rows of them. Either way, with this hairstyle you will surely have a head-turning look.

Neon Shades

When it comes to colors, there is no doubt a waterfall style always brings out the best of the best. In fact, this colorful waterfall braid hairstyle with neon shades is perfect for everybody who wants to stand out from the crowd effortlessly.

Chandelier Styles 

An elegant as well as round waterfall braid that’s formed to flower. In addition, the small plunge like tiny chandelier jewels will make your look more stunning.

Gorgeous and Bold

An eye-catching waterfall braided hairstyle that looks classy as well as elegant. Even so, it is another great hairdo that is something worth having. Trust you will not regret it.

Sweet and Pretty

A simple waterfall hair idea that will certainly make you look pretty and sweet at the same time. Plus, this one is best suited for teenagers who love styling their hair.

Casual Styling

Planning to change your hairstyle but don’t know how and where to start? Then this casual styling will definitely make you look awesome. Nevertheless, this waterfall braid idea is suitable for both formal and casual occasions, either way, it is beautiful.

Loose Styles

This hairstyle does not really need you to braid at all. All you have to do is twist your hair correctly and beautifully.

Wavy & Short

A beautiful hairdo for short hairs that has plenty of braids as well as waves to it. Nonetheless, this look is for ladies who love wearing short length hairstyle.

Hot Waterfall Braids

An awesome and bright waterfall hairstyle that is perfectly created on top of a girl’s head.

Darkening Hairstyle

The variance between color can give you a stunning look especially when this braid hairstyle is integrated.

Gorgeous Braid

This braid is positioned in the front style will make an extremely different look.

French Braid

A French braid looks very complicated to make. But one thing is for sure, you will definitely have a gorgeous and classy look.

Tighter Braids

Every lady out there will surely love this waterfall braid style that is pulled and tight together well.

Straight Waterfall

Even though you do not have naturally straight hair, you can still give this waterfall braid hairstyle idea a try. But make sure you have a flat iron so that you will be to show off a braid that has a loop knot.

Shiny Waves

Don’t know what to do with your long hair? If so, then this hairstyle is worth considering.

Big and Bold

A stunning big braid style that goes under one side of your head.

Flower Styles

If you love putting accessories on your hair then this one is for you.  It is a very special look that has floral accessories.

Formal Designs

As the name implies, if you’re looking for a style that you can wear on formal occasions then this hairstyle is worth trying for. In fact, this is very easy to make.

Pretty Falls

Another cool hairstyle that features a braid that goes down the back.

Wavy and Beachy Blonde Style

This style looks very chic, stylish, and easy to make. In fact, it brings lots of versatility and a style that is perfect to wear wherever you’re headed.


Cool Styling

Love a square hairstyle design? Then this pink style that looks gorgeous and unique is suitable for you. As a matter of fact, this watefall braid is very easy to duplicate.

Precious and Pretty

Want to rock a new hairstyle? Then this one is for you. Another beautiful braid hairstyle that you need to try this 2018.

One Simple

This hairstyle would be great for your next beach or pool party. But if you are planning to wear this casually, then you are allowed to do so.

Bright Styles

A beautiful waterfall hair idea that has plenty of bright as well as pretty colors. This one is ideal for women who love sporting colorful hairdos.

Glorious Hairstyle

This short hairstyle looks very amazing especially when paired with circular braids. Moreover, you can wear this one on your next formal event.

Circle Braids

This style features two braids that have circling style that looks incredible and unique.

Straight Braids

This hairdo is perfect for ladies who have straight hair and currently looking for a cool braid style. Even so, this hairstyle is not hard to achieve.

Artwork Styles

If you’re looking for a hairdo that’s more like a work of art, then this hairstyle is for you. This style does not only look great but it will make you more stunning as well.

Beautiful Curls

Without a doubt, curls are very beautiful. However, if you have naturally curly hair then you’ll be able to make this style easier and faster. But if you don’t have, then you’ll be needing an extra time in order to achieve this style. Either way, this waterfall braid is extremely subtle but so effective.

Braided Designs

A stunning look that will make you stand out from the crowd and is truly unique. So if you want to stand out, make sure to give this braided hairstyle a try. Believe us you won’t regret it.

Half-Up w/ Loose Lace Braid

Forget boxer and French braids with this half-up hairstyle. Even so, this long look that has a loose braid is suitable for any hair color. Also, you can add some highlights for a more beautiful look.

Braided Crown

An exceptional and eye-catching crown hairstyle that is made using two different kinds of braids.

