91 Fun Yarn Braid Ideas That You Will Love

Yarn braids are braids that have yarn woven into them. For the most part, it’s not your real hair. It just gives you a fun way of styling your hair. It looks awesome especially if you want to give some color a try as well. It’s artificial and has the texture of yarn, but it’s a cool look that has been popular for some time.

If color is what you are looking for, then the sky is the limit for what you can do with your style. You can even have your hair the color of a rainbow if you choose. The great thing about yarn braids is that you can have them at any length that you want, even short styles.

Check out these 91 Fun Yarn Braid Ideas That You Will Love:

  1. Short Styles

As you can see here, you can have braids of any color or length. If you already have short hair then give this look a try.

yarn braids

2. Blue Looks

The great thing about yarn braids is that you can try out color without having to dye your hair.

3. Cool Colors

The red really makes this look pop and she has added some accessories as well.

4. Long Styles

These yarn braids allow you to have any length of hair that you desire. Add some color and some length to your life.

5. Fun Styles

How cute is this style? If you are looking for a fun way to control your braids, this is a great idea.

6. Bright Shades

If you have ever wanted to try a bright shade like teal, now is your chance to give it a go.

7. Fun Colors

These styles typically can stay in for a couple of months, so you can try a few different colors throughout the year if you want to keep the style.

8. Twisty Braids

The style of a braid comes in many different forms. If you don’t want a standard braid, then you can try these twists.

9. Casual Looks

You can have a casual, everyday style and still come out looking like a goddess with yarn braids.

10. Cool Looks

You are sure to feel like a goddess with this look. The braids have been styled in a deep part to give you that sexy vibe.

11. Different Shades

You also have the choice of mixing up a few different shades to create your own personal style. She has white and blue in this pretty look.

12. Cool Blue

This sexy look is pushed all to one side in a sexy and dramatic way.

13. Crazy Colors

If you have always wanted to try the rainbow shades, then now is your chance. There is no commitment because it’s just yarn. This is a great look for anyone out there that wants to try some cool colors.

14. Icy Shades

This grey coloring looks amazing with her complexion and the look itself just pops.


15. Cool and Colorful

You see a lot of the natural hair with this look, but we also get some bold colors as well.

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16. Precious Pink

If you have a love for pink, now is your chance to show it off. We love this bright color.

17. Thin Braids

Just like with normal braids, yarn braids can come in many shapes and sizes. These thin braids create a completely different look than thick braids do.

18. Cool Styles

Here we have a standard style that shows off natural shades. IIf you aren’t in to crazy colors, then this could be the look for you.

19. Standard Looks

Another natural yarn braid looks that you can try this year.

20. Bright Looks

If you are going to choose a bright color like this purple, then you can expect to have heads turning wherever you go.

21. Bold Blue

We love this icy blue color. She has started the yarn partway down her hair instead of at the root to create this ombre-type hairstyle. It looks amazing.

22. Icy Shades

These icy cool shades are sure to draw the eye wherever you go.

23. Bold Designs

She has black yarn woven in along with the colors to create some contrast.

24. Natural Looks

Caramel is a very popular shade when it comes to braided looks.

25. Cool Coloring

We have another great example of the ombre-type color style. These bright colors are so eye-catching.

26. Large Styles

It takes a lot of large, thick braids to create a bun of that size.

27. Casual Designs

We have another short style here that is truly unique. It has simple colors that you will love.

28. Dreadlock Styles

This is an entirely different look that uses dreadlocks instead of braids. You can still see the yarn woven into the style.

29. Icy White

The contrast between the white and black is what makes this style really stand out.

30. Bright and Colorful

These crazy colors create the true rainbow shade. This whole look is sure to stand out wherever you go.

31. Different Shades

There are many different shades of purple here and a few colors that complement the shades.

32. Pretty Looks

We have another ombre look here that has a lot of contrast. We get to see the yarn up close here to see how it goes from very dark to very light. This is a cool color combination that would be perfect for a new look.

33. Spiraling Braids

A simple style that can be worn as an everyday look.

34. Shocking Shades

If you want an edgy look, then choosing brights colors is always the best way to go.

35. Blonde Looks

If you have always wanted to be a blonde but didn’t want to have to bleach out your dark hair, then this is a great compromise. Just look how amazing the blonde looks in her hair. She has that goddess look without harming her natural hair.

36. Messy Styles

There are a few different looks for the braids. The look we saw before was sleek and shiny whereas this braided style has the texture that is close to dreadlocks.

37. Medium Length Styles

This is a great in-between look that has some cool colors.

38. Thick Braids

This short style is a bit more dramatic because the braids are so thick.

39. Shocking Blue

This is close to the mermaid look but with darker colors.

