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91 Sexy and Beautiful Wispy Bangs Haircut

Are you excited about changing your look? Do you want to get a new look with the change of your hairstyle? If you are passionate about changing the way you look with the help of your hairstyle is to get some wispy bangs. As for straightening and curling, your hair makes no sense and can make you look the same all the time, and the bangs could make you look gorgeous. You can get something new with the same hair you have.

Bangs are usually the way to love yourself. As preparation for bangs will require a lot, you will gain confidence with the bangs. If you have the intention of putting up significant commitment in your hair, you should probably try bangs. Here is some essential bangs idea that you could apply to your hair.

Wispy Bangs on Brunette Hair with Waves

These simple bangs on the brunette hair you have will make you shine. As the bangs make you look completely different, you can change your personality through it. If it takes you a lot to trust yourself, you should try these bangs. It brings out confidence and the way you see yourself. Don’t worry; you will look beautiful too.

wispy bangs

Taylor Bangs

The famous singer, Taylor Swift, is usually known for her bangs. As she often turns her hairstyle to the bangs, her fans take her as a great inspiration. Most of them have tried the Taylor bangs on their hair. Why not be the next Taylor fan and try these glamorous bangs?


Wispy Bangs on Short Hair

Short hair looks good with the bangs. Most of the time, bang suits very will on short hair. According to the trends, wispy bangs curly hair is one of the best hairstyles that people could ever go for. Hence, try this hairstyle if you want bangs that you make you look beautiful.

Natural Bangs

The best hairstyle anyone could have is the bangs that look natural. As the bangs can look very artificial, people with the natural cut can look glorious. With the natural look, a bang can offer, you will look pretty.

Short and Colored Wisps

Wispy Bangs 2019 includes bangs on colored hair. The bangs could look shiny and perfect when it is put on with colors and highlights. Mostly, the light color like brunette and gold suits well on these type of hairstyles. Also, sometimes, it can look beautiful when left uncolored. So, try this hairstyle!

Gorgeous and Pretty Light Colored Bangs

While bangs can be one of the best hairstyles you can try, the pretty light-colored bangs can give you a unique look. It can make you feel like you adore your hair to the next extent. As the upper part of your hair grows with the dark color, the light color fades and can make you look gorgeous. Your hair will be everything you want.

Updos and Straight Bangs

Bangs could look incredibly gorgeous while you turn it into an updo or apply it on your straight hair. While the wispy bangs look incredibly beautiful even when you tie your hair into an updo, you can feel safe with your hairstyle. There will be no other hairstyle like yours.

Brunette Wisps

For the sweet and cozy hairstyle that you want, you can go along with the brunette wisps. No matter if you apply these bangs to your short or long hair, your hair will always look flattering. Get ready for comments on your hair.

Colored Wisps on Long and Fizzy Hair

Who says that fizzy hair does not look good with the bangs? If you want to try some hits to your fizzy hair, you can try these simple bangs to make yourself look fabulous. Hence, try this popular hairstyle of wispy bangs 2019.

Highlighted Wisps on Black Hair

If you want something sexy and always on-style hairstyle to your hair, you can have the wisps along with the crazy highlights A single-colored highlight can make you look dull and boring. But, wisps could make you look jolly and sexy as well. So, why not try the unique yellow and brown highlights on your wisps and black hair?

Sexy Noticable Bangs

While some bangs look adorable when it cannot be noticed, some look fabulous when it is given the new texture so everyone can see it. The noticable bangs have a unique effect on your face. Your oval or triangle face can look adorable.


Wispy Bangs Round Face

Are you worried about the hairstyle for the round face? If you have a round face and you think that bangs do not look good on you. Here you have the-wisps. You can try these wisps on short hair or long hair. Whatever the length of your hair, you will look beautiful.

The popular Wispy Bangs 2019

Wispy bangs can look beautiful on thin hair. It could look pretty on thick hair too. Whatever and however your hair looks, you can flaunt the-wisps. It can make you look gorgeous.

Bob Hairstyle on Wisps

As the most popular hairstyles, bob is ruling the hearts of everyone. Everyone likes the simple texture of the bobs. So, try the simple wisps on bobs to make yourself look prettier than others.

Short and Sexy Wispy Bangs with Updos

Wisps could be the hairstyle that you will be obsessed with. No matter whether you go to a party or hang out with your old friends, you will love the effect that the wisps will bring on your hair. You can always have a good time with the short and sexy wispy bangs with updos.

Smooth and Straight Hair with Bangs

Bangs is one of the sexiest hairstyles of all time; you can make yourself look like one of the most beautiful ladies in the town. If you have a straight and smooth hair, you will look the most gorgeous because wisps are everything you need for straight hair that looks silky and smooth.