Long Hair

Looking for the best wedding hairstyle? Then this beautiful and stylish braid idea is a right choice.

Braided and Soft

This hairstyle would be great for weddings or prom. So, if you’re looking for a formal hairstyle then, this one is for you.

Braided and Bold

A unique waterfall braid style that will surely give you a simple yet exceptional appearance.

Pretty and Cool Braid

A bold hairstyle that will make you stand out wherever you go.

Swirling Styling

Another unique braid style idea that is very easy to do.

Ringlet Styles

A classic braid for ladies with naturally curly hair.

Intersecting Look

A simple yet elegant braid that goes around your head.

Sideways Braid

A gorgeous hairstyle that will cross at the back of your head.

Stunning Styles

A braid hairdo that is easy to put together and looks very cool.

Diagonal Styling

Another excellent style that is pretty as well as perfectly polished.


A thick style that perfect to wear during casual days or occasions. In addition, this thicker braid will give you a cool look.

Loose Curls

Flowing loose curls will look even more gorgeous with this waterfall braid hairstyle.

Layered Braid

Another attention-grabbing look that features some layered braids across the head.

Crowning Glory

This hairstyle known as crowning glory will make a bob hairstyle looks very cool.

Swirling Hairstyle

This hairstyle is pulled together to create a swirling circle.

Creative Braids

An eye-catching ponytail style that has plenty of different braids on it.

Short Sides

Don’t know what to do with your short hair? If yes, then this amazing style will look good on you.

Cool Designs

A superb hairstyle that will surely brighten up your day.

Small and Sweet

These small waterfall braids look amazing especially when partnered with larger braids.

Bold Blue

An amazing hairstyle that has blue and purple together. This hairstyle, on the other hand, looks incredible and unique due to the contrasting shades.

Tight Styles

Another incredible braid idea that is flowing down the hair.

Sleek Style

This stunning style features hair strands that are pieced out. Even so, it does not look like it is even hair.

Hot Styles

As the name implies, this style will make you look hot thanks to its contrasting colors.

Goddess Style

You will not be able to find a more stylish updo hairstyle than this goddess style. Either way, if you have a formal occasion to attend, then this style is for you.

Beautiful Colors

The best thing about having a hair with various colors is that it will look very colors especially when they are braided. Believe it or not, you’ll have a difficult time looking of for a braid style as eye-catching and stunning as this one.

Different Strands

Actually, there are lots of different ways of making a waterfall braid. In addition, you can make different and unique looks depending on how many strands you utilize.

Fishtail Style

This stylish waterfall braid features a simple but eye-catching fishtail braid.

Circular Looks

Dreaming of having a Queen-like hairstyle? Then this round braid is worth considering. As a matter of fact, it is a breathtaking style that every girl out there will surely love.

Style With Ruffled Hair 

This waterfall braid style is best suited for bridesmaids at weddings. Actually, this one is very easy to achieve.

Side Buns

There is no doubt, most women will definitely find this side hairstyle attractive. Additionally, this style looks special because the braids (waterfall) goes around the head.


Children’s Style

Give your child a whole new different look with this waterfall braid hairstyle. It is complicated yet gorgeous and your daughter will surely love it.

Gorgeous Girls

An exceptional style that can be worn during formal occasions. In fact, this style will make you shine from the big crowd.

Simple Braiding

If you’re searching for a more casual hairstyle, look no further because this simple braiding is for you.

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Soft and Pretty

This hairstyle for long hair has some loose as well as soft braids. Most importantly, it makes a prettier look.

Cascading  Braids

This style will give you a unique look. Furthermore, the braids look like a rain that is falling down.

Flat Braids

This waterfall braid that is flattened can give you a completely different appearance.

Thin Braids

A twisty as well as thin braid that makes an exceptional look.

Gorgeous Ponytail

This dazzling ponytail look will give you a simple yet elegant overall look.

Cool Partials

This pretty and cool partial is made using a waterfall braid. In fact, it is a very fun style that every woman should try.

Bold Colors

These gorgeous pinks and purple really makes this waterfall braid stand out. Either way, if you want to have a new and bold look, then you cannot go wrong with this stunning waterfall braid.

Celebrity Styles

This famous celebrity hairstyle can give you a fresher look and impressive styles.

Soft Waterfalls

Another great style that you can make using a waterfall braid.

Stylish and Sweet

A cool hairstyle that is woven as well as polished elegantly.

Braided Updo

An arresting updo style like this is what you need to make the best formal look that you can.

Simple Look

A simple yet prominent look that casually loops together.