40. Natural Styling

Who needs crazy colors when you can have a sexy natural style like this one.

41. Simple Styling

Another simple style that you can use as your everyday look.

42. High Styles

This is a cool look that you could even rock out at an event. It’s the kind of style that demands attention.

43. Classy Looks

If you want a look that is awesome, but one that you can wear in a professional environment as well, then this is the style for you.

44. Long Styles

This look has that hippie vibe to it and we love it. If casual is what you are thinking, then this cool, long look is the one for you.

45. Layered Styles

This natural look appears to have layers in it.

46. Small Braids

This is a cute look for your child and one that will not require any styling once it’s completed.

47. Sexy Styles

This is a cool and sexy style that is sure to turn heads wherever you go.

48. Dreadlock Looks

Another dreadlock style that is created using yarn.

49. Fun Looks

This is a very dramatic look that has the yarn only on the tips of the style. We just love these bright colors.

50. Shorter Styles

A great look that is short and sweet. She’s showing off some bold colors as well.

51. Stunning Style

If you are going out on the town with the girls, then this is the perfect style for you. We love the gold accessories that she has included as well.

52. Dark Designs

You don’t have to have bright colors if it’s not what you are looking for. Dark shades work out well too.

53. High Styling

This is a dramatic bun that is sure to draw the eye. If you want high fashion, then this is the look for you.

54. Amazon Looks

There is something very sexy and animalistic about a style like this. It’s another look that resembles dreadlocks.

55. Fun Pink

We love how the natural is blended in with the bright pink.

56. Cool New Looks

This is a unique look that has each side of the hair a different color. It’s bright and cool and one of a kind. Try this style out today and blow everyone’s minds.

57. Cool Grey

This is a gorgeous shade of grey that is made in the dreadlock fashion. She has beautiful accessories for it as well.

58. Fun Coloring

Purple is always a great shade because it’s nice and bright.

59. Corkscrew Colors

Braids are a great way to create amazing curls and we love the dramatic shade as well.

60. Sunset Colors

These great colors are like looking at the sun setting.

61. Thin Styles

She has a ton of hair and all the braids are very thin.

62. Stylish and Simple

Another simple style that you can wear every day.

63. Cool Green

These green twists are sure to make you green with envy.

64. Bright White

These dreadlock braids are quite thick, so they create a dramatic look.

65. Angled Bob

You probably didn’t think that you could have an angled bob with braids.

66. Cool Updos

This edgy updo is a style you should totally try this year.

67. Interesting Looks

A sexy style that has some cool colors.

68. Twisted Styles

This yarn style is in the form of dreadlocks.

69. Hot Styles

This sexy style has some red hot color to it.

70. Bold Designs

This great updo is on that you can wear to the park or out to a party.

71. Bright Pastels

This gorgeous color is bright and beautiful. We love the mini buns they are so cute.

72. Cool Neutrals

This is a neutral shade and one that is very eye-catching.

73. Red Designs

Red is always a bold choice for hair color and even with a casual style, it’s sure to make the look pop.

74. Goddess Designs

If your goal is to make an impression at your next event, then this is the style for you.

75. Envious Green

We love that she chose so many different greens to go with her style. 

76. Sunny Shades

These great shades will make you feel like it’s summer all year long.

77. Dreadlock Pony

We see the yarn woven through this dreadlock style. We love that she pulled it up into a cool ponytail.

78. Thin Styles

There are a ton of small braids in this style and we can see that by how large the updo is.

79. Super Short Styles

This look is edgy because we have a super short style with bright colors.

80. Cool Pastels

This pretty look comes from a ton of cool pastels that are all mixed together.

81. Stunning Blue

This shade of blue is breathtaking. This is the sort of look that people can’t stop talking about at parties.

82. Cool Vibes

These girls are rocking out some matching styles; they just have different color choices.

83. Soft Styles

This is a more subtle style that just has a splash of pink.

84. Thick and Short

A short style that has thick braids will provide you with the dramatic look you want.

85. Sexy and Natural

A sexy style like this will have heads turning wherever you go.

86. Sweet Styles

This blonde look is stunning and it’s perfect for a fresh new style.

87. Hot Pink

If you really want to grab the eye this year, then why not try out this amazing hot pink shade? It’s a great way to embrace your wild side.

88. Cool and Short

Another great short style that has shades of grey.

89. Bombshell Blue

This is a crazy sexy style and one that you will appreciate this year. We love the shades of blue that she has, they are truly eye-catching colors.

90. Different Styles

We have two different styles here, but they are both great example of styles that have bright and unique colors to it.

91. Messy Looks

The one thing about dreadlocks is that naturalistic look can appear messy at times.


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