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81 Perfect Wedge Haircut For Women Of All Ages!

When we take a look back in the 70s era, we can find a lot of things that were famous. We are talking about the wedge haircut that sparked love back then. You can find these becoming the one look that is coming to the attention of all women. You can also jump on with this look and try it. There is no harm in looking or trying to look your best. So check out the options here first. We managed to make the collection perfect for women of all colors and hair texture.

So there is no need for you to wait for the daily pictures and inspirations anymore. There is all you need in this article itself. You can see how it looks on these women and gather enough courage to get the look done. You will fall in love with the haircut and then get the same when you feel like it. You can head to the salon and get the locks chopped off today. With time you will be able to style them back home as well.

So come to a conclusion after looking at these stunning hairstyles in this collection. Here is our perfect wedge haircut that you want to try!

wedge haircuts

What is special about these wedge haircut ideas?

The best thing about the look here is that there is no need for you to think much. They were widely popular when the haircut came out back in the era of 70s.

Women loved these looks and changed their other styles to this one. Check out the collection to get an idea of why they are loved and adored by most.

The colors and the cuts will give you an idea as to which look will work for you. So if you need some change, this will be the perfect way for you to go ahead.

Here are some good ideas for the perfect cut this year. Check them out and get to the part where you consider them for yourself.

The Wedge Haircut To Look Out For

This is the hot and new look that you can check out this year. You can see how the puff on the back is perfect. And you can love the colors as well. So if you want that idea for yourself, this is the way to go.

Get this look added to your list of things to do. Then you can charm your way into the part where you look like a perfect person. And if you thought it was not possible, it is for sure.

Does It Work For Curly Hair?

If you are thinking about how it will look on your texture of hair, you can see this here. There are some nice shades here, and you are sure to love it. The idea here is to get the perfect chop!

So make sure you are ready to get to the part where we see the ideal look. We also want to get the curls and the coils on and keep them as the hair is cut. Here are some options for you.

Adding In the Perfect touch

There are some details you can add to the hair, and it will make all the difference. We can see the dark shades on the bottom and the lighter ones on the top. With the time passing by, you can see it makes the perfect look.

The added layers on the hair will make it easy each day to get the hair volumized. This is the color that merges well with any shade. So you are in safe hands with this!

Thick hair appeal

Here are some looks that you can work with if you want to try the thick hair. We want to see the lovely cut in the hair here. And since the hair is thick, you can see the dense layers popping on the back.

Here you can see how there is a multi-color look with the hair. It has this brilliant color that amazes everyone. So check out the side partition and the wedge cut for you this year.

Beautiful layers in the wedge haircut

The layers in the hair are thick and lovely for sure. But you want to have them kept to the side as well. They need to be in layers, and they also are looking good as they are sorted.

With this image, there are so many looks for you to check out. We want to have the best ideas for you, and they are all placed here for the best appeal. We are sure to see this one around as time passes.

Jennifer and her hair

Jennifer Lopez has her hair in this wedge haircut for this look, and you can see this ideal look. We can see how the shades are looking great, and it makes us feel you want to try it out.

Here are some side parts and the dark roots. The lighter brown tones on the hair are perfect for women with any color. The image here is sure to make you feel like you want to try it.

Good look for the glasses

The look here has the layers on the side. And this hair is great if you are wearing glasses. The frames are making the look even cooler. And you can see how the added light tones on the top and dark on the base work.

This is one combo that is perfect for anyone. The choosing of the undertone is all you need to look out for. The rest can work for you as you head out and get them flaunted.

Thinner on the back

You want the thickness on the top, but if you want, you can also keep the back on the hair thinner. The look is easy for you to do when you add some thin strokes on the back here. The look will act as a reference for you to show.

Your hairstylist can get it done perfectly, and so we are showing you the charming look as we show you the rest as well.

Coloring the hair with these hues

The hues you add to the hair has the biggest impression for sure. When you add some good tones on the hair, you can see how it makes you feel like a new person. The idea here is to get the lighter and darker tones right.

These colors here are perfect for you. The lilac and green tones and shades here are good for the trendy look that everyone wants. Here is an idea that you can check out if you need some ideas.

Be the best version of these hairstyles.

If you want to get the hair to the perfect cut, this is the way to go. You can see how it can make you look like the best version of yourself. Here are some stunning ideas, and the collection can help you, for sure.

And this is the idea that you can try out. There are some dark and light hues on it for sure. But they are all ways to make the hair look charming. So you can be the best version of yourself that you can be.

Wedge haircut from back in the day

If you check out the looks from back in the day, you are sure to come across this one here. So you can see how the wedge haircut here has a perfect look for you. We are sure you have noticed this haircut on some old photos.

The idea here is to add many layers and get the puff on the top. It makes your hair look thicker and make it amazing. You will adore this look for the days when it comes to you.

How Colors can make a big difference

When the colors are added to the hair, it makes a big difference. Then idea here is to get the hair to the level of perfection that you desire. The lovely look can come to you if you add the needed hue to the locks. The ideas here can help you.

The added light and warm shades can work for almost anyone. Here are some images that can give you an idea as to what works for you. These are some easy to style looks for sure.

The game of highlighting the wedge haircut

Highlighting is the way to add your hair to the needed dimension. You can pair it with some light shades, and it makes for the perfect look. We adore the way it comes up in most hairstyles. Since it is easy and takes less time, you are sure to adore it!

When the time comes, and you want a good looking hair on yourself, this is the way to go. Check out the image, and you will fall in love with the way it comes off.