Formal Look

The threes hairstyles below are really breathtaking and in fact, any of these is perfect to wear during formal occasions like weddings. Either way, make sure to choose the braid that will perfectly suit your character.

Different Styles

As you can see in the image there are two different hairstyles, one is curly and the other is straight. Determining how these two styles differ from one another is very easy. But nevertheless, choose the style that is perfect for your event.

Diagonal Looks

This fabulous hairstyle is truly attention-grabbing. 

Sweet Braids

A sweet and straight style that is put together and perfectly polished.

Bold Braided Design

This long style looks beautiful and elegant. Without a doubt, this style can offer you a fabulous look.

Side Style

It is a unique hairstyle that ladies will surely love.

Making The Braid

A stunning hairstyle that can offer you an adorable look.

Bold Look 

A dazzling hairstyle that features some elegant layers.

Ladder Styles

Every woman will surely like how the braids go down the back of the head. As the name suggests, this braid looks like a ladder.

Bold Blonde

A bold hairstyle that looks gorgeous and romantic.

Red Lowlights Waterfall Braid

This waterfall braid can give every woman a fiercer look. In fact, lots of women love this style because of its color.

Messy Bun

Actually, this style is less polished, however, it has the perfect look for formal occasions.

Bun Styles

This hairstyle can be worn in any formal event with ease.

Ponytail Style

A kind of hairstyle that can give you a cool yet casual style.

Flowing Styles

Undeniably, a waterfall braid is a versatile look. Either way, the style on the left side is perfect for casual events while the one is suitable for formal events.

Game of Thrones Braid Style

Want to incorporate the waterfall braid to your style? Then this one is worth trying for.

Fishtail Braid

An eye-catching hairstyle that is made using fishtail braids.

Simple Braids

Even though it is the simplest waterfall braids, you can’t deny the fact that it can give you a very beautiful style.

Falling Braids

The braids are divide together in a distinct way and fall gracefully on the side of the head.

Side Style

This hairdo has thicker braids that fall loosely. In addition, it is a stunning look that you’ll surely love.

Cascading Braid

Most women like this great waterfall braid which goes from one side to another. Thus, if you’re looking for an awesome style, congratulations because you have just found it.

Small Braids 

A small and simple yet awesome hairstyle that you’re sure to love.

Circular Styles

A magnificent hairstyle that you should try this year. In fact, it can give you a chic and cool look.

Loose Braids

This style is made using loose braids. Also, it will definitely stand out from the crowd.

Sweet Styles

Due to its falling diagonal lines, this hairstyle is considered as one of the unique and mesmerizing waterfall braids this year that every girl should try.

Wavy Look

A waterfall braid style that flows like a beautiful wave.

Diagonal Fall

This waterfall braid that falls diagonally can really give you a completely different appearance.

Blonde Braids

A waterfall braid hairstyle that can be worn at formal events and even at the beach.

Bright Styles

A style that is not overly fancy, however, it is a hairstyle that you can wear on formal occasions.

Soft Waves

It is a hairstyle that is created with cool little braids as well as soft waves.

Straight Styles

Transform your simple hair into a magnificent one with the help of this waterfall braid.

Striking Colors

Want to make a real waterfall to your hair? Then, you may possibly want to try this hairstyle in your hair.

Bold Braids

A special waterfall braid style that most girls will surely love.

Cascading Waves 

This simple hairstyle features a braid that is flowing over. Nonetheless, this one is for teenagers who want to wear a hairstyle that is something unique and make you shine in the crowd.

Floral Styles

A partial updo hairstyle that features a flower as the highlight. But nevertheless, it is a beautiful and something worth having style.

Soft Styles

With this style, you will be able to achieve a waterfall braid even though you have very short hair. Either way, this hairstyle looks pretty and unique.

Curly Styles

This noticeable waterfall braid is perfect for ladies who have naturally curly hair. Even so, it is a very cool style that you can try this season.

Mesmerizing Style

With the help of this waterfall braid hairstyle, you will be able to capture everyone’s attention effortlessly wherever you go.


Without any doubt, the waterfall braid hairstyles offer a refreshing touch on every girl’s face profile. Whether you have curly or straight hair you can still give this hairdo a try especially if you want to add dimensions to your thin hair.

Either way, the abovementioned waterfall braid hairstyles does not need any hot tools. As a matter of fact, you can create them with ease and show off your real beauty. In addition, these waterfall braid hairstyles are easy to make as well as easy to maintain. So, what are you waiting for? Give yourself a whole new different look by trying one of these hairstyles at home today.


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