Medium Length Hair with Bangs

The medium length hair will look incredibly gorgeous if you add some twists to it. Talking about the twists you can apply to your hair, you can always try wispy bangs and look different. Try it!

Sexy and Bold Look

Do you dream of looking sexy with the hairstyle you have? If you are willing to do so, you can try some hot bangs. It will make you obsessed with the hairstyle, and you will want to try it always.

Selena Gomez Wisps

Do you want to look like Selena Gomez? If you think you will look good with the Selena Gomez look, you can try the hairstyle that she works. One of the most popular haircut from the Selena Gomez looks at the wispy bangs 2019. Try it!


Wispy Bangs Curly Hair

Wispy Bangs have a different effect on curly hair. Your curls can look extremely fabulous while you apply some wisps to it. If you are a crazy fan of bangs and you think that bangs are only for people with straight hair, you need to change your mindset and try the bangs on curly hair. This will make you one of the sexiest ladies of 2020.


The Gorgeous Light Colored Bangs

You can color your hair in different ways. Likewise, you can also stain your bangs in different ways. You could give different colors to your gorgeous hair and make yourself look beautiful. At times, you can also apply light intensity to your bangs and contrast with your hair.


The Ever-Popular Golden Bangs

Golden Wispy Bangs 2019 was one of the biggest revolutions in the hairstyles. As of now, it is already a trend of hairstyles. Why not stay on-trend and try the popular hairstyle of 2018 and 2019? Despite being popular, it is also one of the best hairstyles that will suit any face type.

Short Colored Wisps on Light Hair

The most favorite celebrity looks of 2019 are back with the impressive comeback. The wispy bands 2020 is now appearing in the heads of many. While this could be one of the best hairstyles that people can try, you can have a good time applying it to your hair. Why not try this hairstyle?

Pixie With Bangs

To everyone who says that bangs are not for short hair, here is what we have. Bangs can make you look pretty and adorable no matter what length of hair you have. Also, the hair color you have won’t have any effect on it. Pixie looks best with the wisps.

Curly hair with straight Wisps

The curls always look adorable. Curls can look good on round faces. Also, the wispy bangs look good on the round face. When the curls get combined with the round face, it will create a new look that will be the favorite of everyone.


New Look With the Wispy Bangs

Are you craving for a new look to apply on your gorgeous hair? You can try these beautiful bangs. These bangs will look like you have short hair. But, in reality, the truth of your hidden hair will be hidden. Try this awesome hairstyle!

The Brown Curls

The brown curls can make you look amazing. It can give you a fine and finished look and can transform your hairstyle into a new style. You will enjoy your curls with the new wispy bangs. Try it to enjoy your bangs.

Thin Wispy Bangs

What about the small wispy bangs? Do you think bangs are only for the ones who have thick hair? If you believe that the bangs are only for the thick hair then you should look at how gorgeous the thin bangs can look. It could look amazing on your round face.

Bold and Sexy Looks with Wispy Bangs

Wispy bangs could look adorable and sexy at the same time. When you apply it to the dark brown and the straight hair you have, you will look gorgeous. Straight hair might give your bangs a new look. If you apply red lipstick and put on makeup in your eyes, you will flaunt the look. Your eyes will be noticed very much.

Wispy Bangs Korean Face

Wispy bangs on Korean faces could look fantastic. Also, it looks good on round face and curly hair as well. For your Mongolian face and small eyes, this hairstyle will give a subtle look. It will look fantastic. So, try it!

Medium Length and Slightly Waved Hair

Wispy Bangs blonde is the trend of 2020. If you want to maintain the wisps in your straight bangs, you don’t need to worry about visiting salon now and often. You can cover half your face with the lengthy bangs. With these bangs, you will be able to get a new look that will suit your face perfectly. Out of all the bangs ideas, this will be the loveliest.

Golden – Blonde Wispy Bangs

Every bang is beautiful in their ways, but the beauty of the wispy bangs is incomparable. You can look very good with the bangs that you will try next. As bangs were the fashion of 2018 and 2019, the trend will not go off in the year 2020 too. For adding more beauty to your hair, you can apply golden color to your hair. You can either come with golden-blonde color or can simply highlight your hair too.

The Perfect-Blonde and Straight Wisps

Wispy bangs will always be a new idea to apply to your hair. While you can create happiness with the hair you have, you will look jolly. Your round face will look perfect with these kinds of bangs.

Thin Wisps

While a wispy fringe could be one of the best hairstyles that you would want to have, you will get a classic look with it. You can get a natural look with the fringes you have. While you apply brunette and blonde to your hair, it will help you gain a fresh look.