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Subtle and the perfect look

This look here may be old, but it looks amazing. It has the perfect color, and the subtle look it has is amazing too. We are astounded by the look here. And with each lock that you see, you will want to adore it.

The chances are that there is a lot of work for you to do when it comes to this look. But you will want to make sure there is something for you to work with as well.

Thin and fine hair with the cut

When you grow old, the hair also becomes thin. As you grow into gray hair, you can see how they get thinner and frail. It also becomes harder to make the look stay with such hair. So you will see there is no volume in the hair.

With this, you will want to get the hair in a thickness you adore. So add some layers, and you can get that perfect look. We are sure you will love the layered and thick look.

Get new confidence for your sake.

When you feel low and seem to have low confidence, you can check the ideas here and see how it works for you. These wedge haircut ideas are ideal as they can make you look and feel different. The charm lies in you!

The way you wear this look can determine the way you will feel as well. We can see how it makes all the difference as time passes by. So make sure you have that perfect appeal as you head out of the home.

Nostalgic wedge haircut

Since we know that the wedge haircut has a love of women of age, we are sure this can be a bit nostalgic. This is a fun look, and you can see how it was widely used back in the day.

It was normal for women to try this look to appear fun and funky. We are sure you will see the big difference when you check this look and work it out with the other looks we have in the collection.

Experimenting with different looks

When you try out this wedge haircut, you will feel like it can be a bit boring the minute you stop the way it works. So check out the look here to see how you can mold the hair. You can change the look and try new styles.

The cuts are layered, and the look can make one feel like an ideal style. The work you put on this haircut can make it all the better for you. So look for the ideas and then get them done!

They are making a comeback.

These are the old hairstyles for sure. But they are making a good comeback. You can see how it is clearly becoming a look that we can get on board. With these stunning artists, we can see them looking trendy as well.

We are sure to be seeing more of the collective wedge haircut now. And as time passes by addition of some cool little sections will make it even more fun! So check out the lovely look and try one today!

Bob wedge haircut for middle-aged women

When you reach middle age, you can wear these hairstyles. The ideal looks for women of that age group are the wedge haircut that looks great. We are sure you will be able to see the locks on the majority now.

The addition of colors of your choice and the styling can make it look different than it was years back. So you can attain the look that works for you rather than has something that you are not sure about yourself.

Wedge haircut for natural hair

Natural hair can be turned into the perfect hairstyle as you add the layers on it. Wedge haircut can be your thing as well. All you need is to have the hair on the right snips.

If you are not sure how to get it done, here is an idea for you. You will have hair that everyone wants to try out for the sake. If you are sure to want the locks corrected, you can try this look here.

Get it to the side

A wedge haircut can be a look that can go any way. You can have the hair on the side. Or you can get the hair to the parted in the middle. We want you to be able to see how it all works out for you.

Check out the collection here and see how it looks when you have the wedge haircut working on the side for you. It has a transitional look for sure. So the colors are also beautiful and addictive.

 Learning to style your hair

When you choose wedge haircut, there is a large possibility that the hair has a lot of oomph. It also has layers and gets a bit of bulk. So you want to have the hair tamed down. For this, you want to have the hair kept styled each day.

Here we are showing you the look you want and the look you can end up with as well. It all depends on the work that you put in when you add the layers.

  Check out the difference.

The times have changed, and you are sure not to see the same old style nowadays. When you check these looks here, you can see how much has changed. The look here has layers of curls on it, and it gives that perfect look.

The colors you add is also different. Back in the day, we were using the same overall shade, but now there is the concept of highlights and lowlights. They are sure to work for women of all ages.


Adding the needed oomph

The oomph you add to the hair depends on a lot of factors. You cannot say that you will cut the hair or color it and get it done. That is not the way for you to check out new and exciting things.

When you check these options out, you will see that color adds to the cut and the styling makes it all better. When the idea is perfected, the look is ideal for all of you to work out with.

It is the game of the volume

The game of adding volume on the hair is the one that works for all. The idea here is to get the hair cut in ways that can accentuate it. When you add that perfect touch of colors and the tricks to it, you are sure to adore these hairdos.

The colors are also good, and when the lift happens, you will surely be feeling more stable. We all love the perfect compliment of the shapes and the colors on the hairdo.

Bowl haircut that mixed in with the hair

The wedge haircut, as we said, was widely popular back in the decade of the 70s. But soon after the haircut became a hit, there was also the addition of the bowl cut. Both of these are famous hairdos that are sure to work for you.

The chances are that you can already find the perfect look here with the merge and the mix of both of these hairstyles. Check out this image for you to know which look works for most of you.

Some other short wedge haircut ideas

If you are not the one to settle with these ideas only, you can see more in this collection here. You can ask the stylists to also show you how it may look on you. Here are some of the wedge haircut ideas that are good too.

They are the best that we saved for the end of the article. When you see them all in a bunch, you are sure to feel intrigued by these options. It becomes easier to try them out.

The conclusion with the perfect look of Wedge haircut

When you look at these ideas, it is easier for you to get lost. The collection is rich, and it has so much to offer. So one can get obsessed with these ideas and then get to the part where you want to feel like what to wear.

The part where it becomes hard is what we want to help you with. There is so much to do with these hairstyles, and all you need is to get the ideas sorted out. Check out the collection here first and get the ones you love in a row.

Then you can ask the ones close to you to give you an idea. Then they can change the look according to what they say. If you are in short of people who are good with such opinions, you can also head to get some professional help.

Here are the images that you show them as well. When you give the stylists the images to reference, they can give you a look that is easy to flaunt in the long haul. So choose the one that others are saying looks great on you.


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