Wispy Bangs with Glasses

If you are looking for the right kind of fringe to apply to your round face and you put on glasses, you can try wispy bangs. No matter if you have a short or a long hair, you will look beautiful. This will be one of the best trends of 2020, as it was the best hairstyles of 2018 and 2019.

The Edgy Bangs

The edgy bangs look perfect on the round face. You can look sexier than you think with these bangs. Also, you will be someone featuring a celebrity look. Hence, don’t say no to these bangs.

 Wispy Bangs Blonde

If you are tired of micro bangs, here is something new for you. You can try the latest trend and can have new hair on the platinum hair you have. Don’t worry if you have greasy hair. You can flaunt these bangs with any type of hair quality you have.

The Messy Short Blonde Bangs

If you want something short that will look good on your hair, you have the messy blonde bangs. With a little effort on your hair, you will flaunt the golden and blonde look with the messy bangs that you carry on your head. Go and Shine with the hairstyle!


Sexy Golden Updo with Wispy Bangs

The edgy fringes look good on the blonde hair you have. With a deep dedication, you can transform your hair into a simple updo. After you tie your hair into an updo, you will rock the hairstyle. The hair will look soft and manageable.

The Copper Blonde Wispy Bangs

Do you have a Korean face? If you have fair skin and a Korean face, here is the perfect hairstyle for you. You can flaunt the copper blonde wispy bangs with no effort at all. All you need to do is visit a salon and get your hair modified into the bangs. After this, you will get the look you want.

Wispy Bangs with Ponytail

The wispy bangs can look adorable and stunning while it goes with the ponytail. While you apply the edgy wispy bangs to your hair, you will look beautiful. You can apply sharp edges to your ponytail and flaunt it.

The Smooth Medium Length Bangs

You can look bold with the wispy bangs you have. With the smooth and medium-sized hair you have, you will look bright and sexy. Also, add red lipstick to add more to your look.

Ash Grey Wisps turned into Updos

The ash grey color can look too good on your hair. Your shiny hair will look flawless and can turn the heads of many if you try it in your hair. Try the hairstyle and the new hair color!

Black and Blonde Bangs

The long fringes you have can look adorable at times. It can make you look beautiful and charming. While you flaunt your hair, you can also gain a different look. You will be noticed in the crowd as you will have a different hair color for everyone.

The Brown Fringes

The brown could look too good on the fringes you have. It could look beautiful on the golden-brown hair you have. Try the new hair color on your hair.

The Ariana Grande Fringes

With the fringes you try, you can get the look of the famous stars of Hollywood. The simple look here is the look of the famous singer, Ariana Grande. You can flaunt this look if you have a similar face structure. Try it!

The Light Golden Fringes on Straight Hair

Straight hair looks too good with the fringes. You can add color to your hair to make it look shiny. Add accessories to make your hair look adorable and sexy. Try it!

Golden Highlights on Brown Hair

The golden highlights on the brown hair will look sexy and adorable. You will have a better look at the fringes that you have. Also, the curls you have will look very good on the edges. So, why not try the fringes and apply golden color to your hair? Do try it for a new look.

Curled Fringes

If you want to show off your wispy bangs, you can gracefully show it off with the curls on the fringes. Also, you can add layers to the bangs. The short and the medium length hair will look thick with the curls you apply. You will love the versatility of the new hairstyle you have.

Sexy Fringes with Layers

If you want to consider the look given by the fringes along with the layers, try the new fringe look on your layered hair. The shorter the bangs you have, and the more the layers, you will look more stunning. So, try it! This haircut will be the new trend of 2020.

Short Wisps on Long Hair

Bangs could be a modification to your fizzy hair. As it works for every hair type, it can provide you great attention. It will be the classic style, and you will have a high styling.

 Wispy Bangs Blonde on Short Hair

The classic bangs can make you look flawless. With the more time you give to your hair, you can get an elegant look. The hairstyle that you will have will win the hearts of many. Right from the salon, your hair will grab millions of attention.

Wispy Bangs with Golden Curls

Talking about the wispy bangs you have, you can get a unique look. The natural texture that your curly hair you will get will match on all types of hair you have. Your round face will look small with the wispy fringes.

Very Short Wispy Bangs

Wispy bangs can look better when they are cut short. It can make your Korean face look big. Also, it can give you a bold but soft look. You need to trim your hair time and often, but the look that you will gain will be unique. So, don’t worry about the time you need.

Messy Middle Length Hair

Do you want a messy hairstyle that will look trendy and fashionable? If you want something like that, here you have the messy middle length hair with the wispy bangs.

Grey Colored Hair with Wispy Bangs

You could look sexy with the wispy bangs you have. Apply some grey color to it to make it look more realistic.